When I shared our San Francisco Apartment Tour (video here), I was surprised at how many followup questions I got about my closet, how I stay organized, tips for small spaces, etc.

So I wanted to dedicate a separate video getting into 5 tips to help you stay on top of your closet – whether you’re in temporary living situation or you’re a queen with your dream setup (and if so, I’m jealous)!

apartment closetikea vittsjo shelvescloset organization

photos by Christian Barnes

turtleneck bodysuit (runs TTS) | denim (I sized up one size) | belt | index finger ring | earrings 

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Thank you so much for reading and for your suggestions!  Truly they’re so helpful and mean a lot to me.  Big hugs – XO –

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7 thoughts on “VIDEO | 5 Tips for Cleaning Your Closet

  1. Where did you get that shoe shelf next to you in closet? Didnt see in Home Section… You are adorable!!

    Thanks much!!


  2. Your closet is impressive! I’m not sure when you asked this, but you wanted to know if readers wanted you to include more vintage/one of a kind pieces, and I personally think that would be great. It is really inspiring to see how you style things that are more unique and special. Thank you for putting so much thought and work into the blog- I’m loving it!

  3. Hey Kathleen! I’m living with a small closet over here in NYC. What is your take on saving shoe boxes? I noticed some of yours look like they are in their original box but a lot aren’t. I never know whether to keep or toss them.

    1. Hi Jolene! I think this is totally a personal choice. I choose to keep my designer boxes because I either store the original shoe in them when it’s “off season” or I store silk scarves, shoe inserts, sunglasses, etc. It’s whatever works best with the space you’re working with!

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