Friday’s Five


– the most amaze package from the First Aid Beauty team –

pink roses and white hydrangeas

– flowers from my guy –

yellow labrador

– this face begging for a walk or any source of entertainment –

marula oil

– my new love of Marula Oil

ikea ektorp sofa and ottoman

– snagging this ottoman for $25 and creating a makeshift sectional for lazy lounging –

I’m not going to lie, my holiday weekend started after lunch on Wednesday and it’s been real nice.  It’s amazing what adding an extra day or two to your weekend can do.  Christian has of course been working, but I’ve used the time to dig deep into some house to-do’s (like getting our guest bedroom ready to reveal – have you seen the snapchat snippets, @CBLied?) and do some blog work, and I’m feeling refreshed and mega grateful for the extra time!

This week I’ve been toying with a lot of new beauty products, and First Aid Beauty and Marula Oil are two brands that are rocking my world.  You know that smell when you enter a spa that makes you close your eyes and take a big inhale?  Marula Oil has bottled it in their face lotion.  Can’t stop, won’t stop – I adore the scent and the satin feeling after applying.  I’m an addict!

This sleeping cream is another incredible new discovery that is so great for the dry months here in California.  I love pairing it with this eye treatment to get some maximum beauty sleep.

Other than that, I plan to drink some champagne and spend some time at the pool before I’m out of town every weekend in July. What are your holiday plans?

And last but of course not least, a big thank you to all of those who have served this country for our freedom, including both mine and Christian’s grandfathers. It’s so important to remember what our flag truly stands for.

Love to y’all, have a fun and safe weekend and thank you for reading! XO –

Catalina Island

traveling to catalina island

When Christian and I first moved to California, we made a short bucket list of places we wanted to visit (also mentioned here).  Catalina Island was on the list, so it was just a matter of time before we hopped on the ferry to visit this ridiculously adorable town. With Christian’s job, we don’t have [ Continue Reading ⇨ ]

Wednesday Wish List

lace up sandals

So many adorable pieces I’m loving this week! For starters, does this bag not remind you of the much more expensive YSL tote that is all over the place? Love.

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Polished Shorts

white boyfriend blazer

I’m going to be real with you guys – this was one of those nights that I was going to a group dinner with Christian and asked him to snap a few photos beforehand. He gave me – oh, I don’t know – about six minutes of photo taking and then ushered me back to the car…

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Summer Fresh

watermelon salad

This is what I call a girl meal.  Christian was out of town recently for his vacation week while I was still working, so it meant it was full-on girl mode.  This usually means wine and cheese, but thanks to some help from April Norris of Optimal Vitality Wellness, I have a new stack of [ Continue Reading ⇨ ]

Friday’s Five

Vince Camuto Vestata Mules

– remembering this view of Catalina – – this self-tanner that I’ve been using to maintain my Hawaii / Miami tan – – new mules that I’m wearing with everything – – getting these photos and video of Bailey while she stayed with a host family when we were out of town  – – a [ Continue Reading ⇨ ]