This week’s wish list is Amazon and fitness focused because let me tell you, when it comes to workout gear I have been SO impressed with my Amazon buys!

Below I will get into the pieces I’ve personally bought and why I love them so much.  To shop, simply click directly on the item or find its associated number below the collage.

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I prefer to keep my workout gear solid colors. I find that it’s both flattering and looks more stylish for errands after workouts… and let’s be honest, that always seems to happen. I recently bought this tank in black and this tank in white and love both.

I have these no-show socks and they’re great for sneakers.  Recommend!

I bought this sports bra after hearing it was lululemon dupe.  I don’t own a lulu sports bra so I can’t speak for the accuracy but I do really like it and find it super supportive.

I have similar hand weights and I love them for walking on the treadmill or in the neighborhood.  I’ve literally been using the same pair since high school.

I recently bought this 40 oz. tumbler with a handle and it’s such an upgrade from my old one, I am truly obsessed with it.  Worth EVERY penny.

When it comes to leggings, Amazon is the best bang for you buck hands down, no question.  I have several pairs of leggings I love from Amazon including these, these and these.  I love a thigh pocket and if you do too (cell phone perfection), do not sleep on these for $25.  The best!

Do you have any Amazon fitness picks you really love?  I have a “fitness” category of items in my Amazon Storefront (located under “Shop” at the top of this site), so I would love to add to the list if you have any favorites!  Thank you so much for reading and sharing – XO –

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