I’ve been holding onto this embarrassing video to share the week of Valentine’s Day, ha!ย  Christian found some old photos of us together when we were packing up last year.ย  He happened to come home early the day I was shooting ahead some video, so we filmed this quick blast from the past.

I watch this video and laugh because our energy levels are so mismatched.ย  Oh sweet, subdued Christian!ย  You can see the first half of our video togetherย here.

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Thank you guys for reading and watching! I want to work on creating some more video content, so if you have anything you would like to see on video, please let me know!ย  XO โ€“

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2 thoughts on “VIDEO | A Walk Down Memory Lane…

  1. Your blog is my very favorite!!! Your husband assisted with my “procedure”….. and I love that my baggy face is gone….and I found out about you!! I applaud your style….and your honesty, it takes a lot of courage to expose your inner most feelings. Dr. Barnes gets such a sweet demeanor when he speaks of you….his pride comes through loud and clear. This is my first post EVER….I just felt the urging to do so. Keep up your great work!!! I told my daughter in law in Texas about your blog. She shared with her girlfriends, and they already knew, and have been following you on Instagram for a long time!!! Thank you for sharing your style, and life stories.

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