I have to thank all of you for your incredibly kind words last week about losing a family pet.  Many of us have shared this sadness, and while are so blessed to love animals so deeply, it makes it gut wrenching to say goodbye.  Thank you for sharing you hearts with me and for all of your beautiful words.  Truly.

On a lighter note, sharing some of my top picks in accessories from Amazon.  Most of these I already own and love.  Let’s get into it!

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Y’all know I love these heels.  I never stop talking about them, that’s how much I love them.  I have them in three colors, and I kind of want the python.  So cute!

I have almost bought these heels twice, I love the buckle.  Chic.

I have a purse strap almost identical to this one and let me tell you, just buy it.  I paid way more for mine but it’s so cute on literally any purse.  For $20?  You need it.

I have this visor and it’s great for travel because it just rolls up.  It’s super easy to pack.

I have these sunglasses in white and matte black, I always say they’re the best $15 you’ll ever spend.  I LIVE in them!

I have two of these rings and they’re so sweet.  I love that they’re adjustable so they work on any finger.

I live in hair clips and this set is really great.  Just as nice as my J.Crew set that’s much more expensive, so that’s a win!

Thanks so much for reading and for more Amazon picks broken down by category, be sure to visit my Amazon storefront here.  You can also find it located under “shop” at the top of this site.  Last week’s Amazon transitional fall picks are here!  XO –

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