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I thought it would be fun to share my results of some of these gender predictions!  These things can be so fun when you’re waiting to find out… although I had a feeling what I was having pretty early on and it turned out to be correct.

Dry or Soft Hands?

Dry (boy).


Yes – it’s awful (girl).

Carrying high or low?

Low (boy).

Major nausea?

Nope – feel lucky there (boy)!

Ring test over stomach?

Circles (girl).

Chinese calendar?


Y or U shaped vein in one of your eyes?

Left eye (girl).

Heartbeat rate?

Always fast (girl).

Mood changes?

Thankfully not so much (boy).

Mixing baking soda with urine (I know… so gross)?

No bubbles (girl).

I also did this inexpensive guesstimate Amazon test and it said girl.

SO… that leaves us at 6 to 5 girl to boy.  But none of these are 100% accurate so… what’s your guess?  I shared in last week’s Q&A that we already know and will be revealing soon!  We just told our families in July and have some friends to fill in first.

Thanks so much for reading and tell me if you did any of these tests with your pregnancy and if it was accurate for you! XO –

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36 thoughts on “Old Wives Tales for Gender Prediction

  1. I’m going with boy based purely on the nausea test. I felt amazing the entire time I was pregnant with my son and felt like I was going to die 9 months of my 10 months with my daughter. That lined up with most of my friends who also had boy/girl. So boy!

  2. At the moment you look like your having a boy. Congratulations to you both on your new home, Christian’s job and baby

  3. In your July Q&A you said you were excited to see Christian in this little person, and I immediately thought boy…so I’m sticking with that!

  4. What a fun, cute post! I love it! I’m guessing a boy! Can’t wait for the gender reveal! I have 4 boys and 1 girl. 4 pregnancies and one of them was a set of boy girl twins. I was never sick and I carried low each time. However I was huge with twins but only in the front! It was a little ridiculous I looked normal from the back and then I’d turn around and Bam! Anyway, so excited for you! What a wonderful time in your life! Congratulations!

    Kelly Sackman

  5. We did not find out the gender of our baby until she arrived. We did all the old wives tales. We were 50/50 when it was all said and done. We ended up having a girl. HA! The Chinese calendar was right for our gender prediction and so was the ring test, not that they always are. It was so fun to not find out the gender and be surprised in the delivery room. However, I totally understand why people want to find out. I’m going on record here that I think you’re having a boy. lol! Not sure why i think its a boy but its my guess. Either way, hoping for a healthy pregnancy for you and that sweet babe!

  6. I totally thought I was having a boy and every “prediction” said the same but had my lovebug daughter. My guess is a girl for you although I totally see you rockin’ as a boy mom!

  7. I’m old school I need to know if you did the pee in Drano test?! If it’s a blue it’s a boy, brown it’s a girl something there’s more HCG with girls than boys but it could be early on in pregnancy. Whichever boy or girl they will be gorgeous with you two as parents xoxo

  8. I’m obsessed with the Chinese calendar! Of the 7 pregnancies amongst my family/friends last year (including myself) it was accurate every single time! I have the best little 10 month old boy but might seriously stalk out some girl months for next time

  9. I’d say old wives tales are off so much and vastly inaccurate. I had a boy and I definitely felt nauseous in the first trimester. I threw up every time I brushed my teeth at night. It got so bad that I skipped a night of brushing them only to have a stomachache while trying to go to sleep. But I did carry him low, he did have a heart rate of 140, had dry hands (still do right now after a week since delivery), no real mood swings and I didn’t break out. If I had to guess, I’d say you were having a girl, but I don’t believe there really is a rhyme or reason to predictions.

  10. I had no morning sickness with either. The rest I didn’t do. I did accurately dream which sex I was having each time.

  11. I’m going with boy strictly off the nausea prediction. I had very little nausea with my boy, and I’ve known several friends that stayed sick with their girls. It’s such an exciting time finding out the gender! Can’t wait for the reveal!

  12. I LOVE this post so much!! I am due October 15th and although we won’t be finding out gender until birth, I have been having so much fun testing all the old wives tales I can find. Congratulations and can’t wait for the reveal!!

  13. A few people told me about the salty vs sweet gender wives tale. Salty = boy, sweet = girl. Andddd we had a boy! Alllllllll I wanted throughout my pregnancy was TACOS. Allllll the tacos, all the guac, all the chips. Loved tacos before but nothing like when I was prego. Still craving them hard core, and he’s 13 months.

  14. I carried both of my babies very high, like up underneath my rib cage. I never had a single minute of nausea. Both mine were girls. Sending gentle hugs!

  15. Chinese calendar was accurate for us and my sister also. We are having a girl and my skin is actually better now than before! I personally feel like I’m carrying low and I’ve had zero nausea. Congrats to you two!

  16. The heartbeat rate worked for us both times. If the heartbeat is fast the first time you hear it it’s likely a girl. I have 2 girls and both of their heartbeats were fast. Also I remember you saying awhile back you needed a dentist. I’m from Athens and Dr. Hulsey is great. I live in Atlanta now but my sister and her husband still go to him. He is right in 5 points so depending on where you live super convenient! Congratulations on the baby!! I love your blog and I’m super excited for you and Christian!

  17. The ring test has worked 100% of the time on any friend I’ve ever done it in, and myself as well! Between that and the acne (I had the worst I’ve ever had while pregnant with my daughter) it sounds like a girl!

  18. I’m going to say boy! Only because I’m current pregnant with my second boy and both times the chinese calendar has been correct.

  19. Kathleen. Your Mom is the predictor queen. Between the 2 of us we had 7 babies in Nashville. I swear she drove me crazy. Lookin for ANY changes constantly so she could be RIGHT!!!!!!!!! She’s gonna put you through the prediction tests too. Hold on girl!!!

  20. So the skin prediction is inaccurate. My esthetician said that bad skin = boy. If you have a boy, when their genitals are forming extra testosterone is being produced, extra testosterone means overproduction of oil, resulting in more bacteria for breakouts. Genitals form between 9-12 weeks, so if skin got worse around there, my guess is BOY! Also, if you used an ovulation tracker, my guess is also boy (that’s a whole other theory, lol!). I’ve been correct with guessing the gender 100% of the time since knowing the skin theory.

  21. EVERYTHING indicated we were having a boy. Even a blood test that tested for chromosomal abnormalities. Our 20 week ultrasound proved them all wrong & we welcomed a beautiful, healthy baby girl named Margot in June! Pregnancy really taught me to release all control.

  22. No sickness or major nausea and I’m having a girl! Also, Chinese calendar said boy for me, which was inaccurate. The one that was correct was the ring test (but over the palm of my hand) and it was circles! The Ramzi Method was also correct for me! I’m going to guess girl ☺️

  23. The one I do believe in, which can also be wrong, is being sick, morning noon night and anytime in between which I was with both of mine and I had two girls. My sister was so sick with her first and she had a girl and was initially sick with her second then it subsided and she had a boy. I did carry both of mine low and had girls. I’m excited to find out what y’all are having.

  24. Being a follower for a few years now and first time commenter. Congratulations on your new house and the baby on the way. I would since it looks like your carrying low I would say a boy

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