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Let’s talk about silhouettes.  I think it’s so valuable to know one or two outfit silhouettes that make you feel your best.  For me, it’s a top and skirt like this set, any kind of midi dress or high waisted jeans with a fitted shirt.  These are outfits that I know flatter my natural shape and therefore, make me feel confident.

I was able to quickly determined this because I happen to have the unusual job of photographing myself in different outfits for a living.  But if that isn’t your chosen career (!!), I think this video is really helpful.

I consider myself somewhere between curvy and pear as my hips are my largest measurement and therefore I typically feel most comfortable in pieces that are loose and flowy on the bottom – skirts, maxi dresses, midi dresses.  When it comes to pants, I like a straight or culotte leg with a super high waist to accentuate that feature.

I recently discovered these super high waist jeans designed for curves and I am obsessed (runs TTS).  So much so I then bought this pair and this pair.  Do you have some go-to silhouettes that you feel your best in?

ysl look for lessred polka dot skirtnudist heelysl red nano baglucy paris setred heart sunglasseslayered gold necklacesstuart weitzman nudistlucy paris polka dots

polka dot top, also love this one | polka dot skirt, also love this one and this one | heels, also love these for less | sunglasses, $10 | bag, also love this one | earrings | gold coin necklace, locket and key necklace | chainlink bracelet | chain ring | pinky ring | signet ring

Thank you so much for reading, and let me know if you style yourself with body shape in mind or not so much! XO –

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11 thoughts on “Red Polka Dot Set | Dressing for Your Body

  1. Yes! I recently “met” a London-based stylist who “body mapped” me. I knew what looked good on me and what didn’t but now I have a much better understanding as to why! The stylist was wonderful – I expected to learn what to camouflage and how – instead she empowered me with geometry – and gave me a very positive body image.

    1. That is so helpful – I love that term “body mapping.” Empowering with geometry – I love that!!! Thank you so much for sharing –

  2. i’m fairly hourglass and I love peplum tops, square or v-necks and a flowy bottoms. I also noticed patterns are overwhelming on me on me, so I try to buy prints that are spread out or minimal.


    1. LOVE this note about minimal prints. I have found in the past handful of years that I feel like solids are usually more flattering, but I think that is such a GREAT note and callout!

  3. Loved that Trunk Club video! I’ve always been part of the thick thigh/big booty club so I was sending up all the praise when high waist everything became a trend. I could never wear low rise anything eh-verrr, so to feel included in what are now popular fashions has opened so many door to my wardrobe imagination!

  4. As a new mom, I now only wear things that are loose on the bottom! Luckily flowy silhouettes and high rise jeans are in style 😛

  5. I’m also a pear and very much grateful for high waist jeans! I could never go back. I also made the discovery that I need A-line or flowy dress styles when doing fittings for bridesmaid dresses a few years back. The shops would want to order me 3 sizes greater than what I normally take because my hip measurements are so much larger than my breasts. I had to switch up the style of dress I was getting because the suggested size would’ve taken so much tailoring at the bust. This summer I’m really liking tank tops that show off my shoulders.

  6. Dressing for your body type makes all the difference! I learned this the hard way in the early 00s, when low rise jeans (read: never again) were all the rage. My pear shape was just NOT having it. High-waist everything is bae!

  7. I love those Abercrombie jeans as well. My bottom has always been my biggest feature with a smaller waist and I’ve never found jeans that fit me like those do and don’t stretch out/fall down with wear!! I’ve been researching how to dress for my body type, so I’d love more blogs on the topic!!

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