angel wings heels

– finding these barely worn Sophia Webster Angeline heels at a consignment store for 1/4 of the price-

couple beach photo

– a beach day with my favorite guy –

girls beach day

– and some of my favorite girls! –

fried rice

– the most amazing meal at AnQi that I can’t stop thinking about (and am sad all my leftovers are now gone), if you’re in the OC area I would highly recommend this spot for the most delicious Asian Fusion I’ve ever had –

framed cotton print

– a new addition to our living room wall, the sweetest cotton watercolor from Anna Cate Home, it reminds me of my grandmother’s house in the Mississippi Delta! –

Happy Friday! Last Friday I was welcoming some of my Louisiana girlfriends town and today my sister and her family have arrived for some Southern CA family time. They’ll be spending the majority of their time in LA with my brother’s family (I’m always the afterthought as the sibling with no kids… if you can relate, please comment so I know I’m not alone!), but I definitely plan to pop in and hang out with everyone – it’s rare to have all the siblings and cousins in one place!

I had a lot of fun being a tourist in my own city over the past week – renting a duffy boat on the Harbor (more about that Monday!), hopping around Newport Beach and riding bicycles to dinner.  Now I am trying to kick the work mode in high gear before I leave town – and I’m thankful to have the Olympics to keep me company! What is your favorite sport to watch?

And I can’t go without oogling one more time about this new print. Isn’t it the sweetest? The gold frame is so fabulous too – I love how much it makes the wall pop.

That’s about all I have for now – I hope you guys have a beautiful weekend! Thanks so much for reading – XO –

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23 thoughts on “Friday’s Five

  1. The Olympics are my favorite thing in the entire world! I got a little teary eyed when Michael Phelps won #22 last night because it honestly never gets old to watch! I love swimming, gymnastics, and honestly this year I have been really really into Volleyball! Beach and indoor (girls and guys) has been so exciting to watch and it makes me wish I played it in high school haha!

    Have a blast with the fam this weekend girl- I’m heading to Atlanta for a Bachelorette party so it should be a good time 🙂

    1. Volleyball is one sport I haven’t been able to get into… but I think it’s because I haven’t really ever played it so I don’t fully understand it. It’s such a big deal out here in CA! Ooohh have fun in the ATL!!

  2. Kathleen I’m obsessed with the olympics also. Every time the USA team takes the podium to accept their medals I get a tear in my eye watching their emotions. Such an exciting time for America with such amazing athletes. Enjoy your weekend with your family
    Xxxx Deborah

    1. Oh my gosh I feel the same way! I legitimately cried two years ago during the winter Olympics when one girl was being interviewed about messing up during her last go-round at the Olympics, and when someone messes up at the very end my chest ACTUALLY hurts because I feel so bad! So much emotion!!

  3. My big sister has three kids so I feel your pain! We have to do Christmas at her house in CO every year so her kids can be home with all their loot. I don’t mind it because we are pretty much guaranteed a White Christmas (which is something we don’t get in Memphis) but traveling at that time of year is such a pain. Sometimes I feel like them coming home to visit isn’t even an option. Insert eye roll

    1. HAHA your comment made me LAUGH out loud! Dear Sarah… are we the same person? Ha! I just tell myself one day it will switch around when we have the littles and their kids are older (hopefully)!

  4. My husband and I are so the “black sheep” couple with no kids! But isn’t it amazing to go hang out with all the kiddos!? Just not quite ready to bring any home yet – so much energy in those little bodies! ? Have a fab weekend with your fam!

    1. Oh you can totally milk all the nieces and nephews without having any – that’s for sure!

    1. I don’t really have a list – I wish I did though! I would recommend looking on Yelp depending on where you are in the OC!

  5. I love your blog, photos and looks! And, this Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro is so good or USA, especially for Simone Biles and Phelps! They are perfect!
    Xoxo from Brazil

  6. What a fun week you had! And what fun weekends you always have to look forward to 😉 The Olympics are keeping me sane as I prep for another school year- and secretly wish it wouldn’t start so soon ahh!

  7. Agree re children. We have no children, even though we tried. We go to family every holiday but, as you know, children bring so much happiness to a family. ESPECIALLY the grandparents – they melt.

    Love those heels.

  8. I love the Cotton print. However, i really love the maps from your states that you have framed. Were these everyday maps or did you purchase them online? They are awesome reminders of where you’re from and where you call home today. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!

    1. Aw thank you! I purchased those from a little old man selling maps on the sidewalk in NYC a few years ago. I bet Etsy has something similar!

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