sezane red sweater

– when your bump has gotten to the place that a cup can rest upon it… –

sweater available here

white roses

– beautiful roses from Christian when I was having a rough day –

gold chainlink necklace

– loving this necklace and ring from Frances Valentine –

toddler silhouette painting

– finally hanging this precious silhouette

python booties

– felt cute after church, took a pic (similar outfit linked here) –

What a week! It has been a busy one, maybe too busy for a person this pregnant. This is the last week that I have this much on my social calendar before this baby comes, and it’s probably for the best. I feel ambitious making plans but truthfully, I canget tired just looking at too many things on my calendar. I need a few nesting days to get the baby’s closet and drawers organized (but the 0-3 month clothes have been washed – so that’s something!).

One thing that has been really nice about having things on the calendar is that it has forced me to really get dressed, curl my hair, put on makeup and an outfit. It really is amazing what putting your best foot forward can do for your mood and confidence. It takes a little more effort to dress around this bump, but I’m grateful to see my reflection and say, “good for you.”

We hosted our small group in our home this week and I made a coffee cake that is so easy and good. I made it a few times over Christmas break but was able to photograph it this time so I will be sharing that recipe very soon!

Would you guys want to hear about hospital bag packing this time around? Honestly, I’ve made my list based on this post I did when I was pregnant with Hudson. But I didn’t know if an updated post was needed or not. Would love to hear any feedback!

Thanks so much for reading and hope you have a beautiful weekend – XO –

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6 thoughts on “Friday’s Five | Bumpin’

  1. Would love to know what’s going in the hospital bag! I’m currently packing mine (based on your previous list as well) but would be great to see if you have any new/updated products to recommend! Thank you!! xx

    1. Truthfully I don’t think I’ve added anything new other than a heating pad because I can’t remember if the hospital had one or not. But I appreciate this feedback!

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