pink tulips

– buying some tulips that are supposed to actually bloom like peonies –

christophe robin

– trying new haircare system that replaces a shampoo with a scalp scrub

vintage keepall duffle

– packing for our sneak away trip this weekend –

pink fabric wrapping

– the most beautifully wrapped skincare present from one of my favorite luxury skincare brands, Sulwhasoo

small watermelon

– the cutest mini watermelon I can’t wait to cut into –

Happy FRIDAY!  I shared these peony tulips on Insta-Story earlier this week, but I’d never even heard of this kind of flower until I saw them in the grocery.  They start out looking like tulips and then bloom into this peony-looking flower.  It’s so interesting!

I have spent a huge part of this work week doing real estate/rental searching stuff for our prospective new town… and it’s insane how much time it eats up.  So much.  Too much.  I’m excited to put it aside for the weekend and get out of town with Christian.  I just want to not think about adult responsibilities and just relax, get some fresh air and enjoy the quiet for a few days and recharge!

Because summer is around the corner, I’m in full watermelon and pineapple + Tajin mode.  For an afternoon snack, there’s truly nothing better.  Between that and pimento cheese, I’ve been thriving in lady.  Probably need to get some of these workouts in…

What do you have going on this weekend other than wishing your Mom a happy Mother’s Day!?  Be sure to get some FaceTimes in if you can’t be there in person!  Talking in Skype and FaceTime has really made things so much easier living this far away.  I’m so thankful it exists.  Thanks so much for reading and have a beautiful weekend! Hope you enjoy some sunshine – XO –

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  1. Those flowers are interesting as I have never heard about them too and a weekend getaway sounds so much fun! Where you guys headed off to? Btw, I grew up on pimiento cheese and can’t wait to try your recipe. Happy Friday and safe travels!

    Maureen |

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