Friday’s Five


- photos with Nikki from Oscars Preview Party fun -


- letting C borrow my camera for his camping trip and discovering this sweet photo -


- a new bikini that is screaming my name -

white-roses copy

- some surprise roses for a friend at work -


- arriving in Mammoth for a snowy mountain weekend -

While C and his little brother were camping in the desert, I was working a short week and the three of us headed to Mammoth for a long weekend on Wednesday.  It’s forecasted to snow all weekend, which will hopefully give us some good runs on the mountain!  Even though I know most of you are so over the cold, it’s a treat for Christian and I to feel this crisp, cold air.  Plus, I feel more entitled to eat a cheeseburger and garlic fries when I’m wearing six layers of clothing.

Something about the cold also makes me want to drink glass after glass of red wine (my cold weather drink of choice).  Although I could kick myself for not bringing the Baileys!

What are y’all doing this weekend?  And who’s had a good, snowy ski trip this year? Thanks so much for reading – XO





Y’all may remember seeing a similar skirt here.  CAUSE YA DID.  I loved this beauty in red so much that I needed it in green too! On Sunday I went to LA with my girlfriend Nikki to an Academy Awards viewing party at the W Hollywood.  I knew this skirt would bring the va-va-voom without [ Continue Reading ⇨ ]

Coffee Four Ways with HP


I’m excited to team up with HP to share the new HP x360 laptop with you guys. HP is bending the rules with this bad boy and the lightweight laptop can be used four ways – traditional laptop, tablet, tent and stand.  I wanted to share the capabilities of this device with my favorite computer accessory… coffee! [ Continue Reading ⇨ ]



So I don’t know if I’ve fully shared my love of cashmere and eBay on this blog before, but there’s no time like the present. My entire family, actually, is all about some eBay.  I’ve snagged fragrances, Lacoste sweaters, a Burberry trench, designer belts, you name it.  In this case, I adore cashmere but refuse to pay [ Continue Reading ⇨ ]

Friday’s Five


- enjoying watching the flamingos last weekend, and convincing myself if I was a bird I would be a flamingo (tall, pink, a little goofy) – – the best kind of breakfast – Shop Sucre macarons and King Cake – – someone’s still offended she didn’t get an invite to Disneyland – – reflecting on a [ Continue Reading ⇨ ]