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I love a designer accessory. I consider bags and jewelry investment pieces that can really last throughout the decades if you take care of them.  I tend to go a less expensive in the clothing category and save my splurges for fabulous accessories (which I’ve gone into deeper here and here).

If you’ve been reading CBL for a little while, you might remember this post from a little over a year ago where I introduced you guys to The Lady Bag.  I’ve known about The Lady Bag for several years now, and this site remains to be my favorite source for shopping classic, authentic, previously owned and vintage LV pieces that are often hard to find.

I use my Keepall from her all the time (most recently here), and I’ve had this gorgeous Monceau Bag on my wish list for quite a while.  When it came in… I had all the heart eyes! It’s such a great size for everyday and I love the shape so much.  It’s so classic and ultra chic.

AND there might be a little giveaway at the bottom of this post so be sure to check that out!

tying a neckerchieflv monceauthe lady bagvintage louis vuittonlevis old hangoutsred high low topgold chainlink braceletlv monceau

photos by Christian Barnes


bag c/o The Lady Bag | top (runs TTS), also love this one and this one | denim, also available here (I sized up one size) | heels, similar look for less here | sunglasses (old), similar style here and here | neckerchief | chainlink bracelet | index finger ring 1 and 2 | bangles | earrings

AND The Lady Bag + CBL have teamed up to offer a reader the chance to win this darling Damier pouch! I’m not going to lie, I love it so much I’d be happy to steal it myself but we want to give it to a reader who follows the steps below:

1) Follow @kathleen_barnes on Instagram

2) Follow @theladybaglv on Instagram

3) Leave a comment on this Instagram post, tagging a friend who might want enter!

4) Leave a comment on this blog post (and leave your IG handle so I can connect the dots!) with how you would use this pouch!

Update: The winner is Amy Dworak! Thank you so much to all of you who took the time to share and enter!

lv damier pouch

Thank you so much for reading and entering!

brought to you by The Lady Bag

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746 thoughts on “Shopping Vintage Louis Vuitton

  1. LOVE this pouch!! I would use it every time I travel for my delicate jewelry pieces!!


  2. I would use this pouch to hide stuff from my kids in my own lady bag. Help! XO @kristinleeallen

  3. Love love love! I would use as a make up pouch on my travels or to keep valuables like a passport (big fan if the “bag within a bag thing!) pls, pick me! -Shareen (IG: Shareen MV7, Bloglovin: blueadansonia))

  4. I’ve got so many trips coming up, my head is spinning – work travel would be SO MUCh BETTER with this cute AF pouch! My IG handle is @ericaligenza – thanks, K!

  5. Love following you! Would use the pouch as a lipstick corral or for travel! It’s adorable.
    Insta: @reifstuff

  6. Love your content…best inspo ever! My husband and I got married in Orange County (Laguna), so I love seeing little reminders of our fav place on your feed! Insta- @j_kelly87 – #needthisLV

  7. Just got my first LV and this perfectly sized pouch matches! Great for makeup essentials! @tspen456

  8. First off, I am obsessed with your blog and you (I binge watch your insta stories whenever I’m having a bad day haha). Secondly, I love this outfit and aspire to one day rock a neckerchief like you. Thanks for always keeping me entertained and in the know (on Real House Wives and fashion).

    Insta: colleenjones8

  9. You are always so fab!! Love following you! I love staying organized and this pouch could help keep all my lipsticks and essentials in one place in my bags! Thank you for this giveaway! @mglewellen

  10. Lifeinaustin (instagram). Love your blog ❤️
    Love your Instagram stories they make my day.

  11. You said it perfectly in your post, it’s the perfect everyday pouch! I have the matching Neverfull so I see myself using this in tandem with my bag to keep things like my lipsticks, maybe a few credit cards, etc. I imagine it’ll be VERY versatile depending on the day. I also have a fun trip coming up to Park City (your trip there got me so excited) so I’ll use this as my little go to area for all my necessities while traveling!

    IG handle: @justinegershak

    Thanks, love your blog!

    Xx, justine

  12. @kcarls6 totally take this to Palm
    springs for a girls trips after your trip as inspiration

  13. I’m obsessed with your shirt! I would use this pouch for lipsticks and moisturizers while on the go ❤️


  14. Love how versatile these Levi’s can be – dress up/down – you always inspire new outfit ideas, thank you!! Would be thrilled to win this LV pouch. Would be great as a stand-alone piece or as a lip stick/jewelr pouch in a larger bag.


  15. Gorgeous!! These days, all you really need are your keys and your phone.


  16. I would use the pouch the house all my lipglosses/lipsticks that claim the bottom of my purses! I’m trying to save up to buy a gently used LV bag and I get so excited when I see these resell sites! It makes taking the plunge a lot easier.

    Instagram handle – @megatons

  17. So excited about this giveaway! I absolutely love your style and would love to win this bag for my upcoming trip to Paris!


  18. I love this!! I would want for myself… but I would treat my daughter & give to her as a Graduation gift!!‍

    Instagram ~ luvfancynancy

  19. @maceewingate- this is such a cute bag! I have been looking for an affordable, lightly used LV bag for so long. This would be the perfect start because I definitely plan on buying a full sized bag soon! I would love to keep my keys, lipsticks, etc. in here. I swear I lose my keys more than anyone. Lol.

  20. I have never owned a Louis Vuitton handbag!! This would be a lovely 1st piece to house all my lip lipsticks and glosses!

  21. This would be a perfect cosmetic pouch for my purse!! Love it!! IG handle: @kenzmae_96_

  22. I seriously love this pouch! It is the perfect size to hold makeup, lipsticks and other toiletries floating around in my purse. The Damier pattern gives this pouch suh a classic look too!!


  23. Was this the day you walked down the hall like Beyoncé in that cute hotel? Christian said someone is a diva and it’s not me I died. The top is super cute!

    IG: mcqueentee

  24. Hi lady!!

    Your daily looks inspire me everyday! Okay, yesterday was my my mom’s 65th birthday and I won’t see her for another two weeks. I would LOVE to be able to purchase something from LV for her, but cannot currently afford it. My mom absolutely loves makeup, and i just think it would be so sweet to be able to gift the pouch to her for her birthday! She’s a fabulous lady who has sacrificed so much for my sister and I over he years. I know that that this would mean SO much to her. My IG handle is @a11ieoop. Thank you for your consideration!! ❤️

  25. I would love to use this as an on the go makeup pouch for Market. Definitely the cutest bag to start off my LV collection


  26. I bought those jeans after reading one of your blog posts a while back, and oh my gosh, what a game changer—know this pouch would be too!


  27. Love this idea and this cute little catch all bag! Definitely a great ‘necessities holder’ for work/on-the-go and could be a cute makeshift “clutch” if a last minute happy hour came up! @annamccord

  28. @krsumma1 on insta xoxox love your blog and style inspiration so much!!! also love the cronicals of you and your hubby, you crack me up!

  29. Hiiii – I’ve been following you for a while now and you’re by far one of my favorites, always to honest & REAL <3 I would use this bag for the little items floating around in my bag. lip balm, hand sanitizer, lip stick.


  30. Great post! I’ve always been interested in buying vintage LV and your outfit is on point! @syrenaangela

  31. I would use this pouch to keep all my lipsticks in!!!

    My IG is janellemartin

  32. Totally use it to have a place to store all that random purse crap- hand sanitizer, lipstick, hair tie, feminine products, etc. IG handle is- k.t.stowe

  33. Your blog and insta stories give me a piece of homenin the middle of the Midwest. @eabarnhart_ I think it would be perfect for airport travel.

  34. I would totally use this pouch for small purse necessities! Love the lady bag and your blog! Would love to add the pouch to my small collection 🙂


  35. I would use this pouch for jewelry or lipstick! It’s the perfect size I saw where you posted about the bag lady a few weeks ago and spent at least an hour browsing her site love your blog/insta!!

  36. @bri_newman is my Instagram handle. And I would use this pouch to put my makeup or skin care products in when I’m traveling or use it every day to store my essentials (chapstick, hand sanitizer, etc) and carry in my purse!

  37. I would use this pouch in my purse to carry everyday essentials that I could just grab!!! @gheuerman

  38. Love bag and you! I could def use a new makeup bag! I’m feeling lucky!

    IG = @BrittButtle

  39. Hi! This is an awesome blog post! I love this blog, love LV, and I love following you!! This is such a great giveaway! I I I would so use the bag for my makeup! IG handle: kiki_1978_ Happy Friday eve! ❤️

  40. LOVE your look & love your love for designer handbags. The feeling is mutual!!


  41. When I was about 7-8, I was looking at my favorite, most stylish Aunt’s LV Speedy & she imparted a bit of style wisdom upon me, in her classic deep southern drawl, that I’ve never forgotten: “A good Louis-or-three should be an investment into your staple wardrobe & will never fail you. New or vintage, it doesn’t matter. They don’t age like we do.” (An ironic statement coming from the most ageless woman I know!) She’s given me so many great fashion tips, but this one was a favorite! @anna_asbury

  42. Eeekkk!! I love this giveaway!! I would use the pouch as a fancy catch all bag. I would fill it with all my glosses & knicknacks that just float around in my purse.
    IG: maddycroft

  43. I would literally use this for every reason I could think of because it’s soooo cute!!


  44. I just love all your posts! You bring real life with your sasst and rock a designer bag with torn jeans! Love the style! Ig: @leamayj

  45. Hi Kathleen! I love all you do! You’re my absolute favorite beauty in inspiration. Also, last few months have been pretty crappy for me and my bday was just 2 weeks ago. This bag would be a wonderful gift. ✨✨

    Ángela 🙂

  46. @tayfro I loveeee your blog!!! I went to Chapman and followed you since I moved to Orange! I love following your adventures, fashion tips, recipes and little walks/bike rides around Orange County/ old towne!

  47. So beautiful! I would definitely use it for jewelry when traveling and I’m sure I would come up with more day to day uses too!

  48. @pelaugh1692 here! Obsessed with Louis Vuitton. Favorite bags by far!!!! Also loving the neckerchief trend. Trying immediately.

  49. This LV pouch is just beautiful! Would be my first Louis Vuitton anything! I would use it on a daily basis as a credit card, money, chapstick pouch for my purse. It’s too pretty not to use every single day. My Instagram handle is @mrstoniannlopez Thanks for this opportunity!

  50. As I mentioned on IG, I’d use this pouch for anything and everything to show it off. Hehe! But really, thanks for sharing this post! My bestie is on the hunt for an LV handbag, so it couldn’t have come at a better time and I shared with her too. Plus, I’m coming up on my 5-year anniversary at work, so maybe it’s time to treat myself! Not that 5 years is very long, but I’ll use any excuse… 🙂 (my IG handle is @jomariemke)

  51. All of my purses have become diaper bags with two little ones so I would use this to keep my essentials (license, credit card, chapstick, etc.) so I can easily switch bags!


  52. Love this little slice of heaven! My lipps would love to live in this beautiful bag! Thxs for the opportunity! Joni @redjoyink

  53. Love this post!! I feel the same about investing into really nice bags/jewerly since that can last you longer and if you take care of it — you can have for yearsss!!!
    I have been following you blog and IG now for almost a year and I absoutely love it! Your style is amazing – and not to mention you crack me up!! @danielle_pears0n

  54. Omg would LOVE to have this to tote my makeup to work – this new mamma needs more and more touchhups throughout the day to look like a functioning member of society, so would love a fashionable way to lug all my necessary items with me on the daily! @cjbella21

  55. Omg. I’ve Been waiting for this since yesterday! Initially I thought I would use it as a makeup or travel bag, but owning zero lv pieces ever in my life, I know I wouldn’t be able to do that. Instead, extra as I’m, I’ll use it as a small hand bag any chance I get. And when I can’t, I’ll use it to keep jewelry pieces I love as much or more than this piece so all that I love is one place.
    So I know what to reach for in case of any emergency.

    Love you, always. And your insta story in this top with your husband was so funny, omg!!
    Stay blessed.
    Insta handle-ghasnat

  56. Heyyy from a fellow Mississippian! I love your blog (and your dog)! This is a perfect pouch for all the essentials to move from a purse to a work bag and vice versa! @ajohnson0

  57. @mollyswicks
    I would die for this! This past weekend I lost my clutch and wallet. It’s been the biggest pain. I also have three little ones andlove having my things all in one small item, so I can transfer them from my purse to diaper bag easily. This would make me so happy!

  58. BarneZ nailed the photos… this LV would be perfect for the essentials (passport, lipstick, and camera!) on my trip to London in May! Love @kimlaw28

  59. You literally have the dream job! Thank you for doing what you do and inspiring us daily! Hope I can enjoy this little bag ❤️

  60. I would love to use this pouch daily to keep all my lipsticks and products in my purse together so that I’m not constantly digging through my bag to find everything! I love it!


  61. I would use this to organize all the necessities (lipstick, credit card, and license) when carrying a bigger bag – that way I don’t have to search at the bottom of the bag! 🙂 Instagram: @adriaabboud

    Thank you!!

  62. I would use this as my “catch all” for concealer, roll on perfume and chapstick in my purse! @miyanbenita

  63. Love this post! You and the purse
    I have never own a design purse, but never thought the idea of saving money in clothing to buy nice accessories. And also it is an investiment for a life time. I’m so ready for my first LV, hahaha.

  64. I don’t own an LV yet so this would be a great. I would definitely use it for all my future travel trips. Seems like the perfect pouch for makeup, jewelry and other small little things that I can throw into a tote. Thanks for the another awesome giveaway IG- mcatgan

  65. @emsyates here, and I desperately need to replace the current wallet/pouch situation I have – it’s 5yr old Kate spade and soo ragged! Would love to upgrade!

  66. This pouch is adorable!!! I would use it in my everyday bag and put my make up in it!


  67. Hey there!!! Thanks for this giveaway… super cute and fun!!! Just love all your work!!! I only have one investment piece and would love to win this!!! I would def use it to hold my lippies, and my essential oils!!!!!

    IG: katsauce0921

    Would also looooooove it if you could follow me @chit_chat_with_kat

  68. Hello!!! I just got engaged and I would use this pouch for all my daily essentials for my wedding and also everyday up until the wedding!! It’s so chic and elegant and perfect thing to take out to touch up your lipstick or face with!

  69. This is the perfect pouch to keep makeup in my work tote for quick touch ups before meetings!

    Insta: @abakersmith

  70. Love this look!!! Obsessed with the bag & jewelry especially. Gorgeous! @carolinesotilewhite

  71. I could use this bag in 100 different ways! But would most likely use it to hold small things in my purse to keep them together. Such a cute bag!! IG: @whitleyleshea

  72. Love that outfit! And the purse currently on my bucket/bag list ifer14 on instagram

  73. I’m a mom, so throwing all of my must have items into the diaper bag mixed with my little one’s things is tough! I would use this LV for my must haves and toss in with his stuff, making it easier and accessible for me to find my items!

  74. Would use this gorgeous little bag for all my accessories while traveling!!
    -❤️- @riti_manzano.

  75. I would use this for so many different things but ideally probably as a makeup bag in my purse, for those nessacary touch-ups throughout the day! Instagram is @kereese89

  76. I purchased my first (and currently only) LV from The Lady Bag! If I won the lottery I would buy all the LV from them! Mine looked like it had never been used.
    I would use this pouch for either lipstick or gloss. The possibilities are endless!
    My ig is @amyriemitis

  77. What a fun giveaway! I’d use this pouch to store my makeup in my diaper bag – so I’d still feel like “me” even though my life is consumed by a newborn and toddler! @whitjohnson9

  78. I love the red top!!
    I would display the LV pouch with my makeup collection.
    Instagram @kellynichole_

  79. Instagram: @allymac3989
    I have always wanted a LV! My 7 mo old has taken away my love of using a purse on a daily basis since my wallet gets thrown into the diaper bag. I would use this to bring some style and hold all MY goodies like my ID and bank cards, lip stick, phone, mini bottle of wine… you know, all the necessities.

  80. this bag would be perfect to throw a few essentials in & go. Also great to hold loose lipsticks & perfume rollers – the ultimate glam bag.

    IG: @brit_akch

  81. @kehemmer – Instagram

    I would use this to keep my cosmetics, gum, hair bands, etc in my big tote!! Love this and love your blog!!

  82. You have the BEST giveaways!!! I’d love this pouch to use for purse essentials. (Lipstick, gloss, & chapstick) @danikasancho

  83. LOVE THIS OUTFIT! going to Europe and wil definitely be trying to recreate this look! Instagram- @lisaa_mitchell

  84. Hi Kathleen!
    first, I LOVE your blog and it takes all of my self-control to keep from blowing my bank account here! I would use this bag either as a bday present to my mom who is a long time LV lover, or I would use it as a clutch and make my friends jealous.

  85. This would be so cute as I go from my full-time to part-time job every day! Need somewhere to put my jewelry and big earrings (and makeup for touch ups!) @gennro

  86. I would use this either as a clutch for all my necessities or to hold all my makeup on a warm weather getaway!!! Instagram handle-samantha_fla

  87. I would LOVE to use this LV pouch for my makeup when I travel, which I now do a lot of for work! And something small like this would really come in handy, not to mention it’s luxurious. 🙂 PS I LOVE following you on instagram! Your stories are the best and I love how down to earth you are! 🙂

  88. LOVE! Would use this for so much! But for sure for make up in my purse!
    IG: @georgiamariestone

  89. I would use this For all my favorite skin care products on a getaway!!! Instagram handle-samantha_fla

  90. O! I would love to win this beautiful bag! I’ve been wanting a bag this size to house some makeup pieces on display in my bathroom. Something functional and fabulous. Instagram: ireneeleanorrr

  91. I would use this For all my favorite skin care products.Instagram handle-samantha_fla

  92. This would be the perfect makeup bag in my purse so I can get glam post work pre happy hour


  93. Every time I ask my husband to look for something in my purse he gets SO ANNOYED because he can’t find anything so I’d use this to say “it’s in the cute little pouch” when I ask him to find my chapstick, a hair tie or my phone charger when I’m too lazy to get off the sofa. He’d appreciate it as much as I would 🙂


  94. Instagram: _laurenboudreaux

    I would use for my ear buds, hair ties & Bobby pins ! I’m always digging around in my purse aimlessly for them!

  95. I absolutely LOVE taking little pouches like this on vacation !!! They’re the best to throw in a few things and just hit the town with no worries! They’re also the best for dancing because they fit perfectly in my fianceé’s pocket when I get wild lol @diana_0229

  96. Can I just say I’m obsessed with how you styled this outfit! That top is beautiful and I love the addition of the neck scarf! Of course, that bag is amazing! I would use that beautiful LV pouch to carry lipstick and it’s the perfect travel piece too, that I can use for other items! Thanks for offering this giveaway! IG: fromcharmtocovet

  97. Love love LOVE this LV pouch! I travel often and this is exactly what I need to keep my lip glosse under, eye patches (long flights) and my Lara bars! Right now they’re all just thrown in my never full bag and it’s a mess! My IG handle is megslife360


  98. I just love all the LV everything but can’t afford new and always question used… Love this!


  99. Please pick me (@booniecoleman)!! Desperately need a pouch to keep all my beauty minis in my purse instead of them getting lost in the depths of my bag:)

  100. I desperately need that beauty of a puch to stuff it with small word tech essentials… it takes me an hour everytime to find my headset !! IG @rebezh

  101. @aestuder27, raise your hand if you’ve ever felt personally victimized by Apple changing the plug in game on you! Help me keep my plug cords tiddy and neat!! You also look stunning!!

  102. @aestuder27, raise your hand if you’ve ever felt personally victimized by Apple changing the plug in game on you! Help me keep my plug cords tiddy and neat!! You also look stunning!

  103. @katelynhults

    I would use this fab bag to keep all of my fav lippies and glosses for on the go!! Love it!!! 🙂


  104. Great post! I’m always trying to find sites that offer cheaper designer pieces. As much as I would love to own a high designer accessory, my electricity says otherwise. I’m definitely going to check out this site for some great pieces!


  105. I would LOVE to keep all my glosses in there so they don’t wind up at the bottom of my bags! It would also be great for sunnies
    @gonetpseejb is my insta

  106. Logically, I’d use it to store my make up essentials for my artsy bag, but realistically, I’d probaby put some snacks in there. Haha jk. But maybe …

  107. Love your style and true authenticity that you showcase in your writing – @check_steck

  108. I ❤️following you IG & reading your blog. You really work hard at it & it really comes through in your work. And I ❤️this little bag! I’d ❤️To win it!! Have a Great day.

  109. Love EVERY. THING. you post, share, wear, do, etc lol. Dying for this LV pouch!
    Insta – @chasityrclifton

  110. I need this! I’d put some essential makeup items in it and have it on hand for touch ups during the day!! I’d also use it as an excuse to force my husband to purchase the matching neverfull for me. Really, I’m gifting him the gift of not having to think about what to get me for Mother’s Day. You’re welcome, darling. Instagram: @sarah__alvis

  111. Love love LOVE this pouch! Would totally use for makeup, jewelry, or travel!

  112. I would LOVE to use this as a makeup bag to store the insane amount of lipsticks I carry in my purse! A girl needs to have options right?!? My Instagram handle is @marissacarozza

  113. CBL is my favorite blog! I look forward to your sassiness everyday on your IG stories. You not only have great style but a great sense of humor. I hope I win this pouch!!
    My IG handle is vonb73 is

  114. That pouch is darling! I would use it to tote my touch-up makeup around in my purse! @clarakilman

  115. I would use this as a makeup bag/bottom of the purse catchall! And I would most definitely take it with me to Paris this summer!


  116. @kirstynshepler I’d love to use this to store all of my daily essentials so they don’t get lost at the bottom of my purse!

  117. @theamandapeters
    Love this top and would be perfect for vacation, but is all sold out in my size. Keep posting gorgeous outfits that are total #fashiongoals for me!

  118. Lizzyventura18 ahhhh I just love your blog. Has helped me so much getting out of my comfort zone with different outfits.

  119. A multipurpose bag for sure! Great for make up, jewelry, small tech accessories, hair ties….snacks 😉 @morganwrobertson

  120. @itsnataliacristina
    Loving this LV bag, so cute to use for the women essentials! I’d definitley stuff some pads, tampons, mini deo and a go to lip gloss and nude lipstick! The girly must haves are so important in ones bags. Also, I’ll add a little mirror so you can check yourself from time to time 😉

    Love your blog and fashion post/ ideas on IG! I’ve gotten so much stuff from your useful links on cheaper stuff for look a like items.

    Thanks for always helping us 🙂

  121. Instagram: @Novellaaa

    I’d use this pouch for cards, keys and lipstick (the essentials) to make it an easy grab from the diaper bag if headed out without baby girl! Gotta stay fly through new Mom life!

  122. I love that pouch so much!!! I’d love to use it for my wedding in Mexico in May to keep my Passport and small keychain wallet that matches it!!! And to keep my jewelry in it when we are snorkeling or anything I wouldn’t want to wear my rings for!! It’s so perfect!!


  123. Love LV! I would use the pouch as a classy makeup Holder in my purse, or just by itself when I need to run out! It’s an everyday and beautiful piece of art! @pensterperfect

  124. Would use this beauty as my everyday grab and go for make up, must have items between switching up bags. It’s perfect for vacation and would look super chic in my mommy bag! Thanks gorgeous for the giveaway XOXO

  125. @katiefloydlloyd I would use this for day-to-day essentials and as a small clutch when I don’t feel like carrying a bigger bag!

  126. Ah! Love the Damier! I love transforming vintage bags so I’d probably put a wristlet on it and wear it as a clutch! Most use out of a gorgeous pouch. IG is shaejkperring :))

  127. I’m obsessed with how cute this little pouch is! I would totally use it for my everyday essentials. Insta: @tbirchy16

  128. @borntobewildmann- hope I win the pouch to take on my honeymoon! Also- can’t get over that Red top. Love.

  129. I love you Kathleen ❤️ And I love LV. I currently only own one vintage model from LV and I’d love to expand my collection.

  130. Love this pouch! I’d use it as my “go bag”, for me, that has minis/dupes of my favorite makeup. Also in there is usually a spare tampon, chapstick, elastic, etc. I always have one in my larger bags, in case I want to just run quick errands but still have the essentials. Also great in my purse while traveling!! IG @thoward82

  131. I would use this pouch100 ways but one will be as a very chic ‘emergency kit’ for my best friends wedding! Have to be prepared for the bride.. bonus to look good while doing so! @kellymaurine

  132. Love this outfit, love the bag, love the giveaway, love you, and love your relationship with c! I’ve been married two weeks and my husband and I have the same humor as y’all. I get it, you get it, the men get it…no one else is invited to get it! Oh, i also love the fur babies! You are goals and please never stop what you’re doing! @alyssaygarza

  133. @brianna_kozlarek is my insta! I would use this as an evening clutch to celebrate my wedding anniversary with my husband – a date that is sorely needed 🙂

  134. I love this little pouch bag! It’s a great size, which makes it very versatile. That’s one of the important things I consider when purchasing an investment piece. How much will I be able to use it? @lks1180

  135. You always look so great!! And your bag is total #dreambag material, that’s on my lust list haha but I would love to win the LV mini pouch to carry necessities in and hold them all in one place for weddings and travel! My insta handle is @caitash

  136. I would use this awesome and gorgeous pouch all the time. I’d be with me in my purse. On holiday adventures carrying my jewelry goodies and other trinkets! Thank you. Always love your post. You’re too sweet

  137. @kalliemackay – LOVE your instagram and blog! Easily my favorite fashion blogger 🙂 Have to admit I’m sad you’re leaving Orange County (where I’m from) bc I’m convinced I’ll see you from afar at some point and fangirl a bit (is that so totally creepy?), regardless it’s true! But happy to see you and ‘Barnez’s’ adventures in another city! All the best to you my gal

  138. Ahhh I so want a designer bag but being in college still makes it too pricey maybe I’ll treat myself as a graduation gift next year! I would soooo love to win this little pouch! @erinkennedy13

  139. Ig tahany2985, please pick me! I would love this for a makeup bag to throw in my purse!

  140. I would love to use this LV bag to hold all of my travel must haves while flying so everything is easily accessible and then I’ll have more time to binge watch Real Housewives on long flights ! (IG handle @kristenprice15)

  141. Absolutely love your style and blog and think you’re just hilarious! I love how real you keep it, always. I would use this beautiful pouch for toiletries, honestly! I travel back and forth to my boyfriends a lot so my toilette bag is just permanently packed now a days. @leahhslingerland

  142. Love the pouch! I would use it while traveling. (Also would probably find an every-day use for it as well because I couldn’t not).
    IG: sspill9

  143. I’ve been slyly following you for a while. I love that you mix classic girly styles with a little sass and fun! I actually grew up in Orange County (Newport to be exact) and love seeing all your pics from my hometown! @loloshive

  144. Bridgettelawrence is my instagram! I also have the fancyandfit instagram.
    Pick me to me win the clutch! I will put in all the gloss and makeup that you influence me to buy! I will also be jumping off here to go buy that purse now.. ‍♀️

  145. @deepikamary — I would love to keep this in my everyday work tote to carry all of my necessities- aka gum, chapstick, extra hair ties- all the girly things!

  146. I would put my lipsticks, glosses, etc. in the back & keep it in my daily purse. @robindmaples23

  147. This adorable pouch would be the perfect “women first aid kit” :). I would fill it with some hair ties, my favorite lip gloss, tampons, travel size perfume, and hand lotion (all of the essentials!). It seems the perfect size to fit in most of my purses! Crossing my fingers…. never have owned a LV piece and this would be the best way to start. Thanks for sharing! Xoxo, Allie
    Instagram: allieulrich

  148. Lady in reeeeedddddddd! I adore your sense of humor, your food posts, your lovely animals and especially how your mom makes you apologize for “being mean” to your husband. You guys definitely have an everlasting love. Oh, yeah, you have fashion sense… so basically you’re an all around fantastic human being tied together with fantastic bags.

  149. I always need more pouches and I would use this one for all of my lady things


  150. agw1116
    I love your blog, Instagram and STYLE!!
    Would love to win this LV! Thank you

    1. agw1116
      Forgot to say how I would use the bag! I would put makeup in it for sure, my everyday for work! And throw it in my Tory Burch tote! Thanks so a chance to win!

  151. Insta name: Auntieranda

    OK! As an Auntie/mom/sister. We have adopted my niece and nephew so that title is quite a bit to explain but I’m sure you catch what I’m throwing. I’d use it to make my diaper bag have a beautiful sense of me inside, you know to hold my brush on sunscreen and sugar lips, however It would be extremely iseful to hold my cash money to buy some champs on the weekend as well. ❤️

  152. Love!! I would Use for makeup and other little Knick knacks for traveling! Cool giveaway!

  153. I think the question here is, what wouldn’t I use the pouch for! so many options: everyday use would be to hold lipgloss, lotions, but for going out I’d use it instead of a purse, and then when traveling it would be great to store my earrings and necklaces in.

  154. Love the post and giveaway today Kathleen! My IG handle is @shawnamorin Good Luck evryone 🙂

  155. @kristenshea3 I’ve always wanted something LV! I would use this in my diaper bag to store MY necessities like chapstick, lipstick, mints, and gum!

  156. Flowers say “I’m sorry” Louis Vuitton says “I’ve learned my lesson” perfect addition for mamas day! Such a pretty little thing for my sunnies, lipsticks, little boys survival kit (mini booze bottles, bandaids, tide stick, wet ones, charging bank, headphones) #amirightoramiright #pickme #pouchme #ineed @jmollet

  157. Great post and beautiful bag. I’d love to win the giveaway. My instagram is catherinesray1

  158. Entered! Tagged my sisters! I love that you post about how to buy pre owned lux bags! I haven’t ventured into this yet but I’m going to! There’s literally no downside. This pouch is perfect for my 3 necessities: lip gloss, sanitizer & floss/toothpicks! ♥️

  159. @ashlee.n.j
    *because there are so many Ashlee Nikole Johnston’s in the world!
    My grandmother has always been a fashionista and my fashion icon. Her love of bags has been passed down to my mom and I for years and we are so greatful when she cleans her closet xoxo This bag is not only something I would cherish but something I would use as my devil wears Prada fashionista comes out. I was that girl in school who embarrassed hersel when she wore heels on a raining day and slipped in front of everyone! Luckily my BFF Chelsie saved the day and was the only one who helped me up. True story. Anyways I truly admire your blog and Instagram yet it makes me want to step up my game with more posts on my daily outfits.

  160. This baguette is absolutely perfect! Perfect for those hair ties that always seem to wind up at the bottom of your purse and in mine covered with crumbs and other non mentionables that have probsbly not seen the light in ages! Lol perfect for that perfect shade of that Clinque chubby stick you can never find! Perfect for the tic tacs and the gum or whatever breath refresher you might have. Perfect for showing off to all the jelly green-eyed girls who just wouldn’t be able to contain their covetous looks!!

  161. Hi Kat! I would love to use this bag for all those little things you need to have with you at all times. @kellylynn87

  162. I would use this pouch to store all of my go-to lippies to transfer from purse to purse!

    IG: alexandra_walk

  163. @shahiiina. .. also what do u think about vintage Gucci? Forgot to add what I’d use it for.. aside from obvious everyday pouch uses .. I’d totally take this to cedar. Point to put my shades in so they don’t fall again

  164. Love the shape of your LV-may need to invest in one like that! But the pouch would be a good start! IG: lindsaygraceh

  165. This LV pouch is adorable! It would be perfect to store some touch up powder and lip gloss for on the go!

  166. Commented on Instagram but I’ll add the comment here too
    I would use this pretty pouch for all my essentials and have it in my diaper bag for some cool mom style, boy mom here so I am surrounded with race cars snacks and paw patrol. Would be nice to have this and not have to carry diaper bag and purse all the time!!!!


  167. Love the blog post! I agree, splurging on accessories/investment pieces is the way to go! Oh and I have to add, I’ve been following you on IG for some time now and you are my fav blogger I would definitely use this pouch to store some valuables on an upcoming trip to France !


  168. I would keep that beautiful pouch in my purse at all times, ready to show it off when needed but also have it hold my most necessary items: Wet-Ones hand wipes and my designer knock-off sunglasses from Amazon (to ensure I stay humble with my authentic LV! ) IG: @katiecupcakes

  169. Love the pouch. Perfect size to put all your necessities (ie phone, keys, cards) when I am on the run doing errands around the city! @sja9888

  170. I’m going to be a freshman in college next year and would totally love to have this pouch to carry my makeup in around campus!! @lexi_mcmullin Thanks for always sharing the most precious content and having the funniest insta stories:)

  171. Can we talk about this top for a minute, I’m obsessed. Wish I was tall enough to pull it off.

    I would love this bag to use as a cosmetic case, it would be my first LV piece ever!


  172. Love your style, girl, and love the pouch!!! Super adorable! Fingers and toes crossed!
    Instagram @amandascharton

  173. Love everything about this blog post! Eeeee I have been dreaming of this pouch since I saw it on your insta! Also commented and tagged a girlfraaaand. My insta is @Laurengwace 🙂

  174. You are adorable!!! I would use this LV pouch to carry my must-have lipsticks (a true southern gal always needs to have her lips on) every where I go!! I’m a native Atlantan — one of the few left! Love your posts and your unique modern twist on classic style!! @maryregas

  175. Love this pouch! I would keep my cardholder, lipgloss and a little snack in here… put it in my diaper bag and never let my kids see what’s inside! I share everything with my three boys, but this would be just for mama!


  176. Followed shared and tagged!!
    Um yes please! LV to die for
    Follow me on instagram @angelachevraux

  177. The pouch is beautiful! I would use it for and other makeup, my id, and cash when I don’t want to carry a big purse. Also would love to have it for flying! It’s perfect size to put a n a carry on! Thanks so much for introducing us to the @ladybaglv. Love your blog @kathleenbarnes!

  178. The pouch is beautiful! I would use it for and other makeup, my id, and cash when I don’t want to carry a big purse. Also would love to have it for flying! It’s perfect size to put a n a carry on! Thanks so much for introducing us to the @ladybaglv. Love your blog @kathleenbarnes!

  179. all the heart eyes for LV on this residents wife budget. I’d probably use it to keep my CC, lip gloss, Phone and keys in my diaper bag since literally EVERYTHING else belongs to a 2 year old. Mama needs nice things too @sgmcgill

  180. I’d love to use this LV bag to put in my new vintage handbag that I purchased after seeing yours on your blog. I can’t wait to receive it!

  181. @laurawest16
    This bag is so gorgeous and would be the perfect addition to any outfit! ❤️

  182. Love everything you do! Style, recipes, fun trips, fabulous home decor!
    This blog post though with this red Woww!! I wish I could pull off this red
    Xoxo @mermaidathart

  183. So cute! Would love to use this to keep my make-up in my purse organized and chic! @maritawellis

  184. How would i use this pouch? Well it looks so beautiful to even use! Although it looks like the perfect pouch to carry with everyday essentials! For example, gum, headphones, lipstick of the day, and of course my powder compact! Those are my must have itsms that i switch from purse to purse!

    By the way i love this post! From your top to accesories its so chic and I chuckled when i saw photos by Christian aka Barnez! I seriously love when he is on your stories! Always a great laugh!

    Instagram: briimichelle19

  185. @kumarr56
    I’d use this as a bag within a bag (for jewelery while traveling) or as a stand-alone clutch to happy hour.

  186. This LV pouch is the cutest! Would be perfect for lipgloss my phone jewelry cards so many options. Love this blog. Keep it up.

  187. LOVE THIS BAG!!!! I would use this as a cosmetic and make up bag!!!! Insta handle: abbiefarrell_

  188. Ugh I love this little cosmetic bag and I’m in love with your red high low shirt


  189. This is super cute! I would use it to carry my makeup to work, and it could double as a clutch if I’m feeling lazy
    IG: @haleyrosebaker

  190. @angelacharboneau
    I just bought my first LV neverfull and this cosmetic bag would be perfect to store my travel makeup and lipstick inside. What a nice giveaway.

  191. For my bestie who is getting married this year to bring on her honeymoon travels ♥️ @emilylkent

  192. @kelly_hof I would love to win the cosmetic bag for my upcoming birthday trip to Miami!!

  193. This pouch would be absolute PERFECTION for my makeup on game days! (Or any day for that matter) fingers and toes are crossed!☘️ IG: Alexisrene10

  194. As I said in my Instagram comment, I would put this pouch to good use. I am 19 years old and struggle remember to take my meds especially since they are always scattered around my room or my backpack for school. Being a college student it’s hard to find a fashionable way to carry things that aren’t so “pretty”. Furthermore, this pouch would be put to good use and I definitely will be more excited to take my medicine throughout the day with such a cute bag. Thank you for the opportunity for this contest, and congratulations to whomever wins!

  195. Love this whole look and couldn’t agree more on investing in quality accessories! I would use this LV pouch for my vitamins. I’m horrible at remembering to take them, and I feel like this would be the best reminder — I’d want to take it out and look at it all day! Channeling my inner Lisa Rinna when it comes to vitamins… AND she just got a LV pouch to put them in 🙂

    IG: @jkertz


  196. This pouch is super cute and I would absolutely LOVE to win it!! I would use if for traveling weekends and my carry-on for flights!!!

  197. Would love this bag as a catch all for all my snacks and makeup and oils. Jennytrangren.

  198. Hi there, I am Madeline Dombroski and I am 19 years old and am a full time student at Dickinson College. I would love to be the recipient of this tote because I would put it to great use. I struggle with remembering to take my medicine throughout the day because my pill bottles are either in my dorm or scattered throughout my backpack. I also have asthma so having my medicine and inhaler all in one place would be so helpful with this pouch. It’s hard to be a young women to find medicine bags or pouches that are appealing and trendy. It would be so awesome to win this as it would be my first Louis Vitton. Thank you for the opportunity of this contest, I really enjoy your blog. Congradulations to whomever the winner is. My instagram is madeline_dombroski

  199. I would use it for my make-up now to match my handbag and then pass it down to my daughter when she’s old enough to appreciate LV ❤️ @erinmcbragg

  200. Everyday I’ve been eyeballing this for a while now. Would love to add it to my collection

  201. I love how you styled your scarf! And the bag is gorgeous!! @taylor_thompsontbt

  202. @love_sonja_and_family. I would use this as a cosmetic case. I love your posts and I bought the Louis you have with fringes from new vintage bags.

  203. Love this pretty bag!! I would definitely use it for my jewelry and must have make up pieces while traveling or in a bigger purse


  204. Obsessed with these photos! Love the color contrast, and the bag of course!! @shaybagshaw

  205. Loved the blog. Pics are amazing. Thank you for this special chance for a special kind of bag! I would put my special keepsakes in my pouch that mean a lot to me. My dad had a quartz cryatal that he traveled with an gave it to me before he passed. I can visualize my cryatal in this pouch! @ ivyfelicia36

  206. You look absolutely amazing in this outfit. A LOVE that red tunic. I almost think I could pull off this look. stunning.

  207. Ari_noory is IG handle. Would loveee to use this for upcoming trip abroad to thailand!!

  208. IG handle jenjen047. This bag is perfect for carrying my makeup essentials on my upcoming road trip with my husband! He’s from Ireland and this will be his first time doing an American road trip!

  209. Loveee this post! I did all of the steps and my IG handle is josie_abdulbaki!!!

  210. Hey Kathleen, you’re an absolute doll and I love your blog! I would use this pouch for my on-the-go makeup essentials because its a perfect little bag for my purse or backpack! 🙂 IG: @gabs.1998

  211. I’d loooovvve to win this pouch, I just had my first splurge on a bag and I’m still using one of my first Coach pouches inside my gorgeous LV. Thanks! @kellybednar

  212. I would definitely use this to keep track of all the small things in my purse that I fumble around everywhere to find (chapstick, chargers, hair ties, Bobby pins, etc.)

  213. I’m so glad I’ve found your account, I love your style and creative photo ideas! I’m really into photography and I love the quality of all your Instagram pics, SO CUTE! We will definitely be seeing lots of Instagram likes from me!!

    I would love to win this pouch for many reasons. My aunts have always had Louie Vuitton bags and I’ve always admired the sophisticated and timeless look they have to them. I would use this on a day to day basis whether it be for school, workouts, or just to make my life a little more organized!( Lord knows I need some organization). Anyways, thank you for your time and consideration and I hope to hear back from you!

    Instagram / b.rooklynlepard.

  214. This pouch would be perfect to hold all the essentials I always have in my bag.

  215. Love this whole outfit and adorable pouch! Would def use this as a travel bag for my jewelry so I can change up my look during the day! @mandycwells

  216. Love! Would be great to have in my purse to organize the little things that end up at the bottom- I.e. lipsticks, essential oils, hair ties… @beccaupshaw

  217. Have always dreamed of owning a designer handbag, especially the classics! the tip about this website is great, and knowing you shop there gives me peace of mind knowing that they are real designer pieces!

    Insta handle – @anitabece

  218. Obsessed with you & your blog posts! I would totally use this for my everyday makeup essentials!

  219. I would put my everyday essentials so it’s in one place for easy access in my purse!

  220. I absolutely love following you with your style, humor and wit!! Keep it up!! @amanda_jo20

  221. Loving your content!

    This pouch would be great for holding your essentials when running errands instead of lugging around your giant bag!


  222. I’ve been coveting this exact little pouch for quite a while and would use it everyday!!! It’s super convenient to switch in and out of my work bag. I love it! Awesome giveaway!!! —@vaha178

  223. Obsessed with the pouch! I’d use it in a bigger bag or honestly just by itself! Love!

  224. @mp_hortenstine is my insta name Would be so amazing to win this adorable pouch and would come so in handy in France!!!

  225. Such an amazing giveaway! I love this pouch and would use for my makeup and as a travel bag!


  226. I would love to take this pouch on honeymoon in September, what a fabulous accessory!! @alexandrasacco

  227. Wow! I love your top I wish I was tall enough to wear it! I would use the LV to keep up with my makeup and to store my keys which seem to walk away during the day! Insta: @rachel_lane

  228. Love how cute and versatile the pouch is! Would use it for makeup, whether it’s just in my purse for everyday or for traveling!

  229. I would love to win the LV pouch that you are giving away to hold and conceal all of my health supplies and medications. It would be the perfect pouch for concealing all of my supplies! My Instagram handle is elizabeth.fahrenkrug

  230. Such a cute giveaway! Love LV because the brand is so durable unlike all my other makeup bags. RIP


  231. Wow such a cute giveaway! Love LV because they are so durable unlike all my other makeup bags! RIP


  232. I would love to add this cutie to my Louis Vuitton collection! I could definitely use a makeup pouch so my stuff stops getting lost in my purse! IG: trashleyxo

  233. Such a cute giveaway! love LV because they are so durable unlike all my other makeup bags! RIP


  234. What a great blog! Happy to have discovered you! Now I’m daydreaming about that dreamy little LV pouch! My initials just happen to be LV…It’s definitely a sign! With triplets in college, that would be a sweet Mom surprise! Lori_vanb

  235. I would love this pouch to use in my purse everyday for my makeup essentials!

    Insta: @emilymwilliams15

  236. I would use the Damier pouch to keep items in my clear bags that I take to all Ole Miss sporting events. Go Rebels!!! @nettiear on Instagram

  237. This would be perfect to use for my lipsticks (and possibly other makeup items I keep in my purse). My Instagram handle is @dianakaylee. Thanks 🙂

  238. Hometown Cbus girl over here ‍♀️‍♀️‍♀️ Always loved you and your blog and of course love LV! Red is your color by the way! @carson_taylor

  239. Hey! I absolutely love this post, very helpful!I’ve been eyeing the LV Pochette Metis for so long. How would you say your bag compares? I absolutely love the style and both are very similar.

    Also. I’d be ecstatic If I won this giveaway. I don’t own any high end designer items but have been dreaming about owning some one day!I’d use this adorable pouch as a makeup bag and travel with it! My IG handle is kbpeters29!


  240. Hi! This is such a great post, I love the detail and of course, ways to save money!I’ve been obsessed with the LV POCHETTE METIS for so long and you bag looks very similar. Do you know how they compare/differ from one another?

    I don’t own any high end designer bags, but I certainly would love to! I’ll have to check out your suggestions. I’d love to win this adorable pouch and would use it for make up and traveling! My IG handle is kbpeters29!


  241. I love the vintage bags! I feel like they are such classic items that really pull an entire outfits together. Every girls dream! @gabiparracho

  242. Love your insta account! Always have the best outfits and live your stories!
    Insta: jaimalee

  243. I feel like I could use this to put my things in since my kids stuff takes up the rest of the space in my bag! Thanks! @shayhardman

  244. Would use this daily in my handbag for all my girlie needs! My ig handle is “Fishtail Cottage”

  245. Love the post! Such a beautiful bag and would be so perfume to put perfume, lip gloss and hand sanitizer! Can’t leave the house without and always scraping through my large bag to find, this pouch would make it so much easier! Love the design too, the damier is my favourite!!

    For your Instagram giveaway, my handle is @erin_cleland

  246. Love your style! Honestly, LV is so timeless, any one of their items is perfect. But what better than getting a vintage cosmetic pouch. Not only is it perfect for travel/school but also for the gym. Holds all the essentials in such a classic and sophisticated way!

    IG: @curlycurlz

  247. Would love to win this for my akc bag now to carry all my lipsticks, etc in ❤️❤️

  248. What a beautiful LV pouch and such a nice giveaway! I’d use the pouch for my lipsticks that I carry everyday! My Instagram handle- sweatersandsmiles

  249. IG: Jbaktiar

    Also, you are legit one of the few ladies I’ve seen/follow that pulls this look off so flawlessly!

  250. What a beautiful LV pouch and such a nice giveaway! I’d use the pouch to carry my lipsticks that I use everyday! My Instagram handle is- sweatersandsmiles! ❤️

  251. Definitely going to check out the bag lady! And I’d use the pouch to carry all my makeup essentials! | @briebrie77

  252. Insta handle: @carmcfar
    I’d be soooooo happy to win! Love your blog/Insta/everything!

  253. To take everywhere. School/work/traveling. If i could win this, this would be my first louis vuitton bag/assessory.

  254. Would love this to hold all the random stuff floating around in my bag!! Hahah.


  255. I would use it daily for my make up, would carry it in my handbag…!

  256. You look stunning in that red top! Thanks for the chance at this giveaway! I’d love to use the pouch for my travel makeup so it doesn’t get all over my bag @mbrauns

  257. Love this post. I agree that bags and jewelry should be investment pieces. I would totally rock this pouch with some daily essentials for work or even as a clutch for drinks. Hey why not? Fashion is what you make it!

  258. Already left a comment but forgot my IG handle…got too excited about the clutch lol.
    Rock is day or night. I’m a big bag or on its own.
    Paularnp (IG)

  259. Im loving the top. Red makes everything pop and the purse oh man I wish I had one.
    I would use this pouch as my wallet since I carry way too many bags since Ive had my daughter. And honestly Ive always wanted a LV pouch or purse. Connect the dots to my instagram ( tthaniaaa )

  260. @betsyradelow this bag would be perfect for organizing nik naks in my purse, on the go for date night.

  261. I have the neverfull that I use at a diaper bag. It’s got all things baby in there and few things for me. Adding this gorgeous pouch would give me a space in there too where I can store things for me to make me feel human, like mascara, chapstick and chocolate . Love you KB!

  262. So adorable! I’ve been dying to start my own little LV collection and this is the perfect starter piece. It would also be such a classy way to carry necessary makeup and travel size products to and from my boyfriend’s! No better way to handle the long distance than in style!


  263. I would use this to keep my makeup that I usually just toss in my purse! I need this!!
    IG: @steph_cain01

  264. I stand behind my insta comment. This would be amazing for the oils I leave the house with everyday. My oily life still deserves to look Erika Jayne fab! @agabby7

  265. ✨I love this bag! Definitely would take it to prom and keep my lipgloss and lipstick in it! @__abigail__h

  266. Love this!!! So excited to have come across this through @theladybaglv. You compliment each other well. I love Louis Vuitton. I have been off social media due to the loss of my son but seeing this made me smile

  267. OMG! I would use this all of the time (and it matches my neverfull, passport cover and wallet!) I need something to store my makeup in so it’s not just rolling around in my bag! I’ve lost way too many lipsticks this way .

  268. @iLashNation Love this little pouch!! Great things come in small packages Love shopping vintage.

  269. I have never had a Louis Vuitton! I would love it for my 40th birthday. ❤️@eripken

  270. hi!! My name is guillermina! ILOVE YOU STYLE , my pone is compleletly full of photos of your outfits that i use for inspiration my mom thinks im actually crazy! I will use this pouch to put my everyday makeup and some other things, i think it could also look cute as a little purse maybe with a white dress like a clouch. It is such a timeless piece that it goes with everything, and the good thing is it can hold your makeup and more. It could be your emergency kit my instagram name is @guille_amp

    I really hope I get it, I been looking for a good pouch like this for a while, but rigth know I can’t afford it. If I don’t win it this time I know that someone that wanted even more than me won it so that would make me happy!

  271. I’m going to use the pouch to put my everyday makeup essentials to carry around in my purse on a daily basis. Thank you! IG: sweethoneylene

  272. Would use this to keep all my necessities (lipstick, comb, business cards and hand sanatizer) nice and organized in my handbag <3!!!!!

  273. Love everything about your blog! IG handle: haleyaj (I tagged a friend as a reply to my original comment )

  274. Our closest friends from Pennsylvania moved away to Las Vegas and we’re planning a trip out to visit and vacay together. This would be prefect for travel!!!

  275. I’m buying that hi/low tunic immediately. Sun a fun Friday work outfit followed by cocktails.


  276. @MackenzieKingswell This pouch is so cute! I would use it everyday for helping organize my bag!

  277. @hannahhh_thomp
    This cosmetic bag is so cute!!! I would use this pouch to keep track of my essentials! I’m in dire need of a new bag.

  278. tjtowers – I would love to win the LV cosmetic bag ! I would use the Heart eyes Cosmentic Bag to store my travel size sunscreen for my kids when we are at soccer and baseball games. I would also use it to hold my beauty on the go products in style. I want to be the stylin Mama in the stands

  279. You look so cute in these pics!!! I love those jeans on you! I have been wanting something LV for the longest time so I would love this pouch!!! I would use it for my lip gloss and little extras in my larger bag to keep everything organized! I love watching your IG stories you crack me up and I’m a fur baby mama too so love seeing them on your stories all the time!!!

  280. I have been reading your blog for some time now and really appreciate all the tips and styles you give. I would love to win the LV pouch because I am someone who is always on the go. It’s a great size and perfect for traveling. Love your posts! Keep being amazing 🙂
    IG @Hayleythomas16

  281. Girl, I love your blog & IG (especially your stories, you crack me up!)

    Ideally, I’d use this to organize the mess that is my bag, but let’s be real, it’s going to have some snacks & essentials in it! @syd_fitz

  282. I adore this bag! I’ve always dreamed of owning a Louis Vuitton bag and this would be such a cute pick me up! Ps- loving this styled outfit in this post! ❤️ IG: @hminck

  283. My Instagram handle is @anonymousjinx. And I would use the pouch for work. Hold my pens headphones and little makeup.

  284. I love this pouch! And i would love to stash my lipsticks and lipglosses in it. I don’t have a makeup pouch for my neverfull tote and this would be perfect (and would match my bag! Always a win for an OCD gal like me ‍♀️ ). Thank you for doing a giveaway like this!

  285. I’d carry anything in that bag, shoot guuurl I’d even carry it empty

    Ps I also hope I win so I can tell my husband, who tells me that you aren’t my real friend when I talk about your blog like we go way back

    @lissculicerto (let’s be virtual fraaaands ‍♀️)

  286. Looooove the hardware on this bag! You’re so sweet for doing this giveaway