classic chanel ballet flats

– my birthday gift… to myself and why this felt like a special splurge below (look for less here) –

four seasons san diego

– a girls getaway with My Style Diaries to the Four Seasons Residence Club Aviara

tiffanys blue birthday cake

– a flashback to my annual bday wish – a cake baked by Christian (he bakes once a year and I swear, he always nails it!) –

putting together a cheese plate

– a cheese plate for out-of-town guests that I think might be my best yet (platter can be found here)! –

hot pink lilly pulitzer set

– spending the day at a 44 million dollar estate on the market with The Agency Real Estate, snag my outfit here

I’ve put Friday’s Five posts on the back burner to bring you guys other content, but I’m so excited to bring them back! I didn’t really realize how much I enjoy putting these together every week until they were MIA for a little bit.

I had to share a few photos I’ve had on my camera roll, including Christian’s impressive three-tiered Tiffany’s blue birthday cake that he baked for my birthday. It’s one of the few things I ask for every year and he gets better and better every time. I think his cake skills have officially surpassed mine!

This year I told our families that if they didn’t know what to get me (I am the worst to shop for – I need nothing and if I want something I #treatmyself), a great gift would be a donation to a handicap adult or children’s organization. Here in OC, we love the Blind Children’s Learning Center and have been donating here since I discovered the organization when I was looking for places to donate some of Edie’s things when she passed away.

When Christian realized that our families chose other things to give me, he chose to give a donation to the organization. When I shared this briefly on Insta-Story, two readers then gave donations to the organization and brought tears to my eyes! I’ve been thinking about putting together a whole post on Donations vs. Gifts, but I just had to share this sweet story. You guys bring me so much love and happiness, you have no idea.

SO with all of that being said, I was at South Coast Plaza the day after my birthday making a quick Nordstrom run before we went to Catalina Island. I passed the Chanel store and saw these ballet flats.

I am still a flawed human who buys things she doesn’t need, no confession needed – but I’m aware!

When I was in college and living in NY for a summer, I remember looking at these ballet flats and telling myself, “one day you’ll be wearing these.” There’s no gift like one to yourself (truthfully my favorite kind), so I snagged a pair and had this “you go girl” moment that I will always remember when I wear them. To reflect to where I was 10 years ago wanting these flats and now, on the opposite side of the U.S. living a completely different life I never envisioned for myself.  It feels like a fashionista’s full circle moment!

Even though this post is turning into a novel, I have to also share that I spent a few days in San Diego at the Four Seasons Residence Club Aviara, and it was a dream. The Spa and Seasons Restaurant are now open to the public after only being available to members, and you guys – they are amazing. We sipped champagne and had spa treatments the first day and followed the experience with a five course meal with wine pairings at the chef’s table. The chef’s table! I’ve never done anything like that and we really had the most fantastic time. More of that quick trip on Instagram.

Now I’m off to spend the day with my parents who are visiting from Mississippi. August is definitely the month of visitors, so it’s been fun to pull out some entertaining skills! Hope you guys have a beautiful weekend, and if you have any insight on if you’d like to see a Donations vs. Gifts post, I’d love to hear! Thanks for reading – xo –

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23 thoughts on “Friday’s Five

  1. Hello! I love your blog <3 Question, what size Lily Pulizter two peice set did you buy? Does it run big or small?

  2. You are the cutest! I love your thoughts on gifts vs. donations, just shows how genuine you are! I firmly believe in treating yo’self every once in a while though so I gotta say I LOVE those flats. They’re the most comfortable ones I own too!

    Pink Champagne Problems

  3. Happy Birthday babe! I hope you have a great weekend with your family. I love that you asked your families to give a donation to an organization in your name for your bday. I did this for my wedding registry and I always do it for my bday as well. My brother in law actually works for Save the Children, so I am partial to that organization, it’s a great one. Cheers to you for being so giving and selfless.

  4. I firmly believe you should treat yourself every now and then, so I say you made an excellent choice. 😉

    I love how you choose to do donations. I wasn’t aware of the story of Edie and I’ve got to say, I think it’s incredibly sweet that that is a route you have chosen to do instead of gifts sometimes. <3

  5. Happy birthday! Love the shoes.
    I will be in LA next weekend prior to moving out of the country and I thought you might have some good ideas of designer thrift shops to check out? I would be looking for shoes/purses. Any suggestions?

  6. Happy birthday, babe! I love the idea that treats yourself on your birthday. I always do that when it’s a special day of my life.
    And the cake is so pretty! I also ask my boyfriend to make a DIY card for me on my birthday.
    Btw, I love your last dress. So beautiful!
    And I think the donation is a beautiful idea!
    Anh || ontrend

  7. I think it’s awesome that you told others to donate to a charity you love and your hubby baked you a cake. That is incredibly thoughtful. Happy Belated Birthday!
    Keri Elaine

  8. I stay at the Park Hyatt Aviara for work and love the grounds, such a slice of paradise!

  9. I really enjoy reading your Friday five posts. I would love to see a post about how you put together the most amazing looking cheese plates I have ever seen! I mean, are those sesame almonds? Fresh figs?!? champagne grapes?!?

    Sincerely, I would love to learn exactly what you put on a cheese plate, from the cheese to the fruit down to the little nuts, berries, and crackers. I’d also love to know where you get the items- trader joes, whole foods, farmers market, etc.

  10. I love when you style your hair in a sleek bun with a center part! would love to see a tutorial for how you do it and what products you use–it always looks like it has great texture. xx

    1. Oh wow – thank you for the kindness! Usually it’s just when it’s dirty and I just roll it in a bun and use a small hair clip to secure. I promise it’s a one-two and done situation!

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