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I always love hearing/reading what’s in other people grocery carts.  I discover so many new things, and it helps me mix it up!  I did our weekly run to Trader Joe’s last week, so I photographed my staples along the way.  Let’s get into it –

I did a water taste test not too long ago (does that sound crazy?) so I could determine what my favorite sparkling water was.  Obviously Topo Chico is king, but it requires an extra stop, and I can be lazy.  TJ’s Sparkling Mineral Water is always in my cart.  I add fresh lime or a splash of juice and it’s delicious.  I literally go through at least two big bottles a week.  It really helps curb soda cravings.

trader joes food haulhoneycrisp apple

When I start shopping, I always hit up the produce and fill up my cart first.  I seriously love carrots… but not the baby kind (I feel like they have no flavor, anyone else?), so I will get two bags of those and some celery.  Honeycrisp apples are my favorite, along with fresh green grapes (I’ll freeze some too to pop in white wine or sparking water/juice combos).  Kale, arugula, cherry tomatoes, lemons, broccoli – all great for quick side salads for dinner.

string cheesehummustrader joes boiled eggspopcorn

For snacks – I eat a string cheese probably every day.  I also love hummus to go with my veggies and hardboiled eggs.  I love popping my own popcorn in this handy device too!  I’ll add different seasonings – sometimes salt flakes and olive oil.  Other times cajun seasoning… I just try different things!  If I’m really going for it I’ll melt a few tablespoons of butter and drizzle that on top, but I try to save that for movie nights.

When it comes to snacking, I try to keep it as easy as possible so that I’m not tempted to reach for unhealthy things.

trader joes food haultrader joes cauliflower gnocchi

I like plain Greek yogurt because I’ll use it in dishes in replace of sour cream, but I also like to toss a few small flavored ones in my cart in case I need a snack or I’m extra hungry in the mornings (I’m not a big breakfast eater).

Cauliflower gnocchi is one of my favorites of the many cauliflower options at Trader Joe’s.  I’ll mix it with their gorgonzola gnocchi and the sauce is enough to cover both bags.  BUT if you’re only cooking the cauliflower gnocchi, I do not follow their directions.  I just pan sear it in a few tablespoons of olive oil until it’s lightly browned one each side.  When I cook it like their directions say to, it’s always soggy and just… not good.  Of course their cauliflower rice and pizza crusts are great too!

white tea

Their pomegranate white tea is SO good if you’re a tea drinker!

chicken strip dog treats

Now that Bailey is into the double digits and we walk so much to and from the park, we have a “4 o’clock snack time,” and I’ll give her one of these every afternoon.  I feel better about it because it’s limited ingredients, and she now sits by the treat jar and waits for it.  I’ve created a monster!

Now let’s get into those #treatyoself items…

truffle brownie mixtrader joes quesotrader joes chocolate croissantstrader joes pb cups

Christian’s favorite guilty pleasure – their truffle brownies.  I have made them numerous times for parties and just sprinkle some powdered sugar on them.  Everyone asks me for the recipe… and they’re just from the box!  Sometimes I’ll throw in chocolate chips, but they’re excellent on their own.

Lisa Allen shared on her Instagram that combining TJ’s vegetarian chili + queso made an amazing dip, and now I both love and hate her because it’s incredible and I’m addicted.  Christian thought it sounded gross at first.  Then I made it and now he loves it just as much as I do.  It’s so good and great for a party!

If it’s a special weekend or we have guests staying with us, their frozen chocolate croissants are so good you’ll think they came from a bakery down the street.  I’ve also bought their chocolate croissants in the bakery section, but Christian and I agree these frozen ones are better.  You just have to remember to pull them out of the freezer the night before so they will rise!

And while we’re talking desserts, you can’t beat their peanut butter cups.  Love the dark chocolate ones too!  But I have to pull a few out and put them back in the cabinet.  Because if I bring the container to the den… it’s over.

Tell me what you thought about this post and I can try to do them more often! If you have a favorite Trader Joe’s item, I know everyone reading would love to see in the comments!  Thanks so much for reading and sharing – XO –

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41 thoughts on “What I Buy at Trader Joe’s

  1. I loved this post. I’ve gotten lazy about shopping at TJ’s. I usually have to get stuff at Target and end up getting all or most of what I need there. Then I miss out on all the interesting goodies from Trader Joe’s. Thanks for the reminder and the ideas!

  2. Love all of these finds! The Gnochi is my favorite!!! For some reason the cauliflower one was sold out for a while in February and recently in March it got reststoked. I used the gnochi gorgonzola with the beefless Trader Joe’s, added some of their Parmesan cheese, and some of their vegan cashew pesto. Oh my, oh my this has become one of my new favorites! You can always alternate with their ground turkey for those who eat meat. But this is a great alternative to incorporating a semi vegan meal. I also love their cultured coconut blueberry yogurt, it is so good. Also, try their vegan banana bread. Oh my goodness, this one is so delicious!!! Thank you for sharing, will be trying some of your recommendations! 🙂

  3. I am obsessed with their dark chocolate pb cups! But have you tried their almond butter ones yet? I honestly love them more. SO good!!

    And stocking up on their salad dressings and nut mixes are always on my list.

  4. Love this! TJ’s is the best. Love posts on how you curb cravings at home. I also work from home and the temptation of constant snacking is difficult.

  5. Love all of this! And ourTJ’s carts look very similar! I also buy the frozen croissants for the same reasons (when we have guests or special occasions) but you have GOT to try the almond ones too! They are my fave, even over the chocolate! And another croissant hack – even if you do forget to let the raise over night, you can still bake them & they turn out okay. Not as fluffy & flaky, but still delicious!

    1. We have tried the almond but prefer the chocolate! But the almond are definitely good too. And that’s great to know – I’ve only set them out the night before!

      1. You can also warm your oven to 150, turn it off, boil a small pan of water and put it in the oven, put the frozen croissants on a baking sheet lightly covered in plastic wrap and place them in the oven for 45 mins to an hour. They will defrost and rise! After the hour, remove plastic wrap and bake as usual. This is a hack I learned for baking frozen dinner rolls that I never remember to take out of the freezer 8 hours ahead! Works great!!! Thanks for all the new item recommendations. Definitely going to try the truffle brownies!!! We tried the chocolate quinoa loaf mix last week and loved it! So bummed that my TJs is always sold out of the gnocchi! Dying to try it!

  6. I liked the Trader Joe’s post. When I shop I’m in a hurry so at the checkout I look to see what other people buy. It’s always interesting

  7. I love seeing what other people buy at TJ’s! I never know what I am missing out on. The chocolate covered honeycomb candy is my weakness.

  8. Love this post, Kathleen!

    I love their chicken sausage it is soo soo good. I put it with the cauliflower gnocci for dinner and it is a game changer. Would love more posts like these.

  9. Do not SLEEP on their soy chickenless morsels. They are great for vegetarians and even my meat eating friends love them!!

  10. They used to sell their Rosemary foccia round bread & I would cut it in half& flip the two pieces over on to their crust side then spread their jar of pizza sauce over each half &put their organic shredded mozzarella cheese on & bake in oven on 450 till cheese melts. I would often saute onions or peppers or mushrooms & put on before the cheese. These turned out so delicious but Trader Joe’s said since nobody was buying the bread they stopped selling it. What a shame.

  11. What did people do before the delicious-ness that is Trader Joe’s? Thanks for the Gnocchi tip; I agree that the suggested cooking method is not the tastiest. Definitely pick up their rosemary marcona almonds to help curb the cravings, very tasty! The rosemary and raisin crackers are also really good with some cheese and grapes or cheese and prosciutto. Every so often I also find truffle potato chips. Not the healthiest of items, but holy cow they are crazy good! For a non-food item, check out their cards. I think they’re only 99 cents or $1.99 and they have some cute and/or funny ones from time to time that I like to store away for when the occasion arises. Happy shopping!

  12. I love love love their plantain chips! Also love the cookie butter, but very rarely ever get it since it’ll be gone less than 48 hours after it gets home…oops. I can never leave there without fresh flowers either, they always have great prices for beautiful flowers!

  13. What sauce do you put on the gnocchi? I have it in my freezer. I LOVE the honey chocolate covered pecans. That’s healthy, right? So need to try the veggie chili with the cheese. I love their bean dip. Thanks!

    1. I just use the sauce that is with the gorgonzola gnocchi and combine it with the cauliflower bag (that doesn’t have a sauce). Bean dip is so good!

  14. Love seeing TJ hauls! I really like the sweet potato gnocchi. I have yet to try the cauliflower gnocchi since it’s always out of stock. I also picked up ABC bars recently and they are delicious! Great to have for a snack and when I’m craving something sweet!

  15. I hate to be that person, but you have to try the green goddess dressing in the refrigerated section. It looks like it’s in a juice bottle near the bagged lettuce/salad mixes. It’s amazing on just about everything!

    1. I have bought this salad dressing once before, but it’s been a LONG time. I’ll have to pick some up next time I go – thank you for the suggestion!

  16. I LOVED this post! I’m a huge Trader Joe’s lover and was SO disappointed with the cauliflower gnocchi I made for my boyfriend and I one night. He said it was ok and ate it but I was about to order take-out, the blob texture was too much! Thank you for the info on how to make it better!!

    Anymore of these posts with like fun hacks, example = the queso, I would love but then again I love literally every post you do.

  17. Love seeing a Trader Joe’s post! I always check out other peoples carts in line. Agree with your cauliflower gnocchi cooking suggestion – I love to put the vegan kale cashew pesto on it! I once saw a lady buy an ENTIRE box before the TJ’s employee could even stock the freezer section. People go nuts for this. My favorite cheat purchase is the chili and lime rolled corn tortilla chips – so amazing. The oven baked cheese bites (small package) are a great way to add something different to a salad. Some of my go to’s are the spicy hummus, frozen meatless meatballs and broccoli and kale slaw kit!

  18. I highly recommend their gluten free chicken nuggets, paired with their “trader tots” and the sriracha bbq sauce. Takes kids meals to an adult level…supper yummy!

  19. The brownies are so good. Add some cinnamon to the batter and gives them a Mexican chocolate flavor.

  20. Try the cilantro salad dressing. I didn’t use it on salad. I put it on a homemade burrito bowl I made. I did their ground turkey with their taco seasoning and with sweet potato, cauliflower rice, their Cuban black beans, their green Chile’s, their spicy avocado hummus, fresh avocado and some salsa and put the cilantro dressing on top. Like just drizzled it. SO GOOD

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