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I’ve been meaning to put a post like this together for you guys for so long (!!!), and I’m so excited to finally share some of my favorite skincare products I’ve been trying lately.  I’m fortunate to be sent a lot of beauty products to try – some I love, some I don’t love.  I’ve always been more of a clothes girl than a beauty/skincare girl, but I’m trying to expand my knowledge of products, and hopefully I can help any of you who have been looking to expand your regimen too!

This is kind of a novel – so feel free to skip around and see what catches your eye –

First Aid Beauty – I’ve loved this brand for a long time.  Nearly every single product I try of theirs I love, and my absolute favorites are their lip therapy (this tube was attacked by my friend’s pug puppy, but nonetheless I’m still using it!), blemish patrol pads (I use them on my back), cleansing body polish (great in the shower!) and their intense hydration cream.  Honestly – I love pretty much every single thing they make. Big fan!

Tula – a new brand I’ve been trying lately and I am really loving how gentle their products are.  I have pretty sensitive skin, and I can really tell their day/night cream is moisturizing and nourishing while still being mild.  The face mask is also really fabulous – and they make a great under eye cream too! You can get 25% off your order on their site with code: kathleen25.

Kate Somerville – I’ve been using Kate Somerville products for quite some time and I definitely have some favorites. The ExfoliKate treatment is an amazing exfoliant and her eye creams (like this one and this one) feel so luxurious, a thick eye cream without being too thick.  Clearly I’m not the only one who thinks this because they’ve been winning awards for years!  I’ve also been to their clinic on Melrose and it’s gorgeous.  You can always know that you’re getting what you’re paying for with this line.

Pixi Beauty –  I love the affordable price tag with Pixi, and they have some great products you can easily get at Target on your errand run. This mud cleanser is a great face wash that I keep in my shower, and I also love their toner (I think it smells like rose petals!) and lip polish.

Josie Maran – this line has some great oils, and I’ve been using the Argan cleansing oil in the shower on my arms before I turn off the shower head.  I pat dry and it helps keep them smooth and soft.  It can also be used as a makeup remover.  If you’re into facial oils – this is a great collection to look into!  I also really like their powder illuminating highlighter.

Colleen Rothschild – I was recently sent the cleansing balm, dual enzyme polish and extreme recovery cream to try out. The balm is a really gentle cleanser and makeup remover, the enzyme polish is kind of like a face mask (and can also be used as deep hydration for your hands which is pretty awesome). I thought it was really cool that you can also use the cleansing balm and layer a warm cloth over your face, which makes it feel almost like a mini facial (that smells seriously good!).  The recovery cream is super thick and a really great hydrating night cream.  These products are a splurge, but I can’t deny the high quality of this luxe line.

NUDE – this powder face wash is a great exfoliant in the shower, and is a vegan product which I can appreciate.

Keratin Complex – I don’t put a lot of product in my hair, but this sugar mist is perfect for easy spring and summer wavy texture.

Pop of Color – I’ve gotten to know Kristen Taekman in the past few months, and it must be said that she is even cooler than I thought she’d be.  She’s naturally stunning and always dressed to perfection – so it’s no surprise her nail polish collection is spot on.  I also shared a peek at some of the colors here, but I’m Pretty, Pajamas and Easy Like Sunday are three of my favorite shades.  She’s recently come out with a lip stain lineup that I’ll be sharing with you guys soon!

Mary Kay – I have shared with you guys here that I am all about Mary Kay’s skincare and fragrance collections. Their Cityscape line smells intoxicating, so I was extra excited to try out their Into the Garden lineup.  These soaps smell so good – a combo of lemongrass and grapefruit – and I like a body wash but I love a great bar of soap for a serious lather. Yum!

Vanity Planet – I’ve used white strips in the past, and recently I used a pack thinking it would brighten my teeth (obviously).  I was surprised when at the end of the 14 days, I felt like my smile looked the same.  So I was open to trying something different and I have to say, this set from Vanity Planet is the real deal. It felt a little crazy having all of the pieces in my mouth, making me feel like Mike Tyson or something (you can watch a video tutorial here), but I could really tell my teeth were much whiter.  You can get 75% off with code xoKathleen!

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If you guys have tried any of these products, I’d love to hear your thoughts! OR if you have a new product you’ve tried and loved, share the goodness! Thanks so much for reading – XO –

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  1. The vanity planet teeth whitening kit mentions possible international charges. Did you experience any of these with shipping? Thanks.

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