Last week I shared some of my favorite looks for NYE from the past year of outfits on CBL, so rather than share another “Best of 2016” like last year’s Best of 2015, I wanted to share some of the posts I enjoyed creating the most. 16 for 2016! So you know we have to kick it off with some closet faves…


black caviar chanel jumbo

Shopping Vintage Designer Bags

nyfw street style

Pleated Black Leather Skirt

morning lavender boutique

CBL x Morning Lavender Collection (Part I & Part II)

newport beach pier

Modcloth Swim

carrie bradshaw lied blog

Easy Layers

carrie bradshaw lied

Pink Maxi Dress

carrie bradshaw lied blog

The Perfect Camel Wrap Coat


world market china cabinet

Modern China Cabinet

carrie bradshaw lied home

Living Room Makeover


best beaches of Kauai

Kauai (Part I & Part II)

guide to geneva switzerland

Switzerland (Part I & Part II)

guide to London

CBL Guide to London


Whole30 review

Whole30 Review – Week One | Week Two | Week Three | Week Four


microblading eyebrows

The Scoop on Microblading


edith pierce williams


carrie bradshaw lied

Four Years

I’m always looking to expand into other categories than fashion (all categories listed at the top of this page!), and I’ve found that the home, travel, food and personal posts are some of my favorite to write.  I want to be sure I’m creating content that interests you guys and makes it worth taking the time to visit. I know there are so many blogs out there now, so it means a lot to me that you take the time to visit CBL.

If there is any area of CBL you would like to see more of from these categories or any specific posts you’d love to see, I’d love your feedback! I had a reader message me she would love to see my favorite healthy recipes, so I’m going to be working on that post soon.

You are the reason this blog is my full-time gig now, so it’s incredibly important to me that you find this content relevant and helpful. Thank you so much for your support, kindness and feedback. I am so excited to start this year with fresh ideas and hopefully more of what you want to see!

Thanks so much for reading, and of course if you want to talk resolutions (mine are in Monday’s post), I’d love to hear that too! XO –

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25 thoughts on “16 Favorite Posts of 2016

  1. I love how you come across as so real and sassy and my favourite posts are the ones where that shines through (hello real housewives and wine on the couch). I would love to see more personal and lifestyle content.

    1. I love that. Thank you for the feedback – I definitely want to try to create more personal & lifestyle content!

  2. I absolutely loved this post and I like that travel, home, food and personal posts are your favorite to write because I love to read those☺️ I can’t wait to see what you’ll write about for 2017?

  3. It’s so fun looking back on the year – I’m working on a similar post (favorites of 2016) and I love that our blogs allow us to look back on the year through pictures and words!! I love your home posts! Would love to see more food posts as well! XO –

    Anna |

  4. Fitness, fitness, fitness!!! I personally use the Sweat with Kayla app, as I have found it to be the most easily attainable, and the Insta-community she has created is amazing 🙂 Of course, I’d love to hear what works for you and your schedule! Maybe also some videos…I love watching your Insta stories…you and C’s relationship reminds me a lot of mine and my husband’s…haha! Keep up the great work, and I can’t wait to see what you come up with 🙂 xo, S

  5. These were great recaps Kat! It’s amazing you were able to narrow it down to ONLY 16 with such awesome and beautiful posts and content throughout the year! With you being my favorite blogger and inspiration, I can only hope to have a sliver of the great year you’ve had! Thanks and keep up the good work!

  6. I always love all of your posts! Food, fitness, travel, decorating, beauty, maybe trying new fitness things like Yoga, Barre, Hiit classes, Spin?… any of these would be fun, but I love your fashion blogs the most! Looking back at these makes me long for summer again (and I’m in AZ, so I really shouldn’t! LOVE that heat!)
    Thank you for putting out such great content and always wanting to know our opinions. You are so genuine and inspiring!
    Happy 2017!

    1. I wish I was more educated on fitness than I am – but I love your suggestions! Appreciate you Angela and I’m so thankful for your love and support!

  7. Definitely agree with the suggestion for a healthy recipes post! I remember when you were still at UD and would share on Snapchat your meals and I was like “how does this girl work such long hours + a commute and still have time to make these homecooked amazing meals?!” so I’d love to know your tricks for quick healthy meals!

    Other than that, keep up the great work love!!

    1. Oh goodness – I think it’s the Southern woman in me! I love all the food feedback – thank you MK!

  8. Kathleen, I love your blog and have been a longtime reader. I also follow you on snapchat and instagram. I’d love to hear more about your laser hair removal. Painful? Worth it? The process?

  9. LOVE your blog and getting to see your adventures! As someone about to graduate college I would love to see something about building a working wardrobe on a budget and maybe interview clothing. And if you are back in Mississippi this spring we would love for you to come visit us at the Chi O house at Ole Miss!

  10. These were some of my favorites too! You should be so proud of what you accomplished this year! I love you and your blog – your real ness is what keeps me coming back and I think you have a great mix of content going! Living on Guam with my husband who is in the Navy, your blog keeps me connected to my old/normal life! Xoxo Ryan

    1. You have no idea how happy your sweet comment made me! And of course, a huge thank you to you and your husband for your service. We are so lucky to have brave men like him!

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