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I have been mixing high and low price points in outfits for as long as I can remember. I grew up in a small town where the fashion options were: JCPenney, Payless, Wal-Mart or Sears, so I learned to get creative.

I think mixing and matching can be intimidating to a lot of people but I promise, it doesn’t need to be!  I’ve shared this with you guys before, but when you’re looking to splurge, keep it to accessories or classic pieces.  In this look, the only piece over $60 are the handbag and shoes.

These kinds of items (particularly bags, jewelry and outerwear) tend to hold their value if taken care of, much more so than other closet items.

And even saying that, the shoes in this look are a designer dupe!  When you have a fabulous bag, beautiful jewelry or a classic blazer or jacket, it automatically elevates everything else you’re wearing. I think the bag in this outfit makes the skirt look much more luxe than a $52 tweed wrap skirt.

I know I preach this all the time, but versatility is everything.  When I was helping my sister with her own closet recently, I pulled a leather purse strap off a shelf and tied it at her waist like a belt.  Just because you’ve always worn a certain dress one way doesn’t mean you can’t layer a sweater over it with booties to create a completely different outfit for free.

If you’re in a clothing rut, dedicate some time to get creative in your own closet before purchasing something new!

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photos by Vincent Elejorde

skirt, also love this one and this one | tee, also love this one and this one | love similar blazers herehere and here | heels, also have and love these (also available here) | bag (sold out), similar styles here and here, look for less here and here | earrings | sunglasses

I’ll never stop mixing and matching. I may live in a city with millions of people now, but you never know – I could be back in a small town in 10 years.  Trust me, I’ll be mixing Wal-Mart and Target with Chanel and Prada – #dontcare!  You do you, girl!

Thanks so much for reading – and if you have any high/low price point mixing tips, I’d love to hear! XO

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28 thoughts on “High/Low Price Point Mixing

  1. I honestly prefer bloggers who mix high/low, as it is so much more attainable for the average reader. The ultra-luxe crowd are fun to look at, but I can’t really relate to them. I have a few nice things, and I buy the rest at regular mall shops (and on sale whenever possible!). Thanks for sharing this post!

  2. Such great tips! I definitely need to get better about being creative with my closet instead of buying more all the time. It was actually one of my New Years goals and I have NOT been doing very well with it so far haha.

  3. I totally agree with you I love my vacations so I splurge on pieces that will last. I refuse to pay $85 for a T-shirt when I can grab one from Target to last me a year for $8-10.

  4. I love this post! It’s a blog I can easily relate to since I can’t afford luxury name brand clothes, but buying one piece and mixing it with cheaper items I can do. I have to ask are you naturally that dark skinned without doing anything or do you spray tan? If you so what do you use?


  5. You look glam AF here! I’m also a firm believer in mixing high and low fashion. I typically splurge on bags, shoes, sunglasses and cashmere. Everything else I’m super conscious about price!

    The Champagne Edit

  6. Love this post! I also love mixing and matching. I feel like sometimes if you’re dressed all in one (high or low-end) it can really be quite telling and not that interesting to be honest! Saving up a bit for a really gorgeous bag or pair of shoes is so worthwhile and adding a cheap and fun tee to a designer look is just super chic!

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  7. I’m all about shopping on a budget. I can buy any item from those cheapalo’ (I just made that up, ha!) boutiques in the mall and make it work! No need to spend hundreds of dollars on everything. Love how you mixed high/low pieces to your look. Now, that’s my kind of style. You are killing it with this look, girl!

    xo, J

  8. I definitely love to mix it up. I think that’s a great point to invest in heels/jackets/purses. I like to go to marshalls or TJmaxx for trendy items. I feel like I can get a good deal on nice handbags there too. It’s my 30th birthday at the end of the week and I’m spending it in San Francisco with girlfriends. I ordered some boots but may have to take a look in my closet to see what I can mix and match. Thanks for the suggestion!

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