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I know this is a little random, but I love seeing other people’s recommendations for all-around great products, and I had so much fun compiling my Best Buys of 2017 that I thought rounding up some of my favorite Amazon buys would be a fun post!

A little this, a little that – let’s get into it, shall we?

1 | I’ve worn this bag nonstop since I got it – most recently here and here.  It is a great dupe, goes with everything and is a fantastic size. I really love that it’s both a wrist and crossbody bag. You get the best of both worlds, and it comes in 20 colors!

2 | I have a lab and a black cat. Lint rollers are in every room of the house. I recently tried this one to see if I could get away with it’s reusable factor… and it’s amazing. Why didn’t I buy this 10 years ago?!

3 |  Every single item in my close is on one of these no-slip hangers. A must-have.

4 |  This was a Christmas gift from C, and we really have had so much fun with it. She controls the lights in our house now, and honestly my favorite thing about her is playing any style of music or song instantly when asked, or having a hands-free device to set a timer while cooking.

5 |  My favorite detangler and heat protectant spray! I’ve reordered many times.

6 |  I bought these for this party… and then loved them so much I ended up putting one on our display shelves in the living room.  I also pulled them out for Bailey’s birthday party!

7 |  When I was younger, my mom would heat up an ice pick and then help me punch extra holes in belts or purse straps, etc.  I discovered this device a few years ago, and I actually use it quite a bit! I’m always punching extra holes in belts so I can wear them as hip or waist belts.

8 |  I took a deep dive not too long ago to try to find a pet bed for Lula that wasn’t ugly. I have a few little beds for her throughout the house, but I keep one under our coffee table, so it’s easily on display. I found this one, and it’s both cute AND she is obsessed with it.  Such a great buy for a small-medium sized pet!

9 |  My favorite kitchen towels!

10 | This powdered pb changes your smoothie game, big time.  SO much flavor with a fraction of the calories (no oil!).  Yum.

11 |  I use both a desktop computer with a mouse and a macbook.  I recently bought another mouse for my laptop and for someone with wrist pain, it’s so much better for me. I could kick myself for not doing it earlier!

12, 13, 14 | I LOVE these little containers. I also have one for onions and avocados.

15 |  Christian bought these bistro lights and strung them up on our patio as a Valentine’s Day surprise one year, and they bring me so much happiness each night when we turn them on. Such a great purchase and something I know we’ll incorporate in every place we live.

16 |  I wear these almost daily. They’re a dupe and at a fraction of the cost, I don’t have to stress if I scratch them. I’m actually on my second pair!

17 |  My most recent sunglasses addition! These are so fun and spice up any summer outfit!

18 |  I have way too many robes. Most of them are gifts, but I love them for different reasons! I have my cozy robe, my summer robe, my black robe for when I’m wearing self-tanner… it’s a problem. Christian was always complaining about the door hook being overloaded, and then I discovered this guy. Best decision ever! Now I can hoard all my robes without his judgement. Cheers!

19 |  This outdoor rug is reversible and adds so much color and fun to our patio. It’s been really durable for us and I get so many questions about it on social media.  It comes in a few different sizes!

Ok I know that was a novel, but now I want to hear what some of YOUR best Amazon purchases are! If you can’t tell… I’m a frequent Amazon shopper, so I’m always on the hunt for the latest and greatest.

Let me know if you’d like to see more posts like this! I could do my favorite kitchen gadgets, favorite household products, travel must-haves… let’s get into it.

Thanks so much for reading and sharing! XO –

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25 thoughts on “Most Used Amazon Purchases

  1. Thank you for this post! I was actually thinking the other day that I wanted to ask you for something like this…. Amazon and you for the win.

  2. Thanks for sharing Kathleen. I always love your suggestions! I shop on Amazon all the time. It’s so convenient and easy!

    These have become my new favorite brand of lashes. I use them in the makeup room all the time. They’re a great size that rarely need to be trimmed and aren’t too dramatic. Also super cheap!
    HELLO BEAUTY Multipack Demi Wispies Fake Eyelashes (5Pack)

    I bought this necklace because I saw a girl in NYC wear something similar during Fall Fashion Week. I get a ton of compliments whenever I wear it and it was dirt cheap!
    Gold Tone Filigree Natural Leaf Pendant 30 inch Chain Trendy Women Jewelry(Gold Necklace Only)

    Finally, I needed a cork board and hate how ugly they are. I found this one and love the look of it.
    The Board Dudes 14″ x 14″ Designer Die Cut Cork Tile (CYL45)

    Thanks again for always inspiring me to try new things and helping me find my own personal style! On a completely unrelated note, if you haven’t listened to this podcast you must! You’d Love it!

    1. Oh my gosh Amelia! I LOVE these recs! So much good stuff – thank you for sharing, and I’m so glad you also love Ben and Ronnie!

  3. I LOVE Amazon and totally love hearing about other people’s fav items from there! Please keep up the posts like this! 🙂

  4. I love this post! I am a huge Amazon Prime fan and order all the time. I added a few things to my cart from your list and a few to my wish list for later. Did you know that Target will match an Amazon Price?

  5. OK, FAV post EVER!!!! I am an Amazon lover as well! I have the lint brush, bistro lights and PB2. I will be buying the kitchen towels & pet bed for sure! Ok, maybe everything else too!!!! I will have to make you a list of my FAVs too!!! <3

  6. Great post! I love seeing what everybody used and their most worn products. Amazon is an amazing place, and I can get lost for hours searching for random items lol!


  7. LOVE Amazon! Thanks for sharing your favorites  I’ve been looking for a cute bed too and that one is PERFECT!

    Some of my favorites:
    Crocodile Clips for your hair. You get so many for the price:
    Over-the-cabinet-door organizer for your blow dryer and brushes. So nice having it all in one spot:
    Plant-based electrolyte hydrator powder (I have it on subscribe & save). Tastes so good and much better (and cheaper!) than plastic Gatorade bottles:
    This cat (or small dog) carrier. It’s amazing! My cat destroys carriers and this is the first one that he hasn’t but doesn’t take up a lot of room. It’s collapsible and super easy to store:
    Goodwipes are my new obsession. They are perfect for in your gym bag (or purse!) to freshen up with. Another item on my subscribe & save because I use them often:
    Wake-up Light. I got this for Christmas and I love it! It stimulates the sun rising so you wake-up in a more natural manner:
    These leggings! They are super high-waisted and thick! You get two pairs for $40 and they come in so many colors:

  8. Okay yes love this post!! Bookmarking everything 🙂

    My favorite Amazon buys —

    This leave-in conditioner and shine serum. I have literally been using it since I was a kid and swear by it. Keeps my hair so soft and shiny:

    This primer and SPF that doesn’t break you out:

    This rose water toner:

    These no-show socks for sneakers:

    This is the best corkscrew. I buy for everyone as a little housewarming present along with a bottle of wine:

    And lastly this at-home dry cleaning kit that dry cleans in your dryer:

  9. Loving this random list – Amazon is truly the best because you can find just about anything and you truly can’t beat never having to leave the house and having it delivered in two days!

    I’ve always dreamt of having bistro lights light that, but it just has never worked (or we haven’t made it work) in any of our apartments up to this point. But every time we got to an open house, Matt always checks out the backyard area and points out to me where we could hang them – it’s actually really sweet now that I write it out!

    For sure my best Amazon purchases of the past year or so have been the book Womancode by Alissa Vitti (I talk anyone and everyone’s ear off about this – it’s so profound and I 100% credit it with us getting pregnant this time around!), a heart monitor/doppler so we can listen to baby’s heartbeat for some peace of mind, and going off-theme a Yeti-dupe tumbler that I keep on my desk at work. Seriously keeps my water so cold, holds so much, and I drink so much more water with it! Best $12.99 I could spend.

    xo MK

  10. You have no idea how much I needed this post! I’m constantly using my pairing knives to punch holes in shoes, belts, all the things. That device is in my cart as we speak along with some of these other goodies. Cheap trendy sunglasses are my favorite Amazon purchases, especially if I’ll be using them for outdoorsy activities or if I’m unsure if it’s worth splurging on a certain style. Either way, I don’t feel bad if something happens to them.


  11. LOVED this post! I love Amazon and its always so interesting to hear all un-glamorous things people use to make their lives easier. I really liked the long explanations too, but I’m a nerd and just love reading in general. Thank you for this!

  12. this is an amazing post – would love to see “favorite kitchen gadgets, favorite household products, travel must-haves”. Great ideas!! Thanks so much!

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