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In October, I was gifted a Mirror workout system (also called the “Mirror Home Gym”) to try and share my experience with over Instagram.  I’ve been sharing little bits about it here and there (all of which are saved in the “fitness” saved stories on my Instagram profile), but I still receive lots of direct messages and emails about my experience with this unique fitness device.

SO, I wanted to answer all of the most commonly asked questions in one place that could serve as a resource for you guys!

I will also be sharing my personal experience with this machine and the kind of person that I think this type of workout is really built for.

How much does the mirror cost? How much does the monthly subscription cost? What kind of workouts are offered?

All of this can be found on their website, here!

For all costs-related questions, click the “shop” page of the site and at the bottom you’ll see Q&A’s they have listed. They share the monthly subscription is $39 a month and comes with a one year commitment.  You’ll see tons of other helpful questions and answers there as well.

You can get your first 3 months of your subscription free with the code KATHLEEN3!

For workout related questions, click the “workouts” page of the site.

What was the installation like?

It was so quick and easy! A man and wife couple came to my apartment and set it up, white glove service, so polite. They unpacked everything, helped me choose a spot, made sure it was working, showed me how to use it and took all of the trash with them.

I mean… it doesn’t get better than that.

What is your favorite class?

I have actually only taken the pilates and yoga classes so far.  I take a lot of Rachel’s classes!

Christian really likes the strength classes. And I’ve watched him do some of them and they look really tough. The great thing about the class subscription program is that the classes are broken up by level 1-4, so you can pick how intense you want your workout to be.

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Do you have to take a class at a certain time or can you take them on demand?

Great question! You can do BOTH. I’ve actually never taken a live class because the best part of an at-home workout for me is being able to do it whenever. I also like being able to pause the workout if a package is being delivered or someone calls, etc. But if you want to tune in live to keep yourself accountable, that’s totally an option!

The live classes do not cost any extra!

Do your downstairs neighbors complain about the noise when you workout?

This is one of the reasons that I stick to the yoga and pilates classes.  I’m not going to be kicking and jumping when I know three sweet girls live beneath me!  We also have each other’s numbers, so I tell them to text me if we’re being obnoxious.  I do NOT want to be that neighbor!

Can it be transported?

No. I mean… I guess I can’t technically say no, but it’s very heavy, requires an outlet and is mounted so it stays in place. I would definitely not recommend transporting it, wherever you have it installed is going to be where you want to keep it.

I mean, think of like a legit piece of heavy exercise equipment. You could move it if you need to, but it’s not ideal.  It’s best to have an idea of where you want it before you have it installed.

When it’s not turned on, can it act as a normal mirror?

100% yes. When it’s not turned on, you would literally have no idea that it’s actually a fitness machine. It still blows my mind!  You can see what it looks like as a normal mirror in the photos.

mirror workout system

Can you still access the workouts when you travel?

To my knowledge, no you cannot. It’s like a Peloton – you have to have the machine. I think a YouTube workout would be better for travel!

Can you compare it to Peloton or Melissa Wood Health?

I’ve only used a Peloton once at a hotel gym and I’m unfamiliar with Melissa, so I can’t really speak to this. I liked my Peloton class I took and it’s very similar in the vibe that you’re solo, using WiFi to connect with a teacher teaching in a class-like setting. Except this is not spin, it’s at-home workouts that don’t require much equipment.

How much room do you need to do the workouts?

I’ve found that I need as much space as I need in any at-home yoga or pilates workout. You can watch an example class under the “workouts” page of their site to get a better idea!

Someone specifically asked if a hallway was enough room and my answer would be… no, I don’t think so!

Is it easy to see the workout videos in person?

Yes, very easy! I know it’s hard to tell in the videos I’ve shared because of glare from natural light, but if you watch the example class under the “workouts” page of the site, you’ll see exactly what it’s like.

at home workoutsmirror workout system

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Is the music good?

I’ve found the music to be good and you can adjust both the volume of the instructor and the music volume in your app that controls the workout classes. BUT if you wanted to mute the music altogether and play your own music, you can do that too.

Does it automatically turn off?

The screen will eventually black out after a class but there’s an on/off switch at the base of the mirror (easily accessible) that you’ll want to turn off when you’re done with your workout.  The installation team will also walk you through this when it’s being set up.

Are you really using it?  What’s your real opinion on it?

I have shared with y’all many times that I like working out from home. I also love a spin or lagree pilates class, but I’ve been doing workout dvd’s (my favorites shared here) from my apartment or house since I was like, 17.

This device is for the person who doesn’t have the time or desire to go to fitness classes, but still wants variety.  If you love trying new workouts and mixing it up but you’re a busy working gal, mom or you work unique hours and classes won’t work with your schedule (this is Christian), this will be your new best friend.

If you like doing the same kind of workouts from home, then I don’t know that this is worth the investment for you.  The subscription allows you to have access to so many different teachers and classes, so if you’re going to take advantage of it, then you are saving so much money vs going to classes. That can cost 2-300 a month which annually costs over twice as much as this device.

Is it worth the price? 

Based on the information above, the answer is going to vary person to person.  For someone people, it’s 100% worth the price and more convenient and less expensive than packages of classes. For others, if they’re not going to use it regularly, it would definitely not be worth the investment.

Knowing your workout preference and style is what determines if this device is right for you!

I hope this Q&A helped! Again, there’s a TON of info on specifics of this device on their website, so be sure to check that out thoroughly if you’re considering purchasing! Thanks so much for submitting these questions, and for more fitness-related content, just search “fitness” on this site. XO –

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  1. Hi! Peloton has an app so you can take classes from your phone or device other than the bike or tread. That’s a major selling point for them. And you can have more than one account linked to a subscription. So it’s not worthless when you travel.

  2. How did you get the girls’ numbers? Does that question sound really creepy? I’m not a serial killer, I swear. I’ve moved into a new flat and although I know the names of my neighbours (because I sent them all Christmas cards and they had to return the effort and include their names) and say an occasional hello I’m nowhere near exchanging numbers. I put it down to being British.

    I’m on the top floor and also never want to be that neighbour however I’ve already spilt a whole watering can of water from my balcony onto the balcony below! >_<

    BTW I would love this mirror but need more time to justify the cost.

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