paula rallis pillowsvelvet 26" pillow

– moving these gorgeous Paula Rallis Linens pillows to these glider chairs –

p448 sneakers

– new p448 sneakers that I am loving –

dining room christmas tree

– the Christmas tree I’ve had for six years still looking gorgeous –

baby boy birthday

– reminiscing of Hudson’s strong go at his smash cake (made by Christian!), and the cake stand was safe! –

summersalt cashmere

– living in this lounge set

The first Friday in December.  December of 2020… guys, we’ve almost made it an entire year.  Can you believe it?  Honestly, I can’t.  I took Hudson on an errand with me today and I can count on my hands how many times he’s been in a store.  So when I take him with me, his eyes light up like it’s Disney.  So much to see!! He is a year old and I’ve sheltered him as much as possible to limit his exposure to the world.  I joke that whenever we have another baby, I’ll have to learn how to be out and about in the world for the first time with kids.  Scary!

This was the first week in over a month that I actually felt like I didn’t have an overwhelming amount of “to-do’s.”  Christian and I happen to have the same busy seasons in our jobs, which has made this year interesting.  Each year is a little different, and considering last year we had our first baby, this year has been a major learning curve.  I feel so grateful to have crazy November behind me and am excited for a more manageable December!  Do you guys plan on taking some time off this month?  I’m toying with disconnecting between Christmas and New Year’s… but we’ll see!

I finally got a jumpstart on my Christmas list for Christian and nieces + nephews.  I pride myself in giving good holiday gifts, so I really try to find something that is going to be memorable.  I still have a few little ones left on my list, but at least I’ve made a dent!  I have more gift guides for hostesses + coworkers, kids, homebodies coming next week.  Until then, you can check out some of the 2020 gift guides so far at the top of this site under “holiday.

I had lunch with some friends this week, and we got to talking about creating family traditions or habits.  They were sharing Friday movie nights with “Dad’s famous popcorn,” family Christmas pajamas, Chinese food after picking out Christmas trees, etc.  It really got me thinking about setting intentions now that we have a son.  In California we would go to the beach on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.  Last year was kind of a newborn/postpartum fog, but this year I want to try to incorporate some of those holiday “habits.”  If you have any that are special to you, I would absolutely love to hear!

Thank you so much for reading and sharing, and happy December! XO –

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5 thoughts on “Friday’s Five | Velvet Pillows

  1. Love reading your posts as always!!

    Ever since I got my dog, I would send Christmas cards to friends and family. 6 years later my fiancé is making his first debut. I’ve always loved giving and receiving holiday cards because it’s such a fun way to see how love is growing within a family. Whether it’s a new pet, new relationship, new baby, etc. a Christmas card is a great way to stay connected with loved ones over the years. So I’m excited to continue that tradition now that we’re officially a party of 3.

    I also have always loved the idea of hosting Christmas Eve and having a really low key night making personal homemade pizzas, playing games, and ending the night with a Christmas movie. Now that we own our first home, we are hosting both families for Christmas and I’m going to make all my hosting dreams come true!! I’m sooo excited!

  2. We build gingerbread houses and have fajitas on Christmas Eve before opening matching family pajamas. Even though it is different from my childhood Christmas Eve tradition of popcorn and hot chocolate after opening a Christmas ornament I am loving building traditions that are special to my little family of 4. We have carried over the tradition of reading “the Night Before Christmas” and Luke 2 from each of our families, so I love the old mixed with the new.

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