faux fiddle leaf fig

– finding ways to make our furniture work in our new space (find the tree details here also by searching “plant” in the search bar!) –

antique mirrored tray

– realizing that I seriously need to wear more perfume because I have waaayyy too much! Whoops –

big dog bed

– a new bed for Bailey that she never wants to get out of (she’s in a size large!) –

mirrored tray table

– the sweetest surprise from my Estate Five fam –

floral maxi dress

– the prettiest dress I can’t wait to pull out for a fancy night –

Happy Friday to my beautiful, funny, encouraging, supportive and FABULOUS CBL girls. I am still floating from all of your incredible comments, stories and emails in Tuesday’s post.  I feel so blessed and lucky to have a tribe of women like you that continue to show your grace and love to me. I am so thankful, truly, from the bottom of my heart.

The beautiful news… one week down! I truly feel the worst is behind us, and we have a handful of things on our “new home” to-do list (order rug, hang curtains, buy some hardware, get new refrigerator, get washer/dryer, blah blah) before we are fully settled in.  But the worst of the chaos is in the past, and I am excited to look forward with a fresh apartment and mind.

I plan to do some city exploring with Christian this weekend, and next weekend I’ll be heading to wine country with some ladies for a bachelorette party that truly couldn’t come at a more needed time. I need some girl time, wine and sunshine – and the countdown is on!

What do you ladies have going on this weekend? Thanks so much for reading and sharing – XO –

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11 thoughts on “Friday’s Five

  1. Great to here that you are starting to feel a little bit more comfortable in your New home! 🙂
    I loved how you shared everything about your move- even the tears! Very inspiring how you pushed through that.
    Your Apartment looks lovely so far!
    Have a lovely weekend!
    Xx, Janine

  2. So glad to read that you are settling in. Enjoy exploring your new city. This weekend will see me at a family picnic on Saturday and then church and going somewhere for a nice walk on Sunday.

  3. Great post! I’m so glad to hear that the worst is behind you now. One thing I remind myself when transitioning into any new phase of life is that the worst comes before the good. Thankfully the worst only last for a second but the good last for a lifetime.


  4. Wait, what type of apartment makes you buy your own refrigerator??

    Love your blog 🙂

    1. Actually we have lived in one before that did require us to buy one… but we are just getting a new one here. So it’s exciting!

  5. Re: the cat stroller and people looking at you like you’re crazy. Girl, you live in San Francisco, a cat stroller is nothing. Just you wait, you’ll see what I’m talking about.

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