summer pink two piece set

I recently shared this set on Instagram, and one of my favorite things about it is how great the pieces are both together and separately. I wore this top with denim cutoffs and got so many questions about it, so I thought it deserved its own post!

Remember when I talked about dressing for you body in this post and this post? Well… this is an example of not doing that. Ha – seriously! I am curvier on the bottom and my legs are not the feature I typically accentuate, but this top and skirt combo was so cute that I said… I will forgo my usual silhouette and roll with it.

Have I ever told y’all the cheerleader legs story? I never really thought anything about my legs growing up. When I was in high school and looking for a prom dress, I tried on a dress with a slit. My mom was in the dressing room with me, and the gal working the store came to take a peek and said, “oh I know the dress for you.” She proceeded to then yell to her coworker, “bring out that red dress with the slit, she has cheerleader legs.”

My mom and I looked at each other, jaws dropped and just started laughing. Mind you, I was a cheerleader for six years, and I most definitely DO have the muscular legs to prove it (and that’s not me bragging because… I do not love them), but I actually blame this girl for making me aware of something I was not previously bothered by.

Shoutout to the girl in Clinton, Mississippi who has haunted me… forever. Not really, but kind of because my mom always seems to bring it up, followed by laughter. #Rude.

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photos by Vincent Elejorde

top | skirt | heels, similar look for less here | bag, similar styles here and here | earrings | lipstick in Fawn No. 5

If you have a story similar to cheerleader legs… you know I want to hear.

On the subject of cheerleading, the guy who took our annual cheerleader photos in high school once told me to turn my face to an angle to “hide your lazy eye.”

I was like, “what’s a lazy eye?” So there’s another one for you.  Also, #rude.

Thanks so much for reading! XO –

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27 thoughts on “Summer Two Piece Set

  1. THose comments are aWful. You Have gREat leGs. People need to be so careful with their words. ESPECIALLY with children. Telling a child thEy are not good or SMart can sCar them for life. I am older than you and can write a book on mean comments. Trust me, hurtful cimments can continue your whole life. We need to surroUnd ourselves with supportive friends. LOve your blog and learn a lOt here. Saw your blog on the today show.

    1. Aw thank you so much Bryn! I agree – I just tell myself that usually strangers who say crazy things like this don’t even realize what they’re saying is hurtful. So at least it doesn’t necessarily always come from a mean place!

  2. Omg what!? Lol I don’t know why you don’t like your legs!! They look super toned and fit! Love love love this set. SO cute!

  3. I like your cheerleader legs ! I always loved mine as a cheerleader in High school … considered them my best asset… btw Karen’s got great legs too ! xoxo

  4. Oh my goodness! I feel your sensitivity on such a serious level! I was a cheerleader and did gymnastics for 9 years. I loved it more than anything. Cut to A girl getting mad at one of my 4 bffs For dating her ex. She broke into her ex’s email, and sent my bff a hateful emAil, critiquing All five bffs’ body parts. Mine? “Laura and her Weird ugly legs”. Oh, thanks trash highschooler for making me painfully aware of that for the rest of my life. I never loved them, but they were at least muscular and tight, i told myself. My hubs still goes Cray anytime i wear a short skirt or shorts because i reallY avoid wearing them. So, thank you for sharing your story…i think you are cRazy-gorge just how you are!

    1. Who IS THIS GIRL!? I’m going to send her a letter about not being completely CRAZY. Also, I love your attitude – you got a good head on your shoulders girl!

  5. I love this outfit! It’s pink, flowy, and feminine! PLus, I’m not ready to let of summer, haha! But to me your legs are BEAUTIFUl and muscular! I have dancer legs (dancer problems) so i have the chicken leg problem and I wish I could add more muscle to mine like yours.


  6. Cheerleader legs? Love it. i like to think of mine as my “strong, carry-me-through-anything legs.” Jay-z is about the only person i’ve seen build an empire on chicken legs. rock what you’ve got!

  7. When i was in jr. High i was at a water park and a grown man called me thunder thighs ‍♀️‍♀️. From that moment on i hated my legs!! And i hated when people asked if i playes softball or soccer and when i said no they would say oh you have the legs foe it!!! Who comments on complete strangers body parts?!?!?!? Crazy! Anyways i think you are a beauty!!!

    1. NO WAY. That is so UNCOOL!! Why do people say the craziest stuff to strangers!? Like… stay in your lane!

  8. this made me laugh! my mom once told me i have a square head and in my mind’s eye i always look like spongebob!

  9. Omg! Lol My mom and my two sisters are all 5″ tall and at 5’6 i consider myself to be an AVERAGE height but theres no denyIng that My body is Built differently thAn theirs. One of the breaks thaT i came home during my freshman year of college i saw a woman i barley knew at church that i hadnt seen in years and as she greeted my mom and i, she turned to me and said, “wow, youre like the Jolly green giant.” *que nervous laughter*

  10. Your legs look fabulous! But my nose…..i always thought my nose was fine and i never thought anything About it (im 65 years old). My dad had a pretty big nose and a few years ago my three daughters and i were together and one of them said, “Yeah, you have Grandpa’s nose,” What??? 65 years and Now All i can see is my big nose!! Ha-ha!

    1. Oh my gosh – a similar situation happened with my father-in-law. Don’t listen to them!!

  11. My ex husband was being measureD fOr a suit once and the gIrl kept taking his arm Length measurement and finally said to him, did you know your arMs are too long for your body? It still bothers him tO this day.

  12. Kathleen,

    #1: You look great in everything
    #2: you work those cheerleader legs!
    #3: I have a slight “lazy eye” on one side and if i smile too enthusiastically I can look like i’m giving you the people’s eyebrow. it definitely makes editing blog pictures fun. haha!

  13. I like your cheerleader legs ! I always loved mine as a cheerleader in High school … considered them my best asset.LOve your blog and learn a lOt here. Saw your blog on the today show.

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