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I have been wearing P448 sneakers for several years now and had never owned a pair of Golden Goose sneakers until I actually won this pair recently playing bingo with Neiman Marcus (lucky me!).  I thought I would put together a compare and contrast list for you guys because they’re so similar, yet the price point is quite different.

Where P448 wins:

The cost is so much better.  Plus they go on sale pretty frequently.

I find them equally comfortable to Golden Goose.

They are a little newer looking from the start, which I truthfully prefer as a slightly more “mature” look.

Where Golden Goose wins:

The shoes aren’t as wide.  They are visually slimmer which just gives a more flattering look on leg (in my opinion).

They do have a little heel lift thanks to their well known secret “hidden wedge.”  This not only adds some support but also a boost to elongate the legs.  And honestly… why aren’t more designers of flats doing this!?  Brilliant.

I think their designs are more unique and interesting.

p448 sneakersgolden goose review

All in all, I don’t know that Golden Goose’s are still worth it enough to justify the twice as much price point.  Am I thrilled I won a complimentary pair in the most fabulous game of bingo of my life?  Absolutely.  But I don’t know that I would have paid my own money for them.

I’m plenty happy with my P448’s.  That being said, I have so many girlfriends who live and breathe by their Golden Gooses.  So much so that they have multiple pairs.  And the demand is there, so clearly… people still really love them.  They ARE super comfortable and the designs are very fun.  I hear you there.

If you have either, I’d love to hear what you think and if you would still spend that much on sneakers.  I find that people tend to have strong opinions about these “dirty” looking sneakers.  Not for everyone, and if it’s not for you, a classic and clean pair of white sneakers like this or this are always fabulous.  I love that look too and it never goes out of style!

Thank you for reading and sharing – XO –

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11 thoughts on “Golden Goose vs. P448 Sneakers

  1. I totally agree with you, I’ve been so tempted to buy the Golden Goose, but just can’t justify the price !! I got some P448’s on sale and they’re “good enough” if that makes sense. Sometimes I can talk myself into spending the money, but not on a pair of worn out shoes. I would rather buy 3 pairs of cute tennies for the price!! Just have to tell you how much I love your posts and your overall style and personality etc. I’ve purchased more than I care to say based on your recommendations…thank you!! Enjoy that baby, I’m an empty nester now and let me tell you it goes by FAST!!
    Take care❤️

    1. Thank you so much for this kindness! I feel you – I was the SAME way and plenty happy with my P448’s for several years. I already feel like Hudson has gotten so big so fast, I know it’s only going to get faster and faster. Thank you for the words of wisdom! xoxo

  2. I have been wearing P448 for a couple years now and have been debating whether or not to splurge on GGs. I think I’m going to go for it to get a pair of “fun” sneakers. Thank you for sharing!

  3. I absolutely love, love, love my GG’s!! I have a few different styles & find them not only very comfortable because of the wedge inside but the unique variations with sparkles, laces & colors are everything! I could not recommend them more!!

  4. I have been long awaiting this post! I have P448’s and love them! They are super comfortable and wear them a ton. So I decided to finally purchase GG’s and they are beautiful but SO uncomfortable! I think it may be because I bought the Hi Star style but my heels constantly slip out and they give me the worst blisters! Have you had that experience at all? Again, I haven’t heard that besides some of the reviews I’ve seen on the particular pair I purchased. So I’m hoping it’s just the style.

  5. I’m one of those owners of multiple pairs of GGs and I will always be an owner of multiple pairs

  6. Omg I’ve been anticipating this post! I recently got my first pair of P448 and love them so far. I can’t let myself spend golden goose prices for tennis shoes… just not where I want to put my hard earned dollars!!! Happy to hear that I don’t need to have any GG envy and can stick with on sale P448 ❤️

  7. Do you feel like overall sizing is similar for both shoes? What about compared to your normal size for work-out shoes vs just regular slip on shoes? I too have been waiting on this post! Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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