sconce with black shade

– adding these sconces to the living room and loving them –

sequin pant suit

– a sequin pantsuit I pulled out last weekend because… why not? –

regina andrew lamp

– a new lamp for my desk that really makes me happy during the work day –

buxom white russian lipstick

– wearing this Buxom plumping lipstick nearly every single day –

white hydrangea arrangement

– Valentine’s Day flowers still going strong –

What. A. Week.  First off, my heart goes out to any of you caught in this wild winter weather right now.  I’ve seen some devastating news about Texas, and it is not lost on me that we are so lucky in Georgia not to have experienced extreme temperatures this week.  I hope everyone is safe and warm and if you are using your fireplace to stay warm, please remember fireplace safety.

In our house, Hudson was not himself this week with final molars coming in and winter sniffles, we spent a lot of time together and I was really, really fortunate not to have a packed work week.  There is no one on earth who will test your patience as much as a toddler who isn’t feeling great.  Top that with a partner who has little to no job flexibility, and I wouldn’t say it’s an ideal recipe.  I often think about couples with two non-flexible careers and I straight up do not understand how they make it work. #Respect.

I did use the time to organize all of his toys and remove the ones we no longer play with.  We bought our first pair of rain boots (they’re adorable) and some spring/summer shoes for playtime outside.  And I’m in the middle of assembling his new table and chairs that is so cute I nearly can’t handle it.  I recently moved this chair of his from his bedroom to the main den and he absolutely loves having it there.  But I mean… do I also need this one?  ADORABLE.

After reading this article and this article with so many kid-friendly decorating tips, it reminded me that toddlers love low-to-the-ground seating.  And outside of his room and the basement, I didn’t really have anything.  So I wanted to change that.  I really believe your home doesn’t have to look like a playroom, it just requires a little creativity.  How cute is this shag pouf that I don’t need but definitely want?

And I must ask, who is watching The Real Housewives of New Jersey this year?  That first episode?  Yowza.

This weekend is supposed to be beautiful and I’m hoping we can get outside more.  We’ve taken a few short strolls this week, but I know we are really all happier when we are getting fresh air.  I’m ready to be able to get outside again!  Is it snowing where you are?

Thanks so much for reading and sharing – XO –

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