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When I was in Anguilla back in July, two of the fabulous fashionistas on the trip, Helena and Sai, had this layered necklace game that I was totally enthralled with.

When it comes to jewelry, I go through phases. I used to wear tons of bracelets and no necklaces. Later I fell in love with all things statement necklace. Then I became earring-addicted and never wore bracelets. And now I’m having a delicate necklace moment. My relationship with jewelry is all over the place.

I came home from that trip and started going through all of my necklaces, looking for what I could layer. You guys know I love Dana Seng Jewelry (shared in my FAQ and here), so I combined her pieces with a new Etsy shop I discovered and loveSimple Dainty Jewelry.  She’s actually based in San Francisco!

Other shops I love for delicate pieces are Katie Dean Jewelry and Adornmonde.  Below I’m sharing some of my favorite necklaces for layering (and a great coin necklace is most definitely a must).

AND before I forget! I want to answer a FAQ from you guys –

How do you keep them from tangling?

Sadly the answer is that there is no secret. I sleep and shower in most of these so I simply untangle them in the morning (gently!), and usually that’s enough to get me through the day.

zgallerie sofagold coin necklacesgreen maxi dressgreen maxi dressgold layered necklaceszebra hide rug

photos by Christian Barnes

“3” necklace | pendant necklace | horn necklace | coin necklace | dress c/o Vici | rug c/o Summerhouse, also love this one (on sale) | sofa | fur pillows, also love these | spotted pillows | pink pillow

Below are some necklaces that I think would look fabulous layered up! I don’t think they all have to layer up perfectly. You can see in these photos that two of the necklaces are similar lengths… so what? I switch them out and sometimes I go longer – you do you. Make it your own!

I’d love to hear if you are a layered necklace kind of girl. Maybe you’re a bracelet or earring lover – gimme the scoop!

Thanks so much for reading – XO –

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16 thoughts on “Layered Necklace FAQ

  1. I miss the piles of Yurman on bloggers’ wrists… 🙁 It seems like that was so popular for years but just in the past few months I am seeing it less and less. Do you think that layered cable bracelet look is now passe?

  2. I love layering simple jewelry- necklaces and stacking rings, too! Since I mostly wear rose gold, I have a hard time finding simple necklaces. How do you feel about mixing metals?

  3. I go through lots of phases with my jewelry too, but I love layered necklaces the most! It just has a really cool carfree, yet chic vibe to it. Love your necklaces here!

  4. Super cute, I actually was the same way with jewelry in the past but lately I’ve been wanting to have signature jewelry that I always turn to. Necklaces layered, simple hoops, and a stack of bracelets. I’m springing for a Cèline “L” to get started. Love your picks!

    Leslie / @hautemommie /

  5. So pretty! These a definitely having a moment and I am not mad! Also have been wracking my brain trying to think of how I can invent something to keep them tangle free!

  6. These are beautiful pieces and I love how they compliment each other. I don’t really wear a lot of jewelry but I appreciate the simple pieces like these ones that bring it! It definitely adds character to any look.

    Maureen |

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