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What brand of treadmill do you have?


Microblading update. Have you gone back for the touch-up?

It was supposed to be tomorrow but we had to postpone it to April.  Hoping I will be able to go!

Does being an influencer change friendships you had before?  My friend is an influencer and it’s different now.

I don’t feel it has… but that is from the influencer perspective.  I have the same friends from childhood as well as college.  In fact… I had a virtual happy hour with college friends last night!  I’m honestly thinking why on EARTH we aren’t having more virtual happy hours with our long-distance friends!?

What’s one of your favorite early memory of dating Christian?

He always opened my car door, pulled out my chair and has the best table manners.  Still does!

What’s your favorite alcoholic drink?

Pinot Noir, Syrah or Sauvignon Blanc.  My friend in town has also gotten us on tequila on ice (Casa Dragones if you’re able to splurge, Casamigos Blanco is a great price point) with 1-2 limes.

Please share your secrets – how you are already back in amazing shape after Hudson!?

I am not in amazing shape, trust me!  I exercised and tried to eat well during my pregnancy.  I still gained more weight than I thought I would, but wasn’t going to get caught up in it.

I didn’t cut back or push myself during that “fourth trimester” while I was still breastfeeding.  I was still working, Hudson was colicky, I didn’t enjoy breastfeeding (more on that here)… I had enough on my plate.  I wanted to give my body three months to just rest and recover before putting any kind of pressure on myself.

At 12 weeks postpartum I weighed myself and was 10-12 lbs above my pre-baby weight.  So I started writing down what I was eating and really being accountable.  Hudson is now a little over 4 months and I’m 6 lbs above my pre-baby weight.

I eat a lot of fruits and vegetables (including potatoes!), brown rice, salads, eggs and beans.  Tragically I have cut a good amount of carbs but will have popcorn, open faced sandwiches or an egg-in-a-hole when I need a carb fix.

It will come off… eventually!

Any postpartum things happening that you didn’t expect?

If anything, I’m shocked my stomach has returned (mostly) to it’s previous size.  When I was 9 months pregnant I thought, “goodbye belly button.  I guess I’ll never see you again.”

I’ve heard resuming your cycle can be intense but after a year of not having it, I didn’t find it to be anything other than the usual.

My postpartum recovery was minimal this time around.  We’ll see if I get as lucky next time!

At home workouts?

I’ve got two posts for you here and here!

Is Christian still working during the quarantine?  Are you nervous about it at all?

Yes he is.  No, I’m not nervous.  We feel lucky that our jobs have continued throughout this pandemic, and it’s important to Christian to prioritize his patients health along with the overall public and his own.

It’s difficult but necessary.  And things are changing day by day, so we are just taking it one day at a time.

What does Christian think of the drive thru and curbside pick-up?  Is it safe?

He said, “it’s safer.”  It’s only as safe as the place you’re picking it up from.  In his opinion, limiting all interactions as much as possible is the safest scenario.

Is Karen concerned about Coronavirus?

She wasn’t at first.  Now I think she’s a little freaked out.  But she is happy to stay locked in her house sans “gradeau.”  In fact, she was recently telling me how she disinfects her steering wheel and car handles after going to the grocery.  She’s apparently been doing this for years.

She’s also considering asking my dad to sleep upstairs because he’s a physician and still working.

I’m not joking.

How are you staying motivated to maintain your business right now?

I’ve always been a self-motivated person and I’ve worked from home for almost five years.  With that in mind, my day-to-day isn’t drastically different other than I don’t have childcare and zero social obligations so I have more time to split between work and baby.

CBL has been an income source for our family for many years, and I don’t take that position lightly.  We own a home.  We just had a baby.  That is my motivation to work hard!

Can you post the toy bar attachment again?

Yes!  You can find it here and it’s also saved in the “CBL Bebe” stories on Instagram.  We mostly use it on this bouncer.

Can you share anything that worked with colic?

I debated sharing a post on this but have stalled because if I’m being honest… I don’t know how encouraging it would be.  We tried everything.  Gerber Soothe Probiotics helped a little bit, but it really just took time and a LOT of patience.

Know when you need a break.  Tap out and let your partner tap in.  Talk openly with your pediatrician.  And don’t feel guilty for hiring a babysitter or someone to help and give you a few hours or afternoons of relief.

In Hudson’s case, it lasted 9 weeks.  Then week 11 came along and he was a gem.  It was nothing I had done, he just outgrew it just like our pediatrician said he would.  I had stopped breastfeeding by then, the colic was fading and I was finally really able to bond with him.

How did you know it was colic for Hudson’s fussiness?

I talked openly with our pediatrician.  He gave lots of great suggestions, we tried them all and pretty much nothing worked.  He is part pediatrician and part therapist (joking), but he was essential in my sanity.  And now Hudson has outgrown it and is doing all the things our doctor said he would.  Colic is temporary.  When you have overcome it (and you will!), it will quickly become a distant nightmare!

If you haven’t had a colicky child, this may sound dramatic.  If you have had a colicky child, you feel me on this one.

kick flare denim

What formula is Hudson on?

I’ve chosen not to share this only because it’s really most important to see what formula is going to work best for your baby.  I am not an expert by any means!

We tried four or five different formulas before finding one that worked for everyone, but we continued to talk openly to our pediatrician who gave us some samples.  Those samples were really helpful in the process of narrowing it down.

What is Hudson’s feeding/napping/sleep training schedule?

We mostly follow Taking Cara Babies and Moms on Call.  Every baby is different – do whatever works for you!

Do you like your Miku baby monitor?

Yes!  I love that we don’t have to carry around a monitor and our cell phones, it’s just an app on the phone.

We did have a snafu with it stopping working, and after several troubleshooting calls with Miku they exchanged it.  But other than that, it’s been very convenient.

Can you please list more baby essentials for new moms?

I shared this post but I don’t have more because you really don’t need that much stuff.  Babies need breastmilk or formula, diapers and wipes, bottles, some clothes and bath items and a lot of affection/physical touch.  Don’t feel like you have to buy a ton of stuff.

What’s your honest opinion about lab diamond engagement rings?  Would you have wanted one?

I have a blog post about lab diamonds here.  I think for earrings, bracelets, necklaces, bands and so on it can be a great option if you’re cost-conscious.  I don’t know that I would have preferred a lab diamond engagement ring, but they are conflict-free and environmentally friendly which is amazing.

But seriously – who cares what anyone thinks.  It’s your ring.  Whatever makes you happy is the right choice.

What earrings are you wearing?

I have six ear piercings (look away, mom!) and shared some of my tiny earring favorites here.

Luxury purchases you regret?

I actually shared a post on my most and least worn luxury accessories here!

Trends you’re loving and not loving?

Loving: matching sweatsuits and jogger ensembles.

Not Loving:  Dad shoes, biker shorts, 90’s vibes.

What is your favorite boyfriend denim?

Always Levi’s.  If they’re 100% cotton I size up one size.  If they have some stretch I order my usual size (27).

Love these, these and these!

How tall are you?


Holy grail hair products you can’t and shan’t live without?

Moroccan Oil, Mason Pearson brush, Oribe Texturizing Spray

How did you use the PMD to get rid of the bumps on your arms?

I used the body attachment and just followed the instructions that come with the device. There is also a video tutorial on their YouTube ChannelThis device is great too!

Do you use any organic/aluminum-free deodorant?

I am a longtime Cashmere Mist wearer.  But it does have aluminum in it.

I have tried so many natural deodorants and honestly hated them all.  They were sticky, didn’t work well and one gave me an armpit rash.  Necessaire makes a Eucalyptus aluminum-free cream deodorant and it is truly the only one I’ve liked.  It’s really good!

What’s your go-to tinted moisturizer?

Right now I really like AmorePacific – hoping it will be restocked!  I also really love Urban Decay’s One and Done.

What are you using as a Botox alternative with the quarantine?

I haven’t had Botox since 2018.  I keep meaning to get some and then I forget.  So I guess just hydrating and taking care of my skin!  My tip top picks here.

Can you share how you keep your house so clean?  Any schedule or tips?

I have two amazing women who come and help clean 2x a month.  We have a Roomba that’s on a timer and runs every day at 9AM.  I also have always been the person with a clean room.  I truly have no memory of my parents telling me to clean my room.  I function in an “outer order, inner calm” mentality.  I am uninspired in a messy home!

Can we see a before and after of the exterior of your house?

I’ve chosen not to share street shots for privacy reasons, but I have shared some up-close angles on insta-stories (saved in the “GA Home” saved stories).  It’s a pretty dramatic difference just in painting the brick, shutters, revamping the front sidewalk, etc.  We want to plant a few shrubs and monkey grass things in the front yard before it will feel “complete.”

Then… onto the last big home project: remodeling the bathrooms.  Nervous about that!

If you were to have your choice of 1) clothing line with your name or 2) a talk show, which would you choose?

Oh my gosh this is hilarious!  A clothing line.  Only because I could do it more from home and most likely be able to spend more time with the family.

Not a question, but you should totally just show up with a cat and see how long it takes C to notice.

I WISH.  I would love to foster a cat, but Christian is not (currently) on board.  I can’t do it behind his back because if he showed up with another large, shedding dog I would lose my mind!  I love Bailey so much, but the dog hair is… a lot of maintenance.  She’s almost 13 and I would do anything for her, but I can’t do another retriever.  LOVE their personalities but the hair and size is a lot for a mostly indoor pet.

No question! Just love how much your life has changed in the past year.  So much happy!

I love you.  Thank you.  We are so happy and grateful.  You can’t really appreciate the highs unless you’ve lived through some lows!

Thank you so much for checking in and reading this novel!  You can find all previous month’s Q&A’s in the “personal” category as well as by searching “Q&A” on this site.

Appreciate you for stopping by – XO –

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  1. Great post! Your honestly is what makes you so unique! I’m so glad you mentioned Karen I was wondering how she was doing! ❤️

  2. Couldn’t agree more with what the last person said! It’s been so encouraging to see you really flourish since your move! I know we only see a small portion of your life and only how you choose to portray it via digital, but there’s no denying the glow you’ve got now and how genuinely happy you seem! Incredibly happy for y’all.

    xo Mary-Katherine

  3. Can you please share more information on painting the exterior brick? Yours looks fabulous! Any tips? We have been considering this project but unsure if it’s project job or best to hire a professional. We do so much for ourselves around the house but brick painting is a new one.

    1. We hired a local company and they handled the exterior paint in addition to redesigning the sidewalk. So I don’t have any DIY info unfortunately!

  4. Oh the dog! My husband and I had a German Shepard who was just a total gem, but he’s been gone for 6 years and I swear, I’m still finding his hair in forgotten corners. NEVER again!

  5. Wow, it is striking how much Hudson looks like his daddy in those pictures! So very sweet. Great Q & A post, thank you. Your content is and always has been excellent, thank you.

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