It was a quieter week last week over here but I’m back and moving and grooving for fall!  I ordered a few things recently from Amazon, and while shopping over there I thought I would share some of my fall picks.

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I’ve had this key ring for a year or two now and love it. Hudson actually snapped the first one, but since it’s only $8 it’s easy to snag another one!

These sneakers were recently sent to me and they’re really comfortable.  Christian accused me of wearing bowling shoes but… I’m still here for it.

I saw a friend in this dress recently and she looked so cute in it.  I love that it comes in several different colors.  A little bit summery but I think I’m jilted because I’ve been looking for red or black dresses for UGA game days!

I’ve also seen this bag in person, and it definitely looked more expensive than its listing price.  Love the burgundy.

These boots come in a lot of different colors as well as a few different heights.  This style is going to be super on-trend for fall.  So I love the thought of buying a lesser expensive pair like this first to see how often you wear them!

I saw this oversized sweatshirt with leggings on another influencer and it looked super cute.  Love the color options.

After ordering this wrap sweater, I was impressed with it when it arrived.  I purchased the “apricot” color in my usual size and it’s really cute.  I’ll be packing it with me for a trip this weekend!

That’s all I’ve got at the moment, thank you for reading and if you have purchased anything lately from Amazon that you love, I would be happy to hear about it.  XO –

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