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Over the past few years I’ve started listening more and more to classical music.  We now play it often with Hudson, and I’ve also found it to be really calming while I work.  Because it’s instrumental only, I can still focus on what I’m doing while enjoying the melody.

I love making and sharing playlists, and if you search “playlist” on this site you’ll find many posts including my most frequently listened to, 90’s and Christmas.  And because I usually add classical music to any Instagram Story of Hudson, many of you have been requesting a classical playlist.  So I finally put one together here!

Some of these songs are top 40 covers but presented in a more calming way.

Let me know if you have classical favorites!  My favorites are usually Mozart and Strauss.  Thanks so much for reading and sharing – XO –

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12 thoughts on “CBL’s Classical Music Playlist

  1. The French for quiet and calm (Debussy and Saint-Saens are two) and the Russians and Eastern Europeans for energy and inspiration (Tchaikovsky, Dvorak, Rimsky-Korsakov, and others). Clair de Lune never fails to put me in a better mood, and Dvorak’s New World Symphony is my absolute favorite for motivation.

  2. I’m a bit older than you and this will tell my age 🙂 but I started listening to classical music when I was in college and came across the movie”The Four Seasons” with Alan Alda, Carol Burnett in 1981. The music was incredible and is of course, Vivaldi’s Four Seasons. It was the very first music CD I ever bought and still have it. Many years later, we were in Paris at the Sainte Chapelle Cathedral for a live concert of The Four Seasons, and I was on the edge of my seat!!. I’ve always called it my very favorite, and it opened my ears to all classical music. It is my music of choice when reading…like you, I can’t concentrate otherwise!Glad to hear you are introducing your little one this early. My son had the same exposure to classical music, and further into broadway musicals. At 33 he can probably sing all the words to Les Miserables and Phantom of the Opera!

  3. I’ve been looking for a go to Classical Music playlist that wasn’t overrated…let’s just say. I found it!!!

  4. I think you would also like Alexis Ffrench and Ludovico Einaudi. They are my go to for studying/working. Alexis Ffrench does some classical covers of popular songs and I loooove them!

  5. Let me just put this out there…. I listen to Classical/Instrumental Music while I work, clean, etc. for background noise that doesn’t make my mind wander to other things like “Oh, I wonder what those lyrics ACTUALLY say…” and next thing I know I’ve spiraled into googling conspiracy theories about if Avril Lavigne is really alive or dead… but I digress. All that to say, I appreciate that you’ve included some String Quartette Pop songs on the playlist! Love me some Symphony #5, but the HITs provide the perfect balance of background noise and bop I need to keep going with my work day. Thank you!

  6. I just listened to this all afternoon while doing some mind numbing work, and let me say I loved it and it kept me motivated! Thanks!

  7. Hey Kathleen! Love your blog. Can you please share where you bought the picture light and also how you created the frame for your canvas? I need details haha.

  8. Have you listened to Fabrizio Paterlini? You must if you haven’t! Absolutely stunning piano music. Enjoy!

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