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It’s Valentine’s week!  I was bound and determined to put together a fun red and pink post this week, but I want to paint a little mental picture of the behind-the-scenes of shooting this look.  Not to complain or pretend my life is so hard (I chose this career and I truly love so much of it), but just to keep it 100 with you guys.

I thought we could shoot the look on our rooftop because it’s been raining almost nonstop since January 1st.  I knew we would have a short no-rain window and I was traveling Sunday and Monday.  So I was practically bird-dogging the window Saturday and darted up to the roof as soon as the downpour eased.

We go to the roof, and it’s insanely windy.  Like, hair mustache, eyes are watering windy.  Not gonna happen.  So I go back to the apartment to get a hair band to put my hair in a ponytail.  I hike back to the roof. It’s still so windy we can barely pretend to look like normal human beings.

So we go back to the apartment to get sneakers to hike uphill to another shoot location.  We walk, in the rain, to the next spot, where it’s still so windy that I nearly crawl into a doorway to put my hair back into a ponytail.  My eyes are watering. I can’t feel my ankles. Christian has his rain jacket on and is trying to snap photos quickly while a car is trying to parallel park into the spot he is standing in.  Needless to say, it’s a s%$* show.

I know no one cares about this saga, and the details aren’t really the point.  The point is: nothing is as it seems.  So on this national self-proclaimed day of love, love yourself.  Don’t let anything online, your perception of someone who has an easier or better life than you, stand in the way of appreciating who YOU are and what you have in your life.  Everything is smoke and mirrors.  Seriously… everything.  Know that!


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photos by Christian Barnes

coat (on sale!) – I sized down one size! | similar top here and here | similar skirt here, also love this one | heels (on major sale), also love these | similar bag here and here | brooch available here and here | similar sunglasses here and splurge here | earrings

I didn’t shoot this look with the intent to share the drama behind it… but I felt it was worth sharing.  Just as a reminder not to let anything you see elsewhere diminish your light.  Girl, we’re all out here strugglin’ to do our best.

HAPPY Valentine’s Day week!  Thanks so much for reading! XO –

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23 thoughts on “Behind-the-Scenes of a Blog Shoot

  1. Love the outfit and love how you showed how a beautiful picture was orchestrated. A great message in this day and age!

    1. Thank you so much, Autumn! I just think it’s important to show the real life behind some of these photos everyone posts online. Like, let’s get to reality!

  2. Thank you for your honesty! That’s why this middle aged woman who dresses in leggings everyday follows you!

  3. I found this very interesting. It all looks so effortless but I’m sure it’s hard work. Does Christian take most of your photos or do you work with a professional photographer? Do you purchase the items you wear or are they lent for promotional use? I know, a lot of questions! BTW, Dolly Parton is M. Cyrus’s godmother, and her dad is somehow related to George Clooney! It’s a small world here in KY. Love you and your IG posts and blogs.

    1. Hi Gaya! I work with both Christian and photographers – I always credit whomever has taken the photo at the bottom of the post. Personally I style pieces that I own or have been gifted from brands, but everyone is different. Many brands to offer loaning to influencers – it’s just a lot of pickup and dropoff that I elect not to do. And that IS such a fun fact – what a small world!

  4. Thank you for sharing this! I feel like every photo shoot I’ve done has been a sheeeet show but looking at the photos you’d never know it. Love reading your blog!!

  5. I LOVE that you shared the BTS! Smoke and mirrors— so true. And what a great message of solidarity and reminder to keep on shining. ❤️

  6. Love that you shared this story!! You never would have known from your beautiful photos or smiling face!!

  7. I seriously love your authenticity. I know your readers appreciate how real and honest you are. LOVED this one! Blog shoots are certainly not as easy as they look, especially in this winter weather, but regardless of the struggle you look flawless.
    Love from PDX!


  8. LOVE THIS! Would you mind sharing what size coat you purchased? I ordered a twill jacket from the Nordstrom sale after you posted it based on the size you ordered! Thank you so much!! Xoxo

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