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I’m finally back in San Francisco after spending two weeks in the South – making my way through all the charming towns visiting some of my favorite people.  I was scheduled to be home yesterday, but after waiting in the small regional airport I fly out of in my hometown, my original flight had other plans… so I ended up bumping my flight to today.  God’s way of telling me it wasn’t yet time to return to my regular life, I suppose!?

I have been sharing photos along the way on my Instagram, but I thought it would be fun to have a little roundup on the blog.  The last time I spent this much time in the South was a few years ago and I shared this post and this post (other Southern visits here and here). So we’re bringing a winter version today!  Truth be told, the South really shows its full beauty in spring, summer and fall, but I still thought some of this historic homes downtown were still a sight to be seen at any time of year.

You can also find these outfits linked in the “shop my Instagram” page linked at the top of this site, or I’m linking the details below each photo.  These photos were taken in Birmingham, Alabama and Tupelo, Columbus and Oxford, Mississippi.

You can find some additional photos from my trip to the South here, and of course, mom’s salad from Monday (my favorite)!

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And there you have it… two weeks that certainly didn’t feel long enough but all the reason to come back in the spring!  I wanted to do a video this time but honestly, I was enjoying myself too much. Ha!  But if I come back in the beautiful spring it would be so fun to put together a video for you guys!

Are you a West Coaster or Southerner? Or neither? I would love to know where you’re from and where you live now.  I am so grateful for our California experience for many reasons, and one of them is because I now appreciate where I grew up in a way I never would had I not had the opportunity to live somewhere else.

Thanks so much for reading, and have a beautiful weekend!

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18 thoughts on “Tour de South 2019

  1. I’m originally from Birmingham! (My husband graduated from Mountain Brook and his fam still lives there)! We’ve also lived in NYC and Portland, OR! Now we’re in Atlanta!

  2. Mississippi girl through and through over here! Glad you had such a great visit back home! I do heart the west coast though. Such a different brand of natural beauty out there! We are going to San Fran for family vacay in June so maybe we will bump into each other! 😉 I’ll be on the lookout!!

    Always love reading your blog, pretty friend!!

  3. I lived in SoCal for a few years and in the South. They actually really remind me a lot of each other, except for the humidity and Southern hospitality. There really is no place like the South or California, so I feel very lucky to experience both!

  4. Hi, Kathleen! I’m a Mississippi transplant like you—I married an aviator in the Navy and we move every couple of years. I’m from Southaven originally (also went to Ole Miss) and am now living life on a tiny island in Washington state, about 80 miles north of Seattle. The west coast/PNW has been a different ball game for sure!

  5. I now live in Asheville, North Carolina a but moved here from Houston where I experienced the same feelings that you did when moving to San Francisco so I felt you, on a real deep level. My issue was more nothing stays open late here which has been hard for this night owl! Love those boots, btw!

  6. I was born in NOLA and raised outside of LR, AR, so I appreciate a fellow southern kindred spirit! My bf is from Monterrey, CA, and we might end up on the West Coast one day- so I love to see how you blend your southern roots with your CA flair!

    Love your posts so much! xx

  7. Welcome back Kathleen! I am so glad to hear that you had a good time. Vacations are best but even better with family. You have the cutest clothes and love love love your Chanel bag! I hope you are adjusting well back home and happy Friday! Oh and I am from California. West Coast, represent! Hehe 🙂

    Maureen |

  8. Hey doll! As always I love seeing all your things!! I’m originally from Erie PA where it’s shitty and cold and dreary hahaha but have lived in Huntersville NC (about 1/2 hr.. on a good day north of Charlotte) for about 12 years now and LOVE it! Hardly ever snows and the sun shines..unlike PA! I’ll be visiting San Fran for the first time in Sept and am super sad that ya’ll are leaving for somewhere else in July (I think) I was hoping to run into you but I’ll be too late..insert sad face. Have a great weekend and glad you had such a great time visiting the south and finally made it back to you Barnez and the fur babies!

  9. Loved seeing you back home enjoying yourself. Brought back fun memories of working together before your marriage and big move to California, you are still beautiful and make MS proud

  10. I’m a southern through and through. I was born in VA and then moved down to Florida when I was 8. I’ve nevr been to the west coast. I’ve always secretly wanted to live in a small town in like Mississippi or Alabama haha

    So glad you had a great time!

  11. I grew up in Mountain Brook so I loved that you were there 🙂 I hope your sister loves living there.

  12. Chicago gal since day one, and my husband and I live here now! We do love the south, we can definitely see ourselves moving to TX someday! Love the post!

  13. I am also from the South (FL & NC) and currently living on the west coast (Seattle). For a long time I just wanted to move back but have finally learned how to appreciate wherever I am living. Love your outfits!

  14. I love this post! All the homes look so charming and your outfits were incredible. I’m from NYC, something I definitely took for granted until I left for college and now that I’m back, I appreciate it so much more. I’ve always wanted to visit CA but never have but feel like I would love it and I always have dreams of settling down in the south because it always looks so charming.

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