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I’m so excited to share a different kind of “style” post with you guys today!  I love my yoga pants. Who doesn’t? I wear them when I’m doing Pilates, yoga, walking the dog, and often with no makeup on my sofa while working (let’s be honest).  I shared the cutest, colorful workout gear from Carbon38 back in September here, but today I’m sharing an edgier, sleek look with yoga pants (yes those are stretchy yoga pants) that are so cute, I think I could wear them with heels and a sweater. Obsessed!

With the new year having just kicked off, it’s time to fall in love with fitness again, and when you have cute gear (cue one of my favorite Portlandia skits, “get the gear“), it can be the extra push you need to get started.  Carbon38 has so many stylish exercise pieces that can take you from your class to lunch – I love that.  We’re talking real life wardrobe pieces!

Personally, I fell into a fitness slump once I left my full-time day job in September to work on my blog full-time.  All of the studios I loved (yoga, pilates, spin) and the beach where I would walk Bailey after work – all of these locations are now 20+ minutes away, and that distance doesn’t motivate me to get in the car to go exercise.  I’ve been floundering trying to find my new spot and routine (although I really want to try this place out), and it’s time to stop making excuses and get to it!

black and white checkered scarf silver sneakers joie dakota sneakers gray saint laurent bag gray saint laurent small sac de jour carrie bradshaw lied

It was such a privilege to meet with Aerial in Corona del Mar to learn some new moves and enjoy a quick yoga session on the beach.  Stretching out your muscles on the beach with the water washing up on your feet… I think this is what heaven is like.

doing yoga on the beach corona del mar newport beach beach yoga newport beach yoga carrie bradshaw lied fitness girls doing yoga on the beach

photos by Taylor Cole


pants, sports bra, top c/o Carbon38 | jacket c/o | scarf c/o | sneakers c/o | bag | yoga mat | sunnies, similar look for less here

Can we stop and talk about how ridiculously cute Aerial is? When she walked up, her energy was so positive and infectious, she had me doing all kinds of poses and things I don’t think I would normally have been so open to, but she’s that kind of person.  I loved every minute with her, and if you are in the LA area – you’ve got to hit up one of her classes! She is cute as a button and just as beautiful on the inside. Adore!

I linked this exact outfit above, and I also included some of my current favorites from Carbon38.  What’s your exercise of choice? How do you get all the stress from you day out? I’d love to hear what you guys love, and if anyone has tried the spin/pilates two-in-one class, tell me what you think!

Thanks so much for reading!

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18 thoughts on “Beach Yoga

  1. Haha, I was thinking… Is she wearing LEATHER on the beach!!?? Those pants are amazing. What do you do for your workouts? I used to do Insanity… for like 6 years. But, just recently I went back to old school Tae Bo and kickboxing. It’s really pretty fun and makes you feel like a bad a*s.

    1. Right? I know that’s what it looks like! I like walking my dog, the occasional spin class and I love pilates. My CA exercising is a little more leisurely than my MS exercising was, but I haven’t noticed much change in my body so I’m choosing to embrace it. I love kickboxing though – I was addicted in high school!

    1. I promise its an optical illusion… I think the shininess of the pants is doing me some favors!

    1. I mean – these are about to be my all day pants – they don’t look like yoga pants at all, right!?

  2. Just watched your snapchat nacho saga. Loved it! It made my night hahaha Great post today too, but it’s hard to beat delish nachos 😉

  3. Dear Kathleen,
    Would you be so kind to share with me where you get your hair done? I live in south OC, and absolutely love everything about your hair! Your blog is fabulous too!
    Thank you!

  4. I knew you were in Orange County. Corona del Mar is where we took our high school cheerleading pictures in the nineties lol! Looks like you’re having a blast. Your blog is gorgeous. Happy Friday.

    1. Thank you so much for the love – oh my gosh LUCKY you! I can’t imagine growing up somewhere as beautiful as OC!

    1. I haven’t run in them or anything high intensity in them so I don’t know if I’m the best person to give you the most accurate advice. They feel like regular leggings and I’ve worn them all day without a problem. Sorry – I don’t know how much help that is!

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