uk flag christmas ornament

– I always try to get Christmas ornaments on my travels – my recent trip to London was so quick so I snagged this one here! –

Happy Friday! It’s been a bit of a quiet week around here, so I’ve really tried to enjoy the silence. All the construction on our townhouse has been completed (hallelujah!), so I don’t have to wake up to hammering in the walls and my noise-cancelling headphones have been stowed away.  Christian has moved onto a different work shift that has him working until around 9PM each night, so I basically hog the entire day to myself which means I can get a lot done at my own pace.

I’ve done this before, but I’ve tried to start back with a gratitude journal and am making Christian participate as well. Each night we write down five things we are grateful for that day (and sometimes I can only think of three things but that’s ok too).  I was motivated after watching this video and thinking, Queen Oprah is right.  As sometimes an overly ambitious person, sometimes I find myself focusing too much on goals rather than appreciating what’s right in front of my face.  So I’m hoping this habit will continue to allow me to slow down, value all the good I have in my life and learn to be more content (a little more on that here).  Have any of you kept a gratitude journal?

This weekend C gets one day off so we plan to head over to Laguna and enjoy a little time at the beach. I’ve got one more week in California before I head on another adventure, more on that soon!

urban decay heavy metal eyeliner

– some glitter fun just in time for the holidays from my friends at Urban Decay –

pom pom cardigan

– some pom pom sweaters (left, right) that are so cute I can’t stand it –

world market laundry basket

– finally tossing Christian’s laundry basket from college and upgrading him to this gigantic two-sided one (this man creates a lot of laundry… I don’t know how he does it) –

fringe earrings

– some of the cutest handmade earrings from Burdlife

Thanks so much for reading and have a beautiful weekend – XO –

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12 thoughts on “Friday’s Five

  1. For my kids, we do ABC thankful things. The first person starts with A, the next B, and so on. It can be a person, food, thing, whatever they come up with. We switch who starts first, so we get different letters each night. I just saw a post I’m going to do in November with the game pick up sticks. Whichever color you pick up has a specific thing you have to name that you’re thankful for.

  2. Love the idea of a gratitude journal! I am so guilty of being a goal chaser and could definitely benefit from appreciating the present. Great inspo. ALSO, my husband has 5x more laundry than I do and I just don’t get it!

    1. I totally get it! I think it’s great to be highly motivated but sometimes we need to stop to appreciate what is. And what is it with guys and laundry?? Or are their clothes just bigger/take up more space?!

  3. A gratitude journal is a great thing! I tend to just take some in the mornings to reflect on what I’m grateful for, it’s an awesome way to start the day. “Gratitude turns what you have into enough.” Not to mention all the other benefits!

  4. Love the hamper! It sounds so silly, but one of the best purchases I ever made was a beautiful two-sided hamper from Pottery Barn. I love it!!

  5. Kathleen,

    I love the earrings, BUT….that bag is EVERYTHING to me! Deets pls. I’m a Cancer also.

    Thx Mendy

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