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chair c/o of Dhier Home, still available here | turtleneck | denim | room details

Your bedroom rug details?

You can find every rug in this house linked under the “house tour” tab under “home” at the top of this site.

Each rug (that has an available link) is linked here in this rug post and each room has its own reveal with links! So you can also find the link to the bedroom rug in the Bedroom Reveal blog post.

Do you think you’ll get another pet anytime soon?

We aren’t entertaining the idea right now. We had Bailey for 14 years and Lula for almost 9. I loved those girls so much and not only do I not feel ready, but I also know that I am going to have my hands full with two children under 2.5 pretty soon. So I think the kids will be my clean-up and discipline priority until they’re in elementary school. By then we will definitely be ready to get a new family pet!

Sweet Bailey’s ashes are still in our den. I don’t know if we’ll ever be ready to bury them.

How do you really feel about And Just Like That?

I love it. I love seeing the ladies again, I love seeing the fashion, the apartments and “post-pandemic” city life. I miss Samantha and Stanford (RIP) but I’m loving the addition of Lisa, Seema and Professor Wallace. I can’t wait for Thursdays!

Your blue light glasses?

These – I’ve had them for years and LOVE them.

I recently also got this pair and really like them too!

Favorite nail colors? And what nail shape do you ask for?

I love OPI’s Funny Bunny and Let’s Be Friends.

Essie’s Matter of Fiction.

I get dip powder manicures and ask for almond or soft almond.

What’s on your wish list right now?

Beauty | this lip mask, more tanning mouse and tanning face drops

Fashion | this sweater and these flats

Home | this magazine basket and this rug

green turtleneck

Acrylic coffee table book holder?

This one!

How do you make your morning coffee with Nespresso?

I pour a about a tablespoon of half and half in the cup and then run the pod in the machine. That’s it!

I mostly drink out of this machine.

Will you please give us a plant tour?

I have… a lot of plants. Arguably too many. But my indoor favorites are my fiddle leaf fig trees, snake plants, elephant ear, various orchids, and bird of paradise.

For outside I love jasmine, foxtail ferns, magnolia trees, limelight hydrangeas, camellias, gardenias… the list goes on!

Do you have interns?

I do not. I don’t have a big team, and currently, that’s how I prefer it. The low overhead and low maintenance elements of my job are some of my favorite things about it!

Teeth whitening advice?

I recently started using Lumineux and really like it.

Where is your flatware/silverware from?

Sadly it’s about 10+ years old and was discontinued many years ago. This is semi-similar, but I haven’t been able to find anything super similar.

Can you share the coffee cake recipe again?

Yes, right here! I’ve made it twice and it’s super easy and SO GOOD. A great recipe to bring as a house guest too because it is room temperature.

Link to small locket necklace?

I’m not totally sure which necklace this is, but I recently got this one and love this one too.

If you could only buy one – Chanel classic flap or boy bag?

Classic flap with caviar leather for sure.

Favorite Trader Joe’s treat?

The frozen almond croissants. Pull them out the night before and let them rise in the oven. Bake in the morning. We have them every Saturday as a happy hack treat!

How has the pandemic impacted your style preferences? Will you ever go back?

Great question. I have thought about this before and I had our first baby, moved back to the South and the pandemic began within a six-month period. So it’s hard to say if the past two years have impacted my style because of one of those things or all of those things combined.

I wear sneakers a lot more and heels a lot less.

I wear my hair back 80% of the time.

I wear less trendy pieces and more classic, solid, everyday pieces. But I think that could be a part of getting older?

Other than that, I can’t think of any huge differences. I’ve worked from home for almost seven years, so the denim and fitted tee or loungewear aspect is pretty standard for me.

I’m always happy to have a reason to get dressed up but I don’t mind being more casual, as long as I still feel like some effort was made so that I feel good about how I’m choosing to present myself.

How to build a weekly menu for the family?

On Sundays, I dedicate a portion of time to making the grocery list and looking online or in my “favorites” folder in my bookmarks for recipes for the week. I don’t have a special system other than that. Sometimes it’s super easy to put together menus and other times it feels really hard.

But it changes week to week depending on how much time I have that week with work/life/etc. So some weeks are more instant pot and grilled cheese + tomato soup. Other weeks I have time to make chicken pot pie and lasagna. It just varies from week to week!

You can find some of our favorite recipes under home –> food & drink.

But Hudson always gets a serving of what we’re eating and we eat together at the table. I will also give him fruit, yogurt, applesauce, etc. in addition, but he always has some of what we are having also. That doesn’t mean he always eats it, but I want the option to be presented.

I read in a parenting book, “it’s not your job to force-feed your children. It’s your job to present them a nutritious and balanced meal and it’s THEIR job to eat.” It released a lot of pressure for me. All I can do is provide, I try to let him make his own choices. Sometimes he will surprise me!

black accent chair

Thank you so much for sending in these questions! If you’re interested the pregnancy/maternity/baby Q&A, you can see that post here. XO –

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