red striped sweater

– stripes on stripes | sweater, pants, socks

footed bowl planter

– the sweetest little plant from my sister –

giant clam shell

– adding a clam shell to our shelves that I’ve had my eye on (similar one here) –

brass champagne glasses

– finding six brass champagne flutes at Goodwill –

black and white bench

– a little extra time with this very, very busy little man –

I hope everyone has had a beautiful week! We took Monday off in honor of MLK Jr. Day, so the short week has me double checking if it’s really Friday.  I heard that one of the men running for Mayor of New York is claiming to encourage the four day work week.  And it got me thinking… maybe I should be doing that more often.  What’s your work week typically like?

This has been my second week back into Reformer Pilates, and it has been so great.  It’s really refreshing how good it makes me feel, and I’m mad at myself for not getting back into it earlier.  But at least we’re on a roll now, and for that I’m grateful.

I stayed up late watching the Real Housewives of Orange County reunion and WOW.  Talk about a boxing match.  I thought Potomac was intense but that was another level!  Did anyone else watch?

We got this ball pit this week, and it is just the most adorable thing ever.  I’m hoping to play in it with Hudson this weekend.  It comes with a little storage box for the 500 balls that are in the pit and I’m like, for a Covid kid this is just the best.  So fun!

That’s all I’ve got, friends.  I hope you have a wonderful weekend and thank you so much for reading! XO –

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7 thoughts on “Friday’s Five | Striped Sweater

  1. Love the sweater!

    I’m just getting in to the whole Real Housewives world. I started with Beverly Hills and am on Season 3.

    1. Thank you so much Tammy! The vintage maps at the top (CA + MS) I got from a street vendor in New York. The Paris map was a souvenir from our trip in 2019!

  2. I would LOVE to work 4 day weeks. My company will likely never go for it though since most people already work 9-11 hr days most weeks so cutting off a day would mean people will work less. I would love to work 4 10s but if 4 12s is what it would b in actuality i dont think it would b worth it. I really like the concept though to get all my appts in or go to the grocery store and run errands mid day when there r less people. I have known a few people in IT that have moved to 4 days and love it but they work at companies who seem to stick to a more traditional 40 hr week. My company does encourage people to take off a little early on Fridays during the summer which is nice. Mayn we call all dream it into existence!!!!

  3. Do you anticipate getting a discount code for the Minnidip ball pit? I love that it can be stored away and not permanently sitting out and about.

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