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I’ve shared blog posts from our August visit to Budapest, Vienna and Geneva, but Paris has taken me a little big longer and I apologize!

I have a much more comprehensive Paris Guide from a trip a few years ago, so while I’ll be sharing details of our trip, I also want to share some overall babymoon + Europe tips!


Hotel Regina Louvre | Christian picked this hotel because it was his first visit to Paris and he wanted a view of the Eiffel Tower from our room.  This was my third visit, but I’ve never been able to see the Eiffel from the room, so it was really special to have one of these little corner suites!

The location was fantastic, the room was beautiful (very Paris chic!), and the European buffet breakfast each morning was one of our favorites.  However I will share that for the high price tag, the bathroom was pretty outdated, the wifi was terrible and the mattress was extremely firm.  We were exhausted from walking 8+ miles everyday and Christian prefers a firm mattress anyway, so we passed out regardless.  BUT if you are a delicate sleeper or soft bedding person – it might be a dealbreaker!

Because I was still working during our two weeks in Europe, the incredibly slow wifi was really challenging.  I was still on email and had deadlines throughout the time we were there, so if you need the Internet and can’t completely disconnect… this is definitely something to note.


Girafe | This was a recommendation from you guys and did it deliver!  Definitely the most memorable and special meal of our time in Paris.  We took the Eiffel Tower photos below and then walked over for dinner (Tony Hawk was also there).  We had dinner, watched the sun go down and then saw the lights on the tower light up and sparkle… it was magical.  Plus – the food was fabulous!

They only take reservations by phone (not email or online), so I’d recommend having your concierge call on your behalf.  Request a table outside!

Cafe Angelina | A Paris must.  We had lunch here and even Christian was impressed (he’s pretty particular #surgeon).  They take recommendations and I would suggest making one so you don’t have a long wait!  They also have a mini pop-up version closet to Jardin du Luxembourg which will have a much shorter wait.

Les Antiquaires | This restaurant has such great reviews, so we walked across the river and had our last meal here.  It was fabulous and really great service.  We sat outside under little heat lamps – it was darling.

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Palais Royal | We actually had so much fun hopping around the little columns and a lot of laughs.  Such an easy pop-in I always visit!

Jardin du Luxembourg | This was one of Christian’s favorite stops!  Such a gorgeous garden to stroll through, take a seat by the fountain and rest your legs.  Absolutely beautiful.

The Louvre | Ok… I have a lot of feelings about this experience.  I shared it on stories, but I’ve been to the Louvre twice before and had a lovely experience.  This experience!?  A 180.  It was hot, they significantly oversell tickets to the museum, and the staff was alarmingly rude, herding sightseeing guests like we were farm animals.  We even paid extra for a fast pass situation and it was still a hot mess.  The line for the Mona Lisa?  A scene.  Then you get to see it with a group of about 30 before being physically escorted by staff.  It was bizarre.

At least a quarter, if not more, of the exhibits were closed.  There was hardly any staff around to ask questions.  Other than the luggage drama detailed below, this was the second most mindblowing experience of the trip.

It was my third and last visit to the Louvre.  I can say that my experiences at Musée de l’Orangerie and Musée d’Orsay were lovely.  And normal.

Shops along the Seine River + Markets | I always love doing this in Paris, you can find some of the sweetest little gems!  I purchased a map of Paris and some original Babar prints for our little boy at these shops.  I can’t wait to have them framed for his nursery.

Visiting the Eiffel Tower at Night | Once the sun has gone down, be sure to stay up to watch it twinkle for the five minutes on the hour  until 1AM!


Flight Drama | We had a dramatic flight journey to Europe that spanned 26 hours from Atlanta and included losing our checked luggage for four days.  We had carryon bags, but you can only fit so much in a carryon when you’re traveling for 14+ days.  So that curveball did eat some of our exploring time.  The only reason that we even got it back is because we relentlessly worked on getting it back via the steps below.

During this process, I learned a few things:

  1. Delta International is rough.  They have it together for domestic flights, but really, really fall behind when it comes to being helpful in the International arena.  They have tons of partners and just use the “it’s not in our control” as soon as things go offtrack.  Our luggage was only lost for as long as it was because it sat with the Delta luggage office in Boston for three days and no one over there would answer the phone.  Then they sent both our bags to us… via different flights and countries.  This is my third major snafu flying internationally with them.  Even being Delta Amex cardholders and having status within the airline, it didn’t help.  Let’s just say I’ve officially learned my lesson on flying internationally with Delta.
  2. Call, call, tweet, call, tweet.  Ultimately it’s not going to move along if you don’t stay on top of it.  We spent so much of our time in Budapest on the phone, but knew if we didn’t no one would.  I’ve heard of people losing their luggage for weeks upon weeks. 
  3. Save receipts.  They’ll reimburse the items you had to purchase because of your lost luggage up to $50-$100 per person per day.  It’s annoying that you have to spend your vacation time looking for underwear and toothpaste… but it is what it is.
  4. Use AirHelp.  I have yet to use this but I plan to!  You can claim compensation for a flight delay or cancellation and see what amount of money you might be able to get back.
  5. Take a photo of your suitcases before you check your bags.  I’ve had enough lost luggage to know to do this, and it’s extremely helpful when showing people what exactly your bag looked like when it was checked in!

I nearly cried when I saw our bags – not even joking! Being both pregnant and traveling for work, the thought of spending our babymoon time in Europe trying to replace everything we needed was daunting. I don’t even know what size I was at that time, six months pregnant.  I wanted to be comfortable and I had prepared all of these pieces that I knew were available and in stock to share with you guys… but alas, we got our bags.  We made the train to our next country by six minutes thanks to an incredible driver who literally guided us all the way to our train.  And we set off for some babymoon bliss. A completely different tone for the trip once I had my own undergarments, shoes, toiletries… you ladies know how it is!

Think about your feet. | I tried not to wear the exact same pair of shoes two days in a row, and it definitely made a difference.

Ask for a non-connecting room. | I almost always remember to ask for a non-connecting room at check-in, but ask for this!  You can always hear your neighbors when the room is connecting, and it’s so much quieter when it’s not.  Honestly, those rooms should be reserved for families or larger groups anyway!

Take advantage of the concierge. | When there is a language barrier, the concierge can help you.  Especially with dinner reservations!  It also helps if you’re splurging a little bit to stay at hotel that is going to have these kinds of connections.

GoogleMaps works without Wifi. | We actually got away without using an international data plan everyday because Christian figured out within the app you can download areas of the map.  Take advantage of this!

Europeans take summer seriously. | I’ve been to Europe in summer, fall and winter, and I forgot that Europeans don’t play when it comes to summering.  Shops are closed, some areas feel super quiet and desolate – they are outta there!  We just wandered and explored so it was fine.  However, if you are going to want to do some big shopping or have your heart set on all the little boutiques, just keep this in mind.

Check your credit cards for exchange fees. | We put pretty much everything on the same credit card because it didn’t have exchange rate fees.  Those little added charges for every transaction add up and fast.

Take advantage of the European breakfasts. | Our breakfasts were included at each hotel we stayed at.  And they were such great breakfasts, often our favorite meal of the whole day!  In my experience, a complimentary breaskfast is pretty standard at most Paris hotels.  We always had a big breakfast around 9/10AM, and would grab a snack in the afternoon before sitting down again for a meal in the evening.  We love great food, but when I’m traveling, I prefer to spend my time exploring vs. sitting at a restaurant for hours. We all know Europeans do take their time.  It can be so hard to chase down a server for the check because tipping isn’t standard there!

Of course, if you prefer to linger over meals – you do you.  Just a tip for those who get ants in their pants to get going… like we do.

I hope some of these tips helped with those of you planning trips to Paris or even a babymoon in Europe!  Again, I have more things listed in this Guide to Paris I shared a few years ago.  If you have any Paris favorites, I’d love to hear in the comments so everyone can enjoy them!  You can see all of our Europe travel posts and recommendations in the “travel” category of this blog.

Thank you so much for reading and sharing – XO –

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ritz carlton geneva

I’ve shared our visit to Budapest and Vienna with you guys, and next up is… Geneva, Switzerland!

I have visited Geneva a few years ago and shared blog posts about the trip here and here, so I’ll share a few different things we did, as well as where we stayed and some of our favorite meals.  I have so much love for Switzerland – the views, the people, the lifestyle… it is such a beautiful country.


The Ritz-Carlton, Geneva | This hotel is on the lake and has the most amazing view of the city and landmark water jet, the Jet d’Eau.  We absolutely loved Vienna and our hotel there, so the bar certainly felt high arriving in Switzerland.  And boy was it met!

This hotel is so stunning and much more intimate, giving a more boutique experience (which Christian is always a big fan of).  The lobby is drop dead gorgeous, showing balconies of each floor (photographed below), art and fresh flowers.  The furniture alone in the lobby and restaurants is so interesting – it was a completely different vibe than our previous hotel but so stylish and unique!

The robes here must be mentioned.  There were different robe fabrics at each hotel location and this hotel had maybe the softest robe I’ve ever worn in my life.  I would put it on any chance I could – it felt like a giant baby blanket hug.  So much so that I was emailing with the concierge after the fact trying to find the manufacturer… like, that’s how good.

When we walked into the room, there were flowers and babymoon signs, I was floored.  You can see this on Instagram under the “Geneva” saved stories!  It was the sweetest welcome to stunning Switzerland.

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Living Room Bar & Kitchen | We definitely took more time to relax in Geneva than other cities along our stop because our sore feet had caught up with us… and the hotel was so cozy and comfortable!  We went to Living Room for an early, long dinner and it was fabulous.  Our best meal in Switzerland without question.

Fiskebar | My favorite mocktail from the entire trip to Europe and by far, the coolest bar we popped into (photographed above).  Loved the art, the bar setup, comfortable velvet chairs – a great stop along the lake!

Les Armures Restaurant |  So many of you recommended Cafe du Soleil and Les Armures for fondue, and this little spot is in Geneva’s Old Town, so it was so easy to pop into after a day of walking around!  It was so good.  So good that when it first came out I thought, “there’s no way we’ll eat all of this.”  And of course… we did.


Renting Electric Bikes | I rented an electric bike to bike through the countryside on my last visit to Geneva, so I knew it would be such a great opportunity to get off of our feet on this trip.  The Ritz-Carlton concierge was super helpful in assisting us with finding some bikes, and we set off for the day in the neighborhood of Carouge.  I would highly recommend this if you have the opportunity!

Watch Shopping | You can’t visit Geneva without doing a little watch shopping.  I wanted to buy Christian a watch to celebrate the finale of his training, and I thought it would be special to pass down to our son one day knowing we purchased it on our babymoon when I was pregnant with him!  We didn’t end up finding “the one” in this city… but stay tuned for more on that!

CERN | On our bike riding day, we rode out to CERN so Christian could geek out.  C majored in physics, so this was essentially his mecca, but I loved watching him in his element, just as I was in my fluffy robe at the hotel drinking coffee on the balcony.  Ha!

And that’s all she wrote for Geneva!  I have one more post coming on our last stop in Paris, so stay tuned for that!  Thanks so much for reading and you can see more travel guides and posts in the “travel” category of this site.  Big hugs, XO –

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white soaking tub

I recently shared a blog post about our days spent in Budapest here, and today I wanted to share more about our time spent in the next country on our big summer “babymoon” vacation… Vienna, Austria!

Truth be told, I didn’t know much about Vienna or Austria prior to this visit.  Christian had visited Austria once before when he was young but not for very long.  We both love visiting new places together, so it was exciting to anticipate what we might see.

Once we left Budapest, the tone changed for the trip because we were starting a little “babymoon” adventure.  Christian starts his job in September, so there was no better time to extend our stay and visit some new places.

And babymoon bliss it most definitely was.  After it’s all said and done, I must say… Vienna was our favorite part of the entire trip for numerous reasons.  The weather was amazing, the staff at The Ritz-Carlton Vienna went above and beyond to ensure it was the most special and memorable time, and the history and beauty of the city and country left us with our jaws on the ground.  We were not ready to leave when the day finally came to move onto Switzerland!

I knew there were palaces to be seen in Vienna, but I did not fully anticipate majestic and stunning they would be.  Nothing was too crowded. There were amazing audio guides taking us through each experience, and Christian’s peak of the trip was the House of Music (mentioned below).  One of my favorite parts of the trip was walking through the Vienna cobblestone streets at night and then returning to the Ritz-Carlton room to take a big bath in their huge soaking tub (photographed above) and elevating my feet. 

I realize that sounds ridiculous.  But we walked 7-9 miles every day. Thankfully I was back in my packed and prepared clothing and shoes, but I still felt like my calves and feet belonged to someone else.  The swelling and calf muscle situation of pregnancy has been one of the bizarre surprises of pregnancy but that’s neither here nor there.

I’ll be doing a separate post with tips for Europe travel and will include some pregnant gal tips separately in that post!

soaking tubritz carlton viennaritz carlton vienna



The Ritz-Carlton Vienna | This hotel completely blew us away.  It’s huge, and you can smell the intoxicating fragrance of the lobby before you even enter the hotel!  Upon arrival we visited the spa, which was the dreamiest way to kickstart our last big adventure before baby.

Our room had these incredibly tall ceilings with huge windows showing a view of the city, and the bathroom alone was a showstopper, and it had the most stunning tub of anywhere we stayed – the only one I made sure to take advantage of!  We have a master bathroom remodel ahead of us, and I literally was inspecting the tub with Christian.  We agreed it was the perfect tub.  I’m so glad I photographed it!

If we ever have the privilege of returning to Vienna, I wouldn’t look anywhere else.  The location was perfect for touring the city and all of the palaces.  There were plenty of excellent restaurants within walking distance, and I can’t imagine staying at more fabulous hotel.  It set the tone for 10 more days of travel European travel and babymoon fun. 

The Ritz-Carlton is where we shared with our families that we were having this baby, it’s where we celebrated our last big trip before the baby, and I know it is where we will continue to celebrate time together with and without our kids in the future.  It’s a major perk that there’s a fabulous Ritz-Carlton in both Atlanta and Lake Oconee that are next door to us at home!


DSTRKT SteakhouseThis was one of our top meals of the entire babymoon.  Christian loves a great steak and DSTRKT is one voted of the top steakhouses in Europe.  The sommelier picked out a non-alcoholic Prosecco for us to enjoy (so thoughtful!), we shared a steak, truffle fries and creamed spinach.  While too full for dessert, we returned another night just for coffee and their iconic cheesecake.  That was insane.  I didn’t eat cheesecake for the rest of the trip because I knew nothing would top it.

This was also the restaurant where we ate breakfast every morning and it was the best way to start the day.  We would tuck into a little table by the patio and drink cappuccinos and eat croissants and chia pudding while planning our activities for the day.  Loved it.

Plachutta | This restaurant was a recommendation from the hotel for one of their favorite spots for a traditional Austrian meal.  Both the hotel and our helpful server recommended the boiled beef (an Austrian favorite), so Christian and I shared it on their big patio outside.  I loved all the vegetables in the bone broth, and the creamed spinach and roasted potato sides were absolutely delicious.  Would definitely recommend!

Demel | Christian found this chocolate shop online, and we popped in for an afternoon treat. Turns out, Christian the tour guide strikes again – it’s famous amongst both tourists and locals!

Da Capo Pizzeria | We were so hungry and had pasta on the brain, so we saw this highly rated restaurant and took a stroll.  Our server had a pregnant wife so we just asked him to pick his favorite pasta, pizza and salad that had all cooked ingredients and he did a fantastic job!  Mocktail included.  Favorite Italian meal of the trip.

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Schonbrunn Palace | Ok… where do I even start?!  This was the “summer home” of Sisi and the royal Austrian family and it’s beyond.  BEYOND.  The tour left me speechless, the gardens are massive and we spent an entire afternoon here.  Worth it on every level.

Imperial Treasury | This exhibit took me by surprise.  It was so much fun to see all of the capes and robes of royalty, down to the royal crib!  A small exhibit but absolutely worth a stop.

The Hofburg | A must when you visit Vienna!  We spent a large part of one of our days exploring Hofburg, and it was absolutely breathtaking. This included Sisi’s apartments and the royal silver collection.  It was so fascinating to learn about the woman that so much Austrian history is centered around.

House of Music | Christian’s peak of our entire Europe visit – the House of Music.  As the son of a piano teacher, a college physics major and an ear specialist… it was his Mecca.  The museum is divided into several floors that take deep dives into word renowned Austrian composers (Beethoven, Mozart, Strauss).  It also shares what sound and music sound like in the womb to the breakdown of the physics of sound.  I’ve never been to a museum like it!

St. Stephen’s Cathedral | One of the most well-known landmarks of Vienna, you must see the magnificence of St. Stephen’s.  Afterward we walked by Mozart’s apartment on our way back to the hotel which was also very cool!

St. Peter’s Catholic Church | We were passing by this church on our way back to our hotel so we decided to stop in.  It was stunning and Christian thought it was even more beautiful than St. Peter’s.

If you follow me on Instagram, you can also find video captures of this trip saved in the “Vienna” saved stories which will give you more of an idea of each place!

Thanks so much for reading, and stay tuned for Geneva and Paris recaps!  XO –

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budapest hungary

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We spent a little less than three days in Budapest, but the feedback I got from you guys is that it would be helpful to have each country broken down into individual posts.  So I’m going to aim to go with that!

The Formula One race with Ritz-Carlton is what brought Christian and me to Hungary, and it was the most unique experience!  As many of you might already know, racing in Europe is much different than the States.  It’s an elevated and elegant sport with some of the most well-known drivers in the world in some of the most luxurious cars in existence.

Ritz-Carlton and Mercedes AMG Petronas have a partnership which means that they not only partnered in Budapest but in cities all over world at different races in Germany, Singapore, Russia – you name it.

After arriving Thursday evening, I attended the practice run at the track all day Friday.  I had the privilege of seeing some of the Mercedes race cars up close and personal.  One of the most interesting elements of the entire process to me was how the engineers and mechanics behind each team are superstars too.  They work around the clock to ensure the best chances at winning for the team.  There are so many more hands in the pot than I realized!

During this experience, so many of you recommended the Netflix series about Formula One racing.  Which now I most definitely must watch!  I know this series further elaborates on the relationships and roles behind-the-scenes, which I would love to learn more about.  There is so much more that goes into it than just the stars behind the wheel.  And the Mercedes team will be participating in the second season.  I hear it should be a juicy episode so I’ll most definitely be tuning in.

We did spend most of our time with the Ritz-Carlton team, learning about Formula One and the stars behind the Mercedes-AMG Petronas racing team, but did squeeze in some sights during our stay.


Ritz-Carlton Budapest | The location of this hotel is prime.  A short walk to tons of restaurants and a beautiful, intimate hotel – it offers all the European charm that you look for when finding a hotel for your vacation.  We chose to take advantage of the incredibly quick laundering services at the hotel several times, which was amazing.  This hotel had quite a bit of luxury toiletries in the bathrooms which I found so nice after such a long travel journey.  I’m a sucker for fab toiletries!

One of the most unique parts of this hotel to me was the amazing spa pool (pictured below).  It had sky lights with sun pouring in and looked like the dreamiest place to take an afternoon off.  I also loved the Kupola Lounge where breakfast was held each morning.  It was the most beautiful room with art all over the walls and a stained glass cupola ceiling – really something to see.  We always went there for breakfast but they have an afternoon tea that looks like so much fun!


Zeya Restaurant | This was our first meal upon arrival with the Mercedes AMG engineers, and it was wonderful! A great dinner spot and where I first realized that racing was seriously more complex than I ever could have imagined.

Deak St. KitchenThis was our last dinner of the trip, and it was so special!  Christian enjoyed an incredible wine pairing with his meal (hello, #jealous – but I had a delicious mint mocktail!) and my favorite part was the dessert, a DIY snickers.  So fun!  The dining room at Deak is so beautiful, it really was such a special ambiance to wrap up Budapest with.

Other Recommendations:  Mazel Tov and New York Café were both heavily recommended to us, but we weren’t able to swing by on this visit.  However, if you can swing it, I’ve heard both are exceptional!  I was told to ask for the main dining room at Mazel Tov and that New York Café isn’t the best foodie spot but is fabulous for a glass of champagne, afternoon tea or coffee.

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Buda Castle | The massive Buda Castle is home to the National Gallery and Budapest History Museum. The courtyards and the grounds are free to roam around anytime, but you enter you’ll need to purchase a ticket.

Fisherman’s Bastion | Christian saw this on the day I was at the race track.  From this vantage point, you’ll get a great view of the Danube River and the Hungarian Parliament building.  Fisherman’s Bastions is one of the most visited spots in Budapest, so know that you won’t be alone!  The streets nearby have plenty of cute café’s for breakfast, lunch or an afternoon stop.

Matthias Church | This beautiful church is right next to Fisherman’s Bastion.

Chain Bridge |  You can’t miss this huge bridge and Budapest landmark.  Be sure to also stop by the Shoes on the Danube memorial.

Hungarian Parliament Building + St. Stephen’s Basilica |  We walked by both of these but didn’t go in.  I don’t believe you can go into the Parliament Building, but for a small donation you can enter the church/bell tower.

Ruin Bars & Thermal Baths | We walked through some ruin bars, but the smell reminded me of daytime on Bourbon Street… so we didn’t stay long.  But still very cool to see!  Visiting the thermal baths is a very popular tourist spot, but we were still without our luggage which meant we had no swimsuits.  My personal doctor on this trip, Dr. Barnes, also didn’t think a pregnant lady should be in the baths.  I don’t think my actual OB would have approved it either so we opted to skip.  But, I know people really love them!

If you follow CBL on Instagram, you’ll see videos of these experiences saved in the “Budapest” saved stories.  Stay tuned for a Vienna, Austria recap coming next… some of our favorite parts of the whole trip!

Thanks so much for reading and for all of your advice and recommendations along the way.  You guys are the best.  XO –

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