Many months ago, I shared a 15-second story on Instagram about paying for an app called Get Sorted that was helping me clean out the massive amount of photos on my camera roll. I heard about it on a podcast and downloaded it. I have not done a ton of research on this topic, I’m sure there are lots of other apps that do similar things! But this is what I have used.

Since sharing it casually, I have received countless emails every week asking for the name of the app. I shared it again in this Q&A that comes up when you search “photo cleaner” or “photo cleaner app,” but it still seems hard to find.

This leads me to why I’m sharing it here, in hopes that it will be more easily searchable and discovered by those looking for it!

This app kind of makes the process of cleaning out your camera roll a game, and I’ve found it helpful. Feel free to check it out and see what you think.

Thanks for reading! XO –

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