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I’m always trying out new beauty products, and even though I’ve told you guys I’m more of a clothes-girl rather than beauty-girl, I want to share my favorite products every now and then in a “Beauty Lately” series.  You can see all of these posts and other beauty faves in the “Beauty” category of CBL!

I have some skincare and makeup items I’ve been really loving the past few weeks, and I wanted to put together a favorites roundup just in time for back to school! Let’s be honest… I’m a feewww years past going to school BUT the end of summer and start of fall will always feel that way!  I love hearing the sound of the football team practicing when I’m walking Bailey, the pumpkin everything that starts coming around and the packs of pens and pencils ready to be picked up at Target…

SO without further chatting – let’s dive in (because it’s going to be a long one!) –


Clarisonic Mia FIT (on sale through Sunday!): I’ve been a longtime lover of Clarisonic. My mom gave me one yeeeeaarrrsss ago that I continue to use, but it’s on its last leg and this little lady arrived just in time for a fresh start! I like to use my device 1-2x a week to really get a good scrub on my face and neck. Nothing cleans your face like a Clarisonic.

Thayers Witch Hazel: I call my sister “inner hippie,” and she has lots of natural tips and tricks that I’ve shared interest in (more about my guru sister here!).  For my birthday she put together a package of some of her favorite things and this was one of them. I use it as a toner, and I have to say… it smells amazing.

Oribe Texturizing Spray:  I’ve heard so many girls rave about this product so I knew I wanted to try it out! I really love the scent, and it acts as a dry shampoo but I think it also helps add volume.  I don’t use it as often as I’d like because it is expensive, but it’s good stuff (better than my usual drugstore dry shampoo pickup).

Diptyque Rose Lotion: Also a little on the pricey side for a lotion, but I save this lotion for date nights or special occasions and it smells intoxicating. You can’t go wrong with Diptyque candles or scents – they are phenomenal.

L’Oreal Purify and Mattify Clay Mask: Is there anything better than a hot shower, fluffy robe, face mask and glass of wine? That is literally my mecca. This mask smells like a visit to the spa and I love love love it. L’Oreal has a new collection of face masks and while they are all amazing, this one is my favorite!

Kate Somerville Moisturizer: I’ve loved Kate Somerville from the first time I tried it, and their cleanser and moisturizer is one of my favorites for everyday. They’re luxe and nourishing but not as heavy as most intense moisturizers. I visited their salon in Beverly Hills a month or so ago and it was the most fabulous facial I’ve ever had.  If you have a chance to visit – I can’t recommend it enough!

First Aid Beauty: Another skincare brand I really love (their SPF is my go-to), I’ve been trying their Illuminating Moisturizer and it has a little shimmer that’s really pretty for daytime.  I also love this hydrating serum of theirs, and I use it before applying face lotion.

Le Labo Solid Perfume: I’ve never tried a wax perfume, but this tiny container packs a lot of fragrance and it’s cruelty-free and vegan (which I extra love). They have all kinds of fabulous scents, and I’ve been wearing the Santal 33 which is gender-neutral (I love a masculine scent), and this one has some sandalwood. So good!

I warned you guys this was a long one! Scroll down for my beauty picks! 

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Urban Decay: You guys know I have a love history with UD, and their fall lineup packs a serious color punch. They have a new collection of liquid liners that is beyond fabulous (I love a liquid liner), and their one-and-done complexion cream is one of my favorites this summer.  They’ve also recently released some color correcting liquids and I LOVE them!

Pixi MultiBalm: I have this lip balm in several colors, and I’m really loving it! My favorites are the Baby Petal and Wild Rose, and I usually layer it with a lipgloss.

T3 Whirl Trio: I had seen so many beauty girls using this wand, and I wasn’t convinced it was any better than the wands I have.  I was so wrong! This wand has three interchangeable barrels and heats up super fast. It holds curls all day and night – and for me this is HUGE. My hair is very fine and doesn’t hardly hold any curl, so a product that can make volume last is a big deal for me! The price is steep, but when you think about what you would spend on three quality wands, it’s actually a great deal.

Smashbox Photo Finish Primer & Matte Liquid Lipstick: If I need my makeup to last for a long time, a primer can make a gigantic difference.  I’ve heard Smashbox has a great primer, but it wasn’t until I tried it myself that I was convinced. And I talked about my love of matte liquid lipsticks in this post here, but I they are incredible.  They are incredibly long-wear, and I love how many neutral shades they offer. My favorites so far are Stepping Out, Babe Alert and Dream Huge.

Hourglass Foundation Stick & Brush: I shared my love of this duo on Snapchat (CBLied), but it’s a combo of foundation and concealer in one, and it is magic. They say the formula adjusts to your body temperature to seamlessly blend into your skin, but I’ll tell you this – it’s so silky and blends incredibly easily.  Perfect for quick foundation – it literally takes seconds to blend!  I mean, just read the 1,000+ reviews. This is not a drill!

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top | cuff | denim | mug

Ok, my novel has concluded! Do you guys like these beauty roundups or is it overwhelming? I want to find the most efficient and helpful way to share my skin and beauty finds with you guys from time to time, so if you have suggestions, I’d love to hear!

Thanks so much for reading – XO –

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25 thoughts on “Back to School Beauty Picks

  1. Such a helpful post! I’m way past going back to school but I do need some of those skin care products too. Always a pleasure to read your posts, Kathleen no matter how long they are! 😀

  2. What’s your favorite robe? I’m always looking for a spa quality robe to wear around the house. Do you change it up through the seasons?

  3. Love this post! It’s always so interesting to see what works for other people because there are so many great products out there!

    I’ve tried the Body Merry Super C-22 Moisturizer and Super 6 Serum and I absolutely love it! It leaves my skin feeling super soft, moisturized and gives it that dewey look when I put on my foundation.

    What shampoo and conditioner do you use? Your hair always looks absolutely gorgeous and I am constantly changing up my hair products to try to find the best ones.

    1. Thank you so much for the feedback Blaire! I have just starting using serums (per the tip from a facialist), so I love a good rec! I mix up my shampoo/conditioner so I don’t get buildup, but right now I’m using Nexxus!

  4. I love hearing about your favorite beauty picks!! I am also loving that Hourglass foundation – I wish I had purchased the brush as well.


    1. I think any foundation brush would do the trick in blending it well, but the brush is a great buy if you’re still interested!

    1. Thank you for the feedback Helen! My hair tricks are next to nothing, but in my next beauty roundup I will definitely talk more about hair!

  5. What wonderful beauty picks. I’ve added many of them to my beauty wishlist. I’d love to know where your tank top is from, and also your cuff bracelet. Such a cute, casual outfit 🙂

    1. Sorry I forgot to include those links – just updated the post for you! Thank you for spotting that Shannon!

  6. Such a helpful post and I love your tips! I love the UD makeup setting spray, and their under eye concealer too! I’ve been wanting to try out the t3 wands for awhile now so I’ll have to get on that train 😉

  7. Great post! I’ve been wanting to try out the Urban Decay setting spray for awhile but now I’m completely sold.

  8. Not overwhelming, this was great! I want to try that Dyptique lotion, yum! Also would love to know where you scored the Prada mug. Prada Amber has my signature scent for years (hint: it too has heaps of sandalwood)!

    1. Thank you so much for the feedback! Ooohhh I need to hunt down that scent, that sounds amazing! I just linked the mug – sorry I forget! You can find it here. 🙂

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