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Let’s be honest, if I’m at the house… loungewear is usually my uniform. Comfortable leggings, a tee and cardigan.  But I’m always surprised at how many leggings really aren’t that comfortable or soft!

I love the cable knit style of these Seamless Leggings from ThirdLove.  I really love how they’re a little more cropped than the other pairs I own. I’ve already worn them on three different occasions since I got them because they’re so soft!

I’ve had this ThirdLove bra for several months (first mentioned here), and it’s quickly replaced all my other black pieces.  I was excited to try a few more of their undergarments, and  I’ve heard people rave about their 24/7 Classic T-Shirt Bra.  I tried their Fit Finder Quiz and ended up ordering a size that is different from my usual go-to.

Truthfully, I haven’t been to a store to go bra shopping since I was probably like… 18. Who wants to walk into a dressing room with 6 bras and try them on in fluorescent lighting?! Not me.

When I got the bra in, the cup size was smaller than I had anticipated, but it was no big deal because they have a 100% Fit Guarantee and exchanges and returns are completely free. So in less than a minute, I ordered a new size and received a free shipping label to send the original one back.

third love seamless leggingstufted ottomanbeige chunky knit throw blanketthird love tshirt bracamel colored brabest black leggingsfinding the perfect bra

photos by Vincent Elejorde

seamless leggings, love this top too! | bra, also have and love this one and want to try this one| underwear, also love these and these

It’s safe to say I don’t plan on bra shopping out of my house anymore!

I want to hear how you shop for undergarments. When was the last time you were fitted for a bra? Did you find out you’ve been wearing the wrong size for years?  If you’re new to the online bra game… girlfriend, get onboard. I promise – you’ll never go back to a mall!

Thanks so much for reading and sharing. And for details on the home decor, you can check out this post or this post. XO –

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19 thoughts on “Cozy Everyday Loungewear

  1. Kathleen- I can’t help but notice your adorable dog. Do you have any recommendations for leggings that DON’T pick up dog hair? I’ve given up on leggings as loungewear because I end up covered in white dog hair!

    1. While that is a GREAT question, I’ve never come up with anything that is dog-hair repellent. I just try to brush her often, have a pet rumba and am basically always picking up dog hair. So is life with dogs!

  2. hey there – love this post and this look!

    what is the black crop you have on in the photos? did i miss the link?love it

  3. You look so cute and cozy! I worked at Victoria’s Secret years ago and bought all of my bras when I worked there. I’m in the market for new ones and will try Third Love! May I ask you where you found your pretty kimono? Love it and would like to get one for myself and a friend of mine. Your pup looks so sweet! A loyal companion.

  4. How cute you look in everyday lazy clothes! I wish I looked that elegant when I lounge around my house, haha! But I’m with you about the bra shopping. I hate having to search and try on and hope for the best with bras. I’m a relatively small size, and a common one too, so if I could just order a pack of bras I’ll be set for life. Also, you have an adorable fur baby!


  5. I have been going back and forth on whether I want to try Third Love. Thank you for this post! I was looking for a good opinion because no one I know had tried it. Yay to no in-store bra shopping! I’m about that life.

  6. Ok! Convinced! I keep seeing their ads and have been itching to try one. And I’ve also been wanting to ask you what kind of bra you wear without sounding like a perv!

  7. I tried Third Love last year and was SO excited due to all of the positive reviews I’d read. Unfortunately, I tried out two different bras (in multiple sizes!) with no luck. They all left a deep red mark where the cup connected to the strap. Frustrations aside, the bra itself was pretty and soft. I’m still searching for that perfect bra!

    1. Oh no! I’ve had a similar experience with a bra before and I realized it was the underwire. I actually usually try to go wireless and they have some great wireless options!

  8. I got fitted at one of those swank boutique lingerie shops about 3 years ago. My mom and I had both had weight fluctuations, so she decided to go and took me with her. I found out that I should be wearing a much smaller band but larger cup size! So once I knew my proper size, I’ve been able to order bras online. However, ThirdLove does not make my size.

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