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Shapewear. A topic that we don’t really talk about, but a kind of undergarment that is in most women’s drawers. There’s no reason we should be shy about it! I discovered shapewear in college, and regardless of your size, it provides support and helps create a smooth and sculpted silhouette that just makes every dress fall more beautifully.

I’ve added this Maidenform Endlessly Smooth Firm Control Convertible Slip to my collection, and it’s proven to not only be versatile, but also beautiful, sleek and comfortable in design.  It also has optional shoulder straps that can be formed into criss-cross, halter or traditional shoulder straps.  They can also be removed for a strapless slip.

In addition, I have Maidenform’s Firm Foundations Thigh Slimmer shorts and they are the perfect companion to any dress or skirt.  This was the first style of shapewear I owned and a design I’ve been wearing for almost ten years.

My third and final favorite undergarment piece would be the half slip. So often I will wear a dress and readers ask, “what are you wearing underneath this? I ordered it and it’s so see-through!” Um… A SLIP YOU GUYS! I often pair a slip with summer dresses, and the Maidenform Undercover Slimming Firm Control Skorty comes in both black and nude. It provides not only the benefits of a slip but also a some thigh slimming control, serving double duty.

AND, today I’m offering three CBL readers the chance to win their pick of these three undergarments! Scroll down to see how you can enter to win.

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photos by Vincent Elejorde

Maidenform Endlessly Smooth Firm Control Convertible Slip, also have and love the Firm Foundation Thigh Slimmer and recommend the Undercover Slimming Firm Control Skorty | robe (on sale) | red dress here and here | heels | bag

AND after sharing my full relationship with shapewear, I am excited to team up with Maidenform to offer THREE CBL readers the chance to win whichever of these three styles they would like to add to their own undergarment collection!

To enter:

Competition will start on June 29 at 12am PST and will end on July 5 at 12AM PST. Winner(s) will be contacted via email. All entries will be verified, so please follow the steps below!

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Thanks so much for reading and entering! XO –

* Update 7/6: The winners have been contacted! They are Pamela Lozano, Kalley Leer and Maggie Dircio. Thank you SO much for everyone who entered! *

Disclaimer: By entering, entrants confirm that they are 18+ years of age, release Instagram of responsibility, and agree to Instagram’s terms of use. Hanesbrands, Inc. and Maidenform are the prize sponsors only.

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101 thoughts on “3 Must-Have Shapewear Pieces

  1. Maidenform Firm Foundations Thigh Slimmer sounds like a win to me. I’m new to shapewear and it seems easy for me to incorporate that style! Thanks!

  2. I haven’t worn shapewear, but there have been times where I wish I had some. I think it’s a great way to give you a little extra confidence that everything is going to stay in place.

  3. My first experience with shapewear wasn’t too good. I was 12 and a dancer and my teacher told my mom I was to big so I needed shapewear. I thought of it as something only fat people used so it had a negative connection to me. I refused to use any shapewear for years thanks to that experience. A few years ago though, my sister in law was wearing a convertible slip with shorts and it just made her outfit look so good. I started trying again. And this time I gave it my own positive spin. Now I can see how they can even be sexy and comfortable. I would love the convertible slip! Thank you!

    1. Pam! Thank you for sharing your story. I think it’s so important we empower each other and ourselves and take PRIDE in what makes us unique, all shapes and sizes. Love that you’ve been reintroduced in a positive way. I think shapewear is an asset whether you’re a size 2 or 22!

  4. I love this! I had never really thought about shapewear because I am still in college, but after hearing your experience with them I have definitely changed my mind! I love the thigh slimmer – may have to try them soon (:

  5. I love this full body shaper – looks much more comfortable than spanx and will work well under cocktail dresses!

  6. I love how the straps on the Endlessly Smooth slip can be converted to work with any type of dress – great idea! 🙂

  7. That red dress is gorgeous on you! I would love to try some shapewear. I agree with you that wearing the proper under garments really adds to a smoother and more polished look. I would like to try all three of these pieces! Probably start with the thigh slimmer. Thank you for the chance on your giveaway!

  8. Love that you wrote about this topic! Every girl deserves to feel comfortable and confident in everything she wears and shapewear is a huge part of making that possible!

  9. shapewear is one thing I’ve always known about, but I’ve never consider trying. It’s like, when you hear the word ‘slip’ you think of your mom back in the 80’s (or 90’s lol) chatting about it. But it makes total sense to invest in it and I’m so glad you wrote a post about it!!

  10. Isn’t it funny how much like pantyhose and tights, slips and other shapewear have come back into vogue after being on the outs for so long?

    I’ve used waist cinchers and bodywear slips before, but nothing as wonderful as these Maidenform designs look.

  11. I honestly couldn’t get through weddings or anything formal without shapewear it’s a game changer! I also have to ask, girl you are so tan and I’m jealous, how do you keep it up? Do you use any lotions or anything to help?

  12. I have some dresses that I haven’t worn because they are seethrough! Great idea!!

  13. I’ve worn shapewear for theatre, but never in personal life. I would love the Endlessly Smooth Body Briefer, as I think it would make dresses flow so much better!

  14. Every girl needs some shapewear! I love the convertible slip. Definitely a one piece fits all! Gives you smooth lines and some confidence to boot! I need that!

  15. I would love the firm control slip because I hate strapless bras (busty lady here) and always struggle to find the right undergarments for dresses- especially for weddings.

  16. See through items of clothing are my nemesis. I don’t know why I never considered a slip as a solution!! Also, I’ve been on the hunt for quality shapewear (that doesn’t suffocate me) for a while, I’d love to try these. Thanks for the tip!

  17. Ah, thank you! I never have a clue what kind of shape wear to buy, so these sound like good options to try – especially the skorty 🙂

  18. You’re gorge! I absolutely love that you just did this post. I’ve always been a SPANX gal, but I’ve been exploring new options for shape wear lately so the timing of this post couldn’t be more perfect! I’ll certainly have to check these out, especially that slip. Love that you’re so real and fearless on your blog; very admirable! Xoxo

    1. I’m so glad it’s helpful! I didn’t even think about it that way but it makes me really happy that you perceive it that way!

  19. The slip is my number 1 go to undergarment – maybe that’s a Southern thing though. Mama always taught me to never assume the liner was thick enough or that the skirt wasn’t clingy! Question though, how do you get the slip (like the style of the first one you mention) to not ride up under the dress or skirt? That drives me crazy and limits my slip colllection because I haven’t found the secret 🙁

    1. Haha I’m the same way! This particular slip has built-in underwear that keeps it from sliding.

  20. I’ve never worn shape wear, but I think it’s exactly what I have been looking for! I always want something under my dresses, but never know what to buy. The convertible slip sounds like the answer!

  21. Love all these options! I’m relatively new to the shapewear game and thus far I’ve only tried a high waisted tummy control brief. I love the slip though, it’s gorgeous and seems like it would be incredibly useful to wear with dresses!

  22. I always wondered what women wore under those tight dresses. I’m a size 2 and grew up thinking shapewear was for women who need to help keep “places” sucked in. I didn’t realize it also helped clothes look better! Thanks for sharing this info!!

    1. No I think everyone thinks that – but really it’s just as much for the smoothing aspect!

  23. Oh my gosh I would love this!! I am always looking for the right slimming slip to wear under dresses to a wedding or just a tighter ensemble. My thighs are my problem area for sure so if this could help, that’d be amazing!

    1. I have the same issue with my thighs – the shorts are amazing for thigh-concerned girls!

  24. I haven’t used shapewear before. I think I’d most benefit from something that could help erase panty lines.

  25. Would love something that would help me erase panty lines. Especially for all those summer dresses! Thanks for the giveaway Carrie!

  26. Love that little skorty option! The only slip type shape wear I’ve tried has rode up my bum because it’s basically just a tube that is supposed to fit like a skirt but it never stays in place! Genius!

  27. Sadly, I need all three. My shapewear game is nil. Probably need the endless smooth slip first. Definitely need that little skirt slip as well.

  28. I just received my wedding dress from BHLDN and realized some shapewear might be needed for some extra smoothness. This post came at the perfect time!!!

  29. My first experience with shapewear was after my kids were born. I would wear tummy/thigh control shorts like ALL the time! They helped me feel more confident about my body again in a time where I felt like I didn’t know my body anymore. They really helped make me feel like I could wear anything!

    1. I love that. That’s one of my favorite things about shapewear – it just gives you that extra confidence when you need it!

  30. The slip is definitely my go-to for shapewear! Absolutely love your blog and all that you are doing 🙂

  31. I love the convertible slip. Whenever I think of a shapewear, it’s a reminder of all my insecurities. If the undergarment is beautiful, it gives it a positive twist. 🙂

    1. I’ve never thought about it like that but you’re so right. So perfectly said!

  32. ooh i have one slip i use and love, but the convertible slip would be SO much better for all my favorite dress styles (hello off the shoulder dresses!). thanks for sharing!

  33. I’ve been on the hunt for quality shape-wear for so long, and I’m so glad you put together this great post! Thank you 🙂

  34. The first time I wore shape wear, I was going to court for an important case & wanted to look perfect…worked like a charm! I have got to get one of those foam cup slips you’re wearing in the photo!

  35. My first experience with shapewear was prom in high school! My dress wad tighter and a little sheer in some places so the nude shapewear really did the trick.

  36. I’ve never tried wearing any undergarments like these, and now I think I will definitely try!! 🙂

  37. Shapewear is a lifesaver. Esp when you have a few too many cheeseburgers in a tight dress

  38. I love this post. For so long I didn’t realize this should be a staple in everyone’s closets! I’ve been looking for a brand I love and I will give these a try! I always enjoy reading your blog every morning FYI 🙂

  39. i have a pair of spanx shorts similar to your thigh slimmer ones you mentioned here…great for wearing under dresses to smooth things out and prevent lines!

    1. YES! I totally feel you. At first thought you’re like, “I don’t need this for a sweater dress,” but then you try it and you see a total difference!

  40. That slips looks amazing. The only shapewear I’ve ever purchased is SPANX brand. I might have to try these.

  41. I have a pair of slimming shape wear shorts but would love to try a slip! Can’t have to much shape wear!

  42. I so wish I had known about this slip earlier! I have only used the thigh slimmer, but the slip is so much more practical for me.

  43. I need this tight slip! Do you get a size smaller to suck you in? It would be so perfect under my summer dresses and work dresses!!

    1. I used the size guide that is on the website to select the sizes I chose and I would say it is accurate!

  44. I’ve had a pair of Spanx long briefs for years. But I think the Maidenform Endlessly Smooth Firm Control Convertible Slip would better suit my need for slimming under tight dresses!

  45. Maidenform Endlessly Smooth Firm Control Slip bc I just had a day & everything being smoothed out under my dresses would be a huge plus!

  46. I’ve never worn shape wear but the shorty seems perfect. Might need to incorporate that for my wedding day!!

    Thanks for the tip.

  47. As a fellow Mississippian living in California, I’ve wondered if it’s a culture clash or some sort as to why more people don’t know/talk about shape-wear? I know both my mother and grandmother were always all about slips and other “unmentionables”! Thanks for your recommendations. I’m interested to try out all three, especially the convertible slip.

  48. I have actually never worn any type of shapwear, but every year it’s becoming more and more of a necessity! The tanks or body briefer might be a good addition to my wardrrobe!

  49. I find shopping for MUCH NEEDED shapeware intimidating! I would LOVE to try some new items from Maidenform!

  50. My first experience with shape wear was Prom 2006 when I wore a tight silky dress. That dress definitely doesn’t fit anymore, but I will never give up my shape wear. Now that I’m in the working world I wear it under everything!

  51. I love the convertible slip! I’m always looking for something that will create a smooth silhouette under a dress!

  52. I would love to try the convertible slip! Love that it can be strapless!

  53. Thank you for being so real & open about using shapewear! I feel like it’s a taboo subject sometimes but it’s just real life. I Would love to try the thigh slimmer!

  54. I’m new to the shapewear world, but I think I’d like the convertible slip the most especially for see through dresses as you said!

  55. I’ve been looking for a slip for a dress that is see-through – like you mention in your post! Thanks for the recommendation!

  56. I love shapewear (when it fits well). One of the pieces I wear often is the Squeem cinching vest. I would really like something that would work better under dresses, though.

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

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  58. Love this! I’m always wondering how you and other fab bloggers tackle tops and dresses that can seem like they’d be such a challenge to pair with the right “unmentionables.” Would love to see shapewear linked with the outfit details in future posts if you recommend a certain piece or found it challenging to style.

    1. Great suggestion! I don’t wear them as often in blog posts because I’m not wearing as much bodycon stuff on my site, but typically when there is anything body hugging I’m wearing some kind of slip.

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