36 weeks pregnant

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I recently packed  my hospital bag and actually used my first hospital bag packing list to remember what to take with me. Truthfully, I think it’s the best resource for all the little details, but I wanted to share a few extra things I have in my bag this time!

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One thing I couldn’t remember if they offered me at the hospital or not last time was a heating pad. I’ve had a lot of back pain this time around (this support belt has been really useful), and I don’t want to go anywhere without my heating pad.

I have this nursing pillow but when I originally bought it for Hudson, it didn’t offer these beautiful velvet covers! Mine is gray and white cotton, and I’m jealous of this green velvet.

At the hospital where I delivered, the towels were super small and thin. I was so glad I had brought a velcro towel wrap and shower shoes. I think I only showered once while there for two nights, but I was so thankful to have a few small things to make that experience easier and nicer.

I’m also bringing a variety of pacifiers that I’ve already washed and sterilized. Hudson’s favorite were these despite my efforts to get him to like “cuter” ones.

I’ve got the doona car seat/stroller installed in my car and ready to go. I don’t know how I would have survived the first year without it! Worth the investment.

I have these pajamas and these pajamas in my bag, along with a little pink and blue going home outfit for me and a mini steamer. I also packed some sweet outfits and swaddles for the baby, specifically pants so I could easily get them in the car seat for the ride home. I remember crying on the ride home with Hudson because I just couldn’t believe our baby was here, healthy and on the outside of my body. Overwhelming gratitude.

For other second or third-time moms out there, was there anything you added to your hospital bag that you’re glad you did? Again, this original post is what I used to pack my bag this time and I still find it super helpful.

Thanks so much for reading – XO –

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13 thoughts on “Wish List | Hospital Bag Prep

  1. A sleeping mask was critical for me- there were way too many bright blinking lights to be able to get any sleep.

  2. Will this be your first time trying the Elvie? If not, how’d you like it with Hudson? I’m thinking about getting this for easier pumping at work (due in June). I love my Medela, but not being plugged into the wall sounds like heaven!

    1. This will be my first time using it. With Hudson I used the Spectra but I didn’t pump much and mostly breastfed. Hoping to pump more this time to allow myself more freedom!

  3. I’m currently in the hospital with baby #3 and wishing I had the heating pad! My hospital usually provides the disposable ones but they’re out and the postpartum cramps are real! It will be great for both that and your back! Good luck!

  4. I brought our baby’s hatch sound machine for our second baby. It was really nice to have a soothing noise in a loud hospital and the nightlight on it was soooo helpful! Highly recommend.

  5. Not pregnant right now but saw a helpful hint from Lindsay @weeknightbite to pack bone broth for during labor since you can’t eat anything! I like the Swanson bone broth sippers when I am sick. I hope I remember to pack these for the future #3!

    1. I think this really depends on what you’re most comfortable with. I just plan to wear a comfortable maternity dress and sneakers!

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