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Last year I shared 13 of my favorite closet additions of 2016, and this year I was excited to compile a similar list.  It’s interesting to look back and think of the items that you reached for most, whether they were $10 or $1,000.

I’m diving deeper into each item and why below – and of course, I’d love to hear what some of your most useful purchases this year were!

1.  Velvet Handbag

Literally yesterday in this post I was saying how much I’ve been digging the return of velvet. So when I started seeing it on handbags this year, my eyebrows definitely raised.  I wanted to wait until I found the perfect beauty, so when I spotted this gal on sale on Cyber Monday I didn’t think twice (sorry Christian).  She has since sold out but I linked some similar styles I also love above!

2.  Chanel Ballet Flats

I shared the story behind these flats here.  I am definitely more of a heel gal, but I am trying to challenge myself to wear them as much as possible so I can break them in!  You can find a similar style for less here.

3.  iPhone X

Christian wanted to buy the new iPhone for me when it came out, but being slow to adapt to change I was hesitant. I still really enjoyed my 7+ and didn’t feel the need to upgrade. But then two months later I went for it when we realized C’s phone was having issues, so I’ve handed my 7+ down to him and am getting used to this Meet the Jetsons lady.

4.  Burberry Cashmere Poncho

Y’all have seen me style this poncho here and here, but it continues to be one of my favorite cold weather accessories. It looks great worn as a poncho or velvet scarf, and it feels so good.

5.  Burberry Liquid Lip Velvet

I don’t even know where to start with this product. It feels incredibly silky and smooth on your lips and the color is a gorgeous matte. I find myself reaching for Fawn over and over again, and when my sister-in-law borrowed it in NY over the holidays, she instantly was like, “what is this, I need it.” Trust me, it’s good!

6.  YSL Clutch

Another Cyber Monday win.  I have been wanting to invest in a nice, roomy black clutch for the past year or two and was just waiting to find the right one.  This one is a great size and I am always a fan of caviar leather.

7.  Cashmere Joggers

I have three pairs of gray joggers. This is not a joke. I have three pairs and I wear them at least 2-3x a week.  I try to pair them with cropped tees or fitted hoodies to make them look more polished, but they’re perfect for sitting cross-legged at my desk.  If you’re a jogger or sweatpants lover, a cashmere pair is your best friend. Trust me on this.

8.  Yeti Tumbler

I received a Yeti Tumbler as a gift from friends at Bumble, and I’ve been surprised to find that I use it every single day.  Christian has had one for quite some time and uses his frequently, but I never really tried it. I’m hooked.

9.  Noise Cancelling Headphones

I feel like I’ve told y’all around 20x how obsessed with these headphones I am. Before owning them, I felt like everyone talked about them but I thought, “they’re just headphones… they can’t be that great.”

Oh how wrong I was. These have CHANGED my life when it comes to traveling. Screaming baby behind me? Mr. Sniffy Nose next to me?  The snorer on the row over? No longer a problem. They really have made my frequent air travel so much better and for that, I would pay any price.

10.  Capri Blue Candles

I light a candle or use my essential oil diffuser every day. These have become some of my favorite candles because the burn so well and the scent is so pleasant.  They’re fantastic candles.

11.  Gigi New York Pens

This may sound crazy, but I live for a great pen. What’s more awful than reaching for a pen and it not working that great? A real pet peeve of mine.  These are my FAVORITE pens. They are so beautiful, have a great weight to them and write so smoothly. I’m a believer.

12.  Amazon Fire Stick

The tool I didn’t even know I wanted.  C surprised myself with this for Christmas and we hooked it up to the bedroom TV. I LOVE IT. I love it so much that I returned the cable box we had in there. So much that we’ve even considered getting rid of our cable altogether.

13.  Amazon Echo

Another Christmas gift from C, and I’ve loved it so much!  She controls the lights in our house now (thanks to these light bulbs), and I really love using the Echo to play different genres of music while cooking, seamlessly play my podcasts without having to use my hands (those of you who cook get why this is so nice), or tell me snippets of the day’s news. It’s been pretty fun.

14.  Garlic Press

This may sound super lame, but I asked for a garlic press for my birthday.  I’m literally laughing as I type this because it’s really so lame. BUT, I am part Lebanese which means I put garlic in everything. Once I got a garlic press I was like, “WHY THE H*#$L HAVE I BEEN CHOPPING GARLIC ALL THESE YEARS!?”

15.  Burlap Grocery Bags

I love these bags so much I have three.  I know they seem pricey for reusable bags, but let me tell you why they’re worth every penny.

Because they’re 100x better than any grocery bag you’ve ever used in your life. And I say that with confidence.  They are so roomy, which means that usually I only need two to hold groceries for two people for an entire week.  Every time I’m checking out the cashier asks me about them because they’re amazed at how strong and roomy they are, and they’re also super cute. So yes, they’re totally worth it!

Ok the novel is over, but I couldn’t share my 15 favorite buys of 2017 without some explanation!  Now that I’m done yapping your ear off, tell me some of your favorite purchases. No seriously, tell me because I might need to buy them. Thanks so much for reading! XO –

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16 thoughts on “15 Best Buys of 2017

  1. I love those cashmere joggers! I literally don’t even know what my favourite purchase this year was – maybe my grey topcoat! I’m obsessed with that thing!

    I hope you’ve had a great Thursday!

  2. Love the Burberry poncho and the YSL clutch. Those are classic items you’ll have for a long time!
    I def. need to get myself a pair of those noise canceling headphones! I feel like travel would be made a lot easier!

    I did a nice little shout out to your blog on my blog today. I love how authentic you are and your styled outfits are always so original!!

    Looking forward to another year of posts and laughs from you

  3. I love this post so much!! I love to see the stuff you use everyday & love, plus there are a few items I’ve had my eyes on & an honest review really helps! Thanks so much for putting this together. Are your Bose headphones also wired or wireless & which do you prefer?

  4. Can we get a budget version of this list? 😉

    Girrrrrl, you’ve got expensive taste! The PRADA bag, YSL and Burberry wrap are definitely my dream items though.

  5. Oh my gosh, I love this round-up! All of these pieces look so gorgeous or practical! Thank you for sharing!

    Want to know where to find designer pieces for less? Check out my newest post now… Blush & Bordeaux

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