black and white polka dot pants

When I was putting together outfits for Palm Springs, I started playing with something I’ve never done before – mixing polka dot pieces.ย  I’ve worn two pieces together that came as a set, but I’ve never mix and matched different polka dot pieces in my closet.

It totally works!

I know not everyone might wear this exact outfit (it felt very appropriate for retro Palm Springs), but you can do it in your own way. Maybe a polka dot blouse tied at the waist with a skirt or a polka dot blazer over a polka dot romper. Different colors, even different polka dot sizes are totally acceptable.

I thought it was such a fun idea for spring and ways to think out of the box within your own closet. Play with it!

wide brim straw hatmixing polka dot printsgas bijoux earringspolka dot tie topwhite sunglassespalm springs pool housecult gaia bagmixing polka dotspalm springs outfitgreen polka dot top

similar top here and here, also love this one | similar pants here and here | heels | gold bangle | chainlink bracelet | bag | scarf | sunglasses (under $10!) | hat | earrings

What do you think? Would you mix some of the polka dot pieces you already have?ย  I shared a few extra fun polka dot pieces in the thumbnails below, some of the rompers are real-time cute.

Thanks so much for reading and sharing – XO –

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  1. love those pants!! Going on my honeymoon in a couple months and I can see this whole outfit working for me on the beach!

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