black boomerang chair

– rearranging furniture for the 64647 time and loving these Paula Rallis Home pieces here –

plastic easter eggs

– excitement for our first Easter egg hunt –

snowball plant

– clipping flowers from the yard – I love spring

black cb2 bust

– still rearranging, just… all the time –

small pink orchid

– saving this planter and moss from a previous plant for a new mini orchid, orchid potting tips here

Easter weekend is here!  Our first Georgia Easter was not very memorable with covid restrictions, so this year we are planning on attend an outdoor church service and I made some lunch reservations.  It feels like a big “holiday” outing considering we haven’t really had one in so long.  It’s been something to look forward to for sure.

Spring has really poked its head in our yard, and I’m really loving it.  Snowball bushes and azaleas are blooming, the grass is slowly turning bright green and every plant is more vibrant in color.  I’ve spent more and more time picking weeds, water plants and clipping day after day.  Except this year, I have a miniature helper by my side in his baby crocs.  And it’s always a little bit more fun with a helper!

And while we’re talking about my little helper… we’ve also been experiencing our first stomach bug this week.  I was hopeful I wouldn’t catch it from him,  but I definitely did and it has been bleak.  When Christian arrived home on Thursday, I cried both tears of relief and guilt.  When your baby is sick and you are also sick, you can’t care for them like you want to.  I still feel new to this mom gig, and seeing Hudson so pitiful breaks my heart.  I’m hopeful that we will both feel a little bit more like ourselves by tomorrow.

With that being said, I’m behind on basically everything, so hopefully I’ll be able to play catch up soon.  Thank you so much for reading and I hope everyone has a beautiful weekend with someone they love.  Happy Easter to you and yours!

“He is not here; he has risen!” Luke 24:6-7

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