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I am so excited to share our first real “home reveal” since we’ve moved to Georgia.  And it’s totally fitting I would take you guys into my closet renovation… a project that has been planned for months but has all come together in the past two weeks!

When I first looked at this house, I knew this master closet had so much potential.  However, the space as formerly designed wasn’t really being utilized in the most functional way.  With help from The Container Store, we have now maximized this space to its fullest potential while still making it such a beautiful room that I truly look forward to walking into every day.

This exact design is a part of their Avera collection, and it comes in four finishes.  I was so torn between the Cloud and Stone finishes, but ultimately chose the Cloud finish. It really elongates the walls and works so well with the leopard carpet!

Outside of Avera, The Container Store offers different Custom Closet options for a variety of different budgets and styles so you can find something that suits exactly what you’re looking for.  We also revamped baby Barnes closet as well in a different style.  I’ll be revealing that in the upcoming months and you’ll really be able to see some of the key differences in the two closet styles.

My absolute favorite features of this closet are:

  • The warm-white LED lighting on each shelf.
  • The soft close drawers and exclusive jewelry trays + drawer organizers.
  • The customizable shoe shelving.

We were able to design the shoe shelves at different heights so I could have more shelves, as well as have different heights for heels vs. flats.

And most importantly, The Container Store Custom Closets are on sale through 10/13!  So it’s a great time to invest and maximize your own closet space to create the closet of your dreams.  Trust me, if they could make this before & after happen as quickly as they could, anything is possible!

closet before container store averablack and white silhouette7 months pregnantwhite jewelry boxwall of shoescontainer store closetblack bodycon dressled lit shoe shelvesblack chanel jumbocontainer store drawer organizerblue satin pumpsleopard shirt dressblack velvet hangersysl nano redcontainer store custom closet

photos by Christian Barnes

I still plan to update the light fixture and have ordered a fabulous little bench that will have a home in the closet.  I just wanted to share the reveal with you guys while the sale was still active through 10/13!

I’ll also be sharing a full video tour of this closet very soon, so stay tuned for that!

brought to you by The Container Store

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50 thoughts on “Master Closet Reveal

  1. Hi hi! Congrats! What are the overall dimensions of this dream closet? You maximized the space so well!

  2. Looks amazing! Could you ballpark what something like this costs with the sale? I know it would depend on closet size- but ballpark range would be helpful! Also- where’s your dress from?

    1. It really depends on your design, the size of your closet, if you want the lighting or not, etc. It’s custom, which is what makes it so amazing and personal to your needs. I think the best guess would be to call Container Store and chat with them!

  3. Loved all of this closet but seeing it in person blew me away! So chic in person and especially loved the section with the jewelry drawers. The lighting under the shelves, the drawers, the carpet…..I want it ALL!!!

  4. I love your closet! I am in the processing of converting a bedroom into a closet and you gave some great ideas and tips! Thank you!

  5. Does the container store send installers or do you have to hire a contractor after you purchase? Also, do the lights
    Come with the closet system purchase? Looks amazing!!!!

    1. This was installed by a third-party group contracted with Container Store, but you could find out more specifics by calling them and asking what all of your options might be. The lights are optional I believe, but I do think it affects pricing – again, something to ask them to be 100% sure!

  6. What a dream!! How did you decide to go with the Container Store versus other brands like California Closets? I’m also wondering how far you live from a Container Store- I’m 70 miles away and wasn’t sure if they do longer distances like that. Congratulations on the dream closet! Carrie Bradshaw would’ve been pleased

    1. They will travel to you depending on how close you are to a Container Store, you could give them a call to be sure! This was a partnership with The Container Store so while I have seen California Closets, I didn’t research their styles/prices!

  7. How did you decide to best maximize the space? I have a closet that appears to be slightly smaller than this — but is utilized so poorly — just the hanging bar all the way around and one tiny set of shelves. Was there an easy way to assess what you needed in a closet? We need to do a reno, but I’m at a loss with where to start!

    1. That’s where it’s “custom” to what you need! You work on it together with Container Store and they help you collaboratively design it in a way that meets your needs and maximizes the space.

  8. This closet is gorgeous. Dying over all of your handbags. Would love a blog post just about them!

  9. It looks amazing!!! You have inspired me to get on with a closet makeover using The Container Store

  10. Gorgeous! Does The Container Store help recommend layout based on your space? I’ve been wanting a more efficient closet and have ideas of what storage I need, but am not sure about the best way to lay it out. (I have two good sized reach in closets with sliding doors.)

  11. LOVE the closet and you are looking amazing mama! your shoe collection is what dreams are made of 🙂 I do have a quick question about your Gucci loafers. Did you take them to a cobbler to get sole guards put on them? I just got a pair of the loafers as a gift and I don’t want to destroy them. Any thoughts would be great!

  12. Does the container store and/or the contractors they hire remove the old closet shelves/rails/etc? Basically uninstall the old closet to give a fresh start to the new??? Congrats on your closet. I’m definitely going to begin the process for quotes.

    1. The same guys who were hired to do the install also removed what was currently in our closet but it would absolutely be something to bring up with Container Store when you consult about your custom space. However we were responsible for having the demo elements and boxes the closet pieces came in discarded!

  13. I love the closet! I noticed a sketch in one of the photos. Was that done by Karen? Does she sell them? That one and the ones in your powder room are so cute. They would be perfect in my “cloffice”.

  14. My main question is…how the HELL did you got all of that in a San Francisco apartment lol. Love this! Closets over San Francisco all day

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