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Another fun video (filmed in Orange County… and this video makes me miss that patio big time!) answering some of my most commonly asked questions from you guys!

A lot of these you can find on the FAQ page as well, along with some additional popular questions.

If you like this video, I’d love to hear what else you guys would like to see! I still have another video I filmed in OC to share (may or may not include Barnez), and I’m planning on putting together a San Francisco apartment tour this fall.  I have a fun weekend trip coming this weekend… would you guys rather see photos of a trip or a video? Would love to hear.

You can now find all the videos on CBL in the “video” category or by clicking the YouTube icon at the top right of this site OR you can subscribe to my YouTube channel to see when new videos are posted! Thank you so much for reading and watching – XO –

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  1. I didn’t know you were from Columbus. I’m from Alabama and every time we visit my husbands family (also from AL) they make us drive to Columbus to eat the Mexican Kitchen I’m not mad about it.

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