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My San Francisco style tip: layer it up, girlfriend! We’ve now been living here for two months, and I finally think I’ve mastered my NorCal layering style. Several of you have reached out asking for advice for your upcoming Bay Area trips – what to wear, where to eat, what to see, etc.  While I don’t have a city guide yet (and won’t for a while… because we just moved here and literally barely know my own way around #truestory), I do have some style tips!

Check the weather.

The weather can change on a dime and there are literally 33 microclimates and this city is 7 miles x 7 miles.  Plus the weather on one side of the bridge is different than the opposite side, etc. So your best bet is to check the weather, layer your clothing and wear comfortable walking shoes!

For July and August the range of weather in our neighborhood has been upper 50’s to upper 60’s with major wind. I’m talking aggressive wind. Wind so intense that I can’t even hear my air pods when they’re at full volume. So that can also make it feel chillier than it is!

On the note of comfortable shoes –

This city is packed with buildings, humans and dogs, but the actual city is not that big.  Y’all know I’m a MAJOR heels girl, but our favorite ways to get around so far have been to walk or Scoot, so comfortable shoes (preferably sneakers) are a must! I recently took the plunge on my first pair of Vans from Nordstrom and I think they’re going to be an asset this year.

Don’t worry… as soon as we leave San Francisco next summer I plan to return to all my heels! I tried to wear a pair on Sunday for 4-5 hours and two miles of walking later I was like, this was definitely a mistake.

As for the Purse…

You guys know I’m a bag fanatic. I even dedicated a whole blog post to my most and least worn luxury bags. But when you’re on your feet walking several miles a day… it can be a drag to have a heavy bag on your shoulder. I’ve been really utilizing belt bags and backpacks when I can, especially on the weekends.  Nordstrom has such a great selection of both!  Check them out here and here.

styling a boyfriend blazerblack gucci belt bagstyling black vansoversized boyfriend blazerstyling faux leather leggingsblack vanswhite wine teestyling black vanssan francisco stylepearl handbaghow to style a belt bag

photos by Christian Barnes

blazer (I sized down to XS), also love this one and this one | similar chambray (worn in this post), also love this one | tee, also love this one | leggings (run TTS) | sneakers – if you’re in between sizes, I’d size up | sunglasses | belt bag, love this one for less | similar backpack

And truthfully… if you really want to fit in in San Francisco you can just wear yoga leggings, a hooded sweatshirt and Patagonia jacket. That’s essentially the uniform here, and honestly with the weather – it makes sense.

Are you guys ready for some fall outfits?  Or are you soaking up the last few weeks of summer? I feel like we’ve skipped summer this year, so I’ve been wearing fall clothes since July and honestly… I’m fine with it.

Bring on the layers! Thanks so much for reading – XO –

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19 thoughts on “San Francisco Wardrobe Tips

    1. YES! C and I are always saying we feel like SF is so much more like London than we realized – even with some of the architecture!

  1. For walking, check out, They are made near Boston and are wonderful. If you send your own fabric they will even use it to make your custom shoes ‼️ Strangers have stopped me to ask where I got them, but that of course is how we roll in Mississippi.

  2. Kathleen, as a native Californian (although I now live in Nevada) it has been pure pleasure watching your posts about The City, one of my favorite places in the world!!!! Yes the summers are cold, but just wait, September can be amazing!!!! Enjoy your time there, I promise it will bring wonderful memories.

    1. Aw that is so fun! SF is definitely a particular taste, but we are warming up to it. Definitely excited for September and October – and the holidays for sure!

  3. Great post! This outfit is gorgeous,and I love the Vans on you. It’s so interesting to hear about San Francisco and their climate there.
    I wouldn’t think it would be as chilly as it is!


  4. I cannot believe this is your SUMMER weather — MY DREAM. It’s been way too hot and sticky in New York City, and I have a feeling we’re going to have a quick Fall before diving head first into Winter -_- Also LOVE that blazer, I purchased it too, and it is SO good.

    The Champagne Edit

  5. I live in San Francisco and feel like I am in a style RUT. I have lived here for about a year and a half now and still haven’t figured out how to feel stylish and cute, while being able to get around the city and do what I need to do (I am also big into Scoot, and I ride my bike to work).

    I literally went to your site today wondering what you’ve been wearing in SF, the timing of your post couldn’t have been more perfect! Thank you for sharing your tips and advice, but also…thank you for making me feel better that I’m no longer a dress-wearing gal about town (for now)

    Thank you!!

    1. Kathryn! I love this response. I hope this will serve as some inspo and I will definitely be styling more casual look this year! xo

  6. I know you’ve done a post of your most worn designer items but in your video, you mentioned your wishlist! Finally able to start looking at these bags and I’m dying to know where to start (i have a Louis v speedy bag and an endless list). I’d love to know more about what pieces you’re itching to have in the collection!

    A CBL Designer bag buying guide if you will 😉

  7. ugh, I was so in need of this post. I just moved to Berkeley from BC and have been STRUGGLING to figure out whats still useful in my wardrobe. Youve reassured choices ive already made (hello black Vans!) while giving me some new inspo for this slightly ridiculous non-summer summer weather xD

    1. Aw Amanda! I LOVE hearing this. Y’all have inspired me to incorporate more city girl looks. I’m on it! And welcome to NorCal! xo

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