ivory cape sweater

On Monday I shared an office-friendly look for third trimester girls, but today we are taking that one step further.  Chic, professional clothes that also travel well.  

If you have ever had to travel for work, either by car or plane, you know that time is of the essence.  Often times you’re in a meeting within an hour or two of when you arrive, so you need to look professional but still feel comfortable for the long day ahead.

This is where M.M. LaFleur shines!  The entire concept behind this brand is to “take the work out of dressing for work.”  They have an extensive collection of dresses, tops, suits, knitwear, shoes, jewelry… if you’re on the hunt for professional, polished and stylish workwear – this is the spot, head-to-toe.

They also have a packable suit line that is machine washable, which is amazing for the gals who need to travel with suits!

faux leather leggingspython handbagcrocodile loafersmm lafleur loafersmm lafleur sweaterrebecca minkoff edie bagblack and white sweaterspanx maternity leggingsthird trimester office style

photos by Christian Barnes

shawl cape, also love this one | pullover  sweater, also love this one and this one | loafers (run TTS), love these boots and these | leggings | handbag | sunglasses | gold rings | middle finger ring

I think this cape is the perfect travel piece that can be thrown on with leggings or jeans to keep warm, extra snuggly in the cashmere version.  Yes please!

Thanks so much for reading – XO 

brought to you by M.M. LaFleur

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topshop oversized shirt

This week I’m excited to bring two different looks that I think would totally work for third trimester girls at the office.

I worked in a corporate office for over five years after school, so I hear you on trying to stay stylish and confident while abiding by a dress code.  I always try to throw in some styled looks to inspire those of you in this boat!  You can find some more office-friendly looks here, here and here.

I absolutely love this oversized shirt.  I think it would look so fab dressed down with faux leather leggings and loafers or belted with a midi skirt and heels to the office.  Topshop at Nordstrom has so many great, affordable pieces for fall that you can add to your closet without the guilt of splurging too hard.  I’m sharing some of my favorite Topshop picks below!

styling the bump for the officewhite menswear shirtprada cahier bagblack nudist heelthird trimester stylestyling menswearstuart weitzman nudistleopard prada cahier bagblack slip skirt8 months pregnant style

photos by Christian Barnes

top (runs very big, size down), also love this one and this sweater | skirt (sold out), similar style here and here, and love this one | love this bag and this one | love this belt and this belt

I’d love to hear if pregnancy style or pregnancy office style is helpful to any of you or if this is not as relatable of a topic?  I have managed to stay away from maternity clothes for 31 weeks of pregnancy other than a skirt, some jeans and leggings.  I’ve loved being able to make regular pieces work that I can hopefully enjoy after pregnancy too!

Thanks so much for reading – XO –

brought to you by Nordstrom

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black eames chair

When we moved to Georgia in July, I was pleasantly surprised how mild the weather felt.  Maybe it wouldn’t be as hot as we had imagined!

And then September began.  Oh em gee it has been a scorcher this month.  But it’s mid-September, and if you’re anything like me, you’re over sundresses and cutoffs.  Ok I know I don’t fit into any cutoffs right now… but you probably do so kudos to you.

SO, after seeing how much you guys gravitated toward this post last week, I wanted to style some transitional fall looks for you guys with some of Rebecca Minkoff‘s fall collection (insert heart eyes).

This slip skirt comes in multiple patterns (linked below), and for daytime I love it with a sleek bodysuit and sneakers.  If you wanted it to be dressed up you could just add sleek black ankle booties!  Definitely brings more fall vibes than sandals and sundresses.

rebecca minkoff davis skirtseven months pregnant

skirt (I sized up one size for the bump), also love this one and this one | similar bodysuit and love this one | sneakers | index finger ring | middle finger ring

And then of course for night…

cream sweater dresspython handbagstuart weitzman otk bootedie python baggal meets glam sweater dressseven months pregnant styleblack stuart weitzman bootsthird trimester style

photos by Christian Barnes

bag, also love this one and this one | dress | similar boots here and here

Don’t even get me started on this python bag.  Python and leopard anything are my weakness – I can’t get enough!  This bag comes in many patterns, but I can’t deny the python is totally my favorite.

AND Rebecca Minkoff is having a tiered sale right now where if you spend $150+, you get 15% off with the code GET15, $250+ gets 25% off with code GET25 and $500+ gets 35% off with code GET35.

The sweater dress is definitely for night time as it’s a little warmer than the slip skirt and sneakers, but keep your dresses tights-free to be a little bit breezier!

What are you incorporating into your wardrobe right not to add a splash of autumn?  I’d love to hear your favorite looks!  Thank you so much for reading and sharing – XO –

brought to you by Rebecca Minkoff

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amazon fall picks

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18 | 19 | 20

I loved hearing your own Amazon picks when I shared this post and this post, so I thought I would have a refresher with some of my most recent buys and wish list items!

These hangers were bought for baby Barnes and every time I open his closet it makes me happy.

I can’t WAIT for this pillow to come in as I’ve heard such great things!

We also just got this fancy steamer in and am so excited.  I’ve used this one forever but I knew once I had more space I wanted to get a legit big steamer.

We have this bird feeder in our backyard and I love watching the birdies visit from the kitchen window!

I added this pot colander to my life in San Francisco and love not having to clean an extra colander when I cook pasta.

Christian wanted an indoor doormat by our backyard door because its our most traveled path.  I wasn’t willing to sacrifice decor but loved the way this one looks with our existing interior.

I put this light fixture in our powder bath and love love it.

These slippers add a little bit of fun to my mornings and nights!

This pizza stone was a gift for my birthday after our last one broke, and while heavy it’s made some great pizzas so far.

This ice roller is on my wish list along with this champagne/white wine chiller.

I have metal and glass straws but just recently bought these silicone ones and they are my favorite by a landslide.  Between the silicone straws and this tumbler, I know I’m drinking so much more water because of them.  I wish I had bought them sooner!

We were waiting to buy this vacuum once we moved, and I’ve loved how much lighter weight it is.  We’re now leaving our bulkier one upstairs and using this exclusively downstairs which is so nice.

And that’s what’s on my list lately!  Would love to hear your favorite Amazon buys as of late!  Thanks so much for reading – XO –

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zebra hide rug

dress, also love this one (on sale) and this one | similar mules here and here | necklace 1, 2 | rug c/o Summerhouse, similar style here

I was a slacker in August due to our travels, but I’m back at it with our monthly Q&A!  For all the Q&A’s up to this point, just search “Q&A” in the search bar and four posts should come up.

Any maternity jean recommendations?

So I have not ventured into much maternity clothing at (almost) 30 weeks pregnant, but I do have and love these maternity spanx, these jeans and these leggings + jeans.  I really like them!

I’ve read to order your usual size in maternity clothing, and that’s what I’ve done.  It hasn’t led me astray yet!

Baby bag picks?

For now I bought this insert and hope to use it in my Goyard or Louis Vuitton Neverfull and see how that works out.

What are you registering for?

I didn’t make a registry until last week and I only put some really practical things on it.  We do have our nursery items, stroller, car seat and bassinet chosen and ordered so now we just need the little things (swaddles, bottles, diapers, wipes, etc.) that we are working on in the upcoming weeks!

I’ve had people recemmoned Lucie’s List to me.  It might be helpful to those of you trying to compile your own registry.

Any morning sickness first trimester?

I talked all about the first trimester, how I was feeling, symptoms, etc. in this post and video!

Sum of it: I was really fortunate to feel great and did not struggle with morning sickness.

What’s your nursery theme?

Super neutral with a few pops of “boy” in art and the rug.  We are hoping our nursery will remain the nursery for all of our babies and therefore want the majority of it to work for any gender.

What baby books have you read so far?

I bought Expecting Better and have read about 30 pages.  Not because it’s not great, but because we have been so busy during this pregnancy!  I also intent to purchase Moms On Call after receiving so much positive feedback about it.

I’m not stressed about reading all the books and having all the things before he is here.  I want to enjoy how mellow this pregnancy has been, and enjoy the time I have left in our quiet house just C + myself and the pets.

I know when he is here that maternal instincts will kick in and we will figure it out one day at a time!

Do you have a birth plan?

My birth plan is to have the baby as peacefully as possible with the help of an epidural and doctors and nurses.  I will do whatever they tell me to do!  And I’m really thankful to have Dr. Barnes by my side.  As well as Dr. Williams, another Dr. Williams and Dr. Adcock (and he’s a pediatrician!) a phone call away should we need them.

I will admit it makes me feel so much more relaxed as I know we have so many doctors in the family who will double check things for us in the instance we needed them to.

Where would you look for dresses for engagement photos?

It’s been a long time since I was an engaged gal but I’d recommend sorting by color at Nordstrom, Revolve, Bloomingdale’s, Shopbop, Neiman Marcus, ASOS and Rent the Runway.

And best wishes! 🙂

What’s a quote you live by?

“Use what talents you possess; the woods would be very silent if no birds sang there except those that sang best.”  Henry Van Dyke

What is something you do everyday that you think helps you be a better person?

WOW!  What a great question!  I try to keep up with a gratitude journal or sharing 3 peaks of every day over dinner with Christian.  Practicing an attitude of gratitude helps me to be a more understanding, patient and appreciative person.

I’d love to hear what you guys do!  This is such an inspiring question, right?

How did you train Bailey not to get on your furniture?

Christian started this when she was a puppy, and through disciplining her at a young age she learned that she isn’t allowed on furniture, upstairs, in or outside without being invited.  She waits for the correct command before making her move.  When you have an 85 lb. dog living in the house, they have to be disciplined.  We remind her that this is our house and Bailey and Lula live in it.  Not the other way around!

Favorite budget-friendly handbag brand?

PoleneRebecca MinkoffZac Zac PosenGigi New YorkLeatherologyParker Thatch.

What’s your home inspo?  When will we get a full house tour?

We are in our first home that really feels like an “adult” home, so I have been intentional to style it and fill it with grown-up pieces that are both beautiful and functional.

A full house tour may not come for quite a while because there are a lot more rooms in this house than we’ve ever had before (!!), but I do plan on revealing room by room in both photos and video as they are complete.

So far the closet has been shared here, and I think the breakfast room, den, nursery and dining room will be revealed in 2019.  Living room, guest bedrooms, office and master bedroom will hopefully be coming in 2020!

Do you ever feel resentful you put your career on hold to go with Christian for his job/school?

I actually feel really fortunate because I’ve never really felt this way.  Have we put other life goals and decisions on hold for his career?  Definitely.  But not neccessarily my career.

Every move was actually a positive change for my ambitions.  Moving from Mississippi to California changed the entire trejectory of my path for the better.  San Francisco was tough, but it was a time to open up more and connect with so many of you about struggles, therapy, and getting through challenges.

And now we are in Georgia in our first real “home,” and I’m able to really settle in and take on decor and renovation projects I’ve dreamt of for years.  We have really been blessed to always be able to reach for the stars while still supporting each other’s dreams.  And I know not to take that for granted!

How has your relationship changed since Christian is done with med school/residency/fellowship?

It’s amazing.  Everything people say is true – life on the other side is a dream!  He is home everyday by 6PM.  He loves his office, coworkers and staff.  He is treated with respect and he respects them.  He feels appreciated, rested and excited about his job and that happiness pours into our relationship and home.

It’s night and day.  If you’re in medical training or your s/o is, what those ahead of you say is true:  IT GETS SO MUCH BETTER.  Your life will completely change for the better in time!

Is it an odd feeling to know you’re done moving constantly and can establish roots?

It’s really the best feeling.  I’ve never been someone who enjoys constant change, and I’ve looked forward to this moment since we graduated college!  We have both worked so hard to get to the place we are now, and we are so thankful… and relieved.  So, so appreciative to be on the other side after so many years of the grind.

cognac mules

Thank you so much to everyone who submitted a question for this month’s Q&A!  You can check out March here, April here, May here and July here.

A fun video is coming tomorrow to this blog, so I hope you guys will come back and check it out!  Thanks so much for reading – XO –

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paris guide

I’ve shared blog posts from our August visit to Budapest, Vienna and Geneva, but Paris has taken me a little big longer and I apologize!

I have a much more comprehensive Paris Guide from a trip a few years ago, so while I’ll be sharing details of our trip, I also want to share some overall babymoon + Europe tips!


Hotel Regina Louvre | Christian picked this hotel because it was his first visit to Paris and he wanted a view of the Eiffel Tower from our room.  This was my third visit, but I’ve never been able to see the Eiffel from the room, so it was really special to have one of these little corner suites!

The location was fantastic, the room was beautiful (very Paris chic!), and the European buffet breakfast each morning was one of our favorites.  However I will share that for the high price tag, the bathroom was pretty outdated, the wifi was terrible and the mattress was extremely firm.  We were exhausted from walking 8+ miles everyday and Christian prefers a firm mattress anyway, so we passed out regardless.  BUT if you are a delicate sleeper or soft bedding person – it might be a dealbreaker!

Because I was still working during our two weeks in Europe, the incredibly slow wifi was really challenging.  I was still on email and had deadlines throughout the time we were there, so if you need the Internet and can’t completely disconnect… this is definitely something to note.


Girafe | This was a recommendation from you guys and did it deliver!  Definitely the most memorable and special meal of our time in Paris.  We took the Eiffel Tower photos below and then walked over for dinner (Tony Hawk was also there).  We had dinner, watched the sun go down and then saw the lights on the tower light up and sparkle… it was magical.  Plus – the food was fabulous!

They only take reservations by phone (not email or online), so I’d recommend having your concierge call on your behalf.  Request a table outside!

Cafe Angelina | A Paris must.  We had lunch here and even Christian was impressed (he’s pretty particular #surgeon).  They take recommendations and I would suggest making one so you don’t have a long wait!  They also have a mini pop-up version closet to Jardin du Luxembourg which will have a much shorter wait.

Les Antiquaires | This restaurant has such great reviews, so we walked across the river and had our last meal here.  It was fabulous and really great service.  We sat outside under little heat lamps – it was darling.

chartreuse dresswhere to stay in parisfrench fries and chocolatewhite gigi ny belt baglevis denim jacket

dress, also love this one and this one | denim jacket | belt bag | sandals | neckerchief, also love this one and this one | similar earrings here | bangles | similar sunglasses here and here

paris blue doorsbasket bucket bagpalais royal

barrette | similar sunglasses here and here | similar tee | similar skirt | sandals | bag available here (25% off)

floral storefrontcashmere wrapeiffel towersix months pregnanteiffel towerred floral maxi dress

dress, also love this one, this one (50% off) and this one | similar earrings | lip in Control

angelinas hot chocolatewhat to do in parishm maxi dress

similar dress here and here | sandals | luggage (no longer available), but love this style | belt bag | necklace


Palais Royal | We actually had so much fun hopping around the little columns and a lot of laughs.  Such an easy pop-in I always visit!

Jardin du Luxembourg | This was one of Christian’s favorite stops!  Such a gorgeous garden to stroll through, take a seat by the fountain and rest your legs.  Absolutely beautiful.

The Louvre | Ok… I have a lot of feelings about this experience.  I shared it on stories, but I’ve been to the Louvre twice before and had a lovely experience.  This experience!?  A 180.  It was hot, they significantly oversell tickets to the museum, and the staff was alarmingly rude, herding sightseeing guests like we were farm animals.  We even paid extra for a fast pass situation and it was still a hot mess.  The line for the Mona Lisa?  A scene.  Then you get to see it with a group of about 30 before being physically escorted by staff.  It was bizarre.

At least a quarter, if not more, of the exhibits were closed.  There was hardly any staff around to ask questions.  Other than the luggage drama detailed below, this was the second most mindblowing experience of the trip.

It was my third and last visit to the Louvre.  I can say that my experiences at Musée de l’Orangerie and Musée d’Orsay were lovely.  And normal.

Shops along the Seine River + Markets | I always love doing this in Paris, you can find some of the sweetest little gems!  I purchased a map of Paris and some original Babar prints for our little boy at these shops.  I can’t wait to have them framed for his nursery.

Visiting the Eiffel Tower at Night | Once the sun has gone down, be sure to stay up to watch it twinkle for the five minutes on the hour  until 1AM!


Flight Drama | We had a dramatic flight journey to Europe that spanned 26 hours from Atlanta and included losing our checked luggage for four days.  We had carryon bags, but you can only fit so much in a carryon when you’re traveling for 14+ days.  So that curveball did eat some of our exploring time.  The only reason that we even got it back is because we relentlessly worked on getting it back via the steps below.

During this process, I learned a few things:

  1. Delta International is rough.  They have it together for domestic flights, but really, really fall behind when it comes to being helpful in the International arena.  They have tons of partners and just use the “it’s not in our control” as soon as things go offtrack.  Our luggage was only lost for as long as it was because it sat with the Delta luggage office in Boston for three days and no one over there would answer the phone.  Then they sent both our bags to us… via different flights and countries.  This is my third major snafu flying internationally with them.  Even being Delta Amex cardholders and having status within the airline, it didn’t help.  Let’s just say I’ve officially learned my lesson on flying internationally with Delta.
  2. Call, call, tweet, call, tweet.  Ultimately it’s not going to move along if you don’t stay on top of it.  We spent so much of our time in Budapest on the phone, but knew if we didn’t no one would.  I’ve heard of people losing their luggage for weeks upon weeks. 
  3. Save receipts.  They’ll reimburse the items you had to purchase because of your lost luggage up to $50-$100 per person per day.  It’s annoying that you have to spend your vacation time looking for underwear and toothpaste… but it is what it is.
  4. Use AirHelp.  I have yet to use this but I plan to!  You can claim compensation for a flight delay or cancellation and see what amount of money you might be able to get back.
  5. Take a photo of your suitcases before you check your bags.  I’ve had enough lost luggage to know to do this, and it’s extremely helpful when showing people what exactly your bag looked like when it was checked in!

I nearly cried when I saw our bags – not even joking! Being both pregnant and traveling for work, the thought of spending our babymoon time in Europe trying to replace everything we needed was daunting. I don’t even know what size I was at that time, six months pregnant.  I wanted to be comfortable and I had prepared all of these pieces that I knew were available and in stock to share with you guys… but alas, we got our bags.  We made the train to our next country by six minutes thanks to an incredible driver who literally guided us all the way to our train.  And we set off for some babymoon bliss. A completely different tone for the trip once I had my own undergarments, shoes, toiletries… you ladies know how it is!

Think about your feet. | I tried not to wear the exact same pair of shoes two days in a row, and it definitely made a difference.

Ask for a non-connecting room. | I almost always remember to ask for a non-connecting room at check-in, but ask for this!  You can always hear your neighbors when the room is connecting, and it’s so much quieter when it’s not.  Honestly, those rooms should be reserved for families or larger groups anyway!

Take advantage of the concierge. | When there is a language barrier, the concierge can help you.  Especially with dinner reservations!  It also helps if you’re splurging a little bit to stay at hotel that is going to have these kinds of connections.

GoogleMaps works without Wifi. | We actually got away without using an international data plan everyday because Christian figured out within the app you can download areas of the map.  Take advantage of this!

Europeans take summer seriously. | I’ve been to Europe in summer, fall and winter, and I forgot that Europeans don’t play when it comes to summering.  Shops are closed, some areas feel super quiet and desolate – they are outta there!  We just wandered and explored so it was fine.  However, if you are going to want to do some big shopping or have your heart set on all the little boutiques, just keep this in mind.

Check your credit cards for exchange fees. | We put pretty much everything on the same credit card because it didn’t have exchange rate fees.  Those little added charges for every transaction add up and fast.

Take advantage of the European breakfasts. | Our breakfasts were included at each hotel we stayed at.  And they were such great breakfasts, often our favorite meal of the whole day!  In my experience, a complimentary breaskfast is pretty standard at most Paris hotels.  We always had a big breakfast around 9/10AM, and would grab a snack in the afternoon before sitting down again for a meal in the evening.  We love great food, but when I’m traveling, I prefer to spend my time exploring vs. sitting at a restaurant for hours. We all know Europeans do take their time.  It can be so hard to chase down a server for the check because tipping isn’t standard there!

Of course, if you prefer to linger over meals – you do you.  Just a tip for those who get ants in their pants to get going… like we do.

I hope some of these tips helped with those of you planning trips to Paris or even a babymoon in Europe!  Again, I have more things listed in this Guide to Paris I shared a few years ago.  If you have any Paris favorites, I’d love to hear in the comments so everyone can enjoy them!  You can see all of our Europe travel posts and recommendations in the “travel” category of this blog.

Thank you so much for reading and sharing – XO –

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white belt bag

I snagged this dress from my Rent the Runway subscription and I won’t lie… I contemplated keeping it.  It is so cute bump or no bump, and I love the bright red color and it’s wrinkle-free which made it amazing for travel!

I’m linking some of my favorite pleated dress picks below, but I thought it was too fun not to highlight on its own after the Charleston City Guide I posted last week.  Pleated dresses are so forgiving, and they can be belted, layered, worn with sneakers, heels or sandals.  And I mean… everyone looks great in red in my book.  Literally everyone.

One of the dresses I linked below is this one because I think it would be so gorgeous for a wedding!

zero george hotelred pleated midi dressgigi new york belt bagbaublebar white earringswhite H sandalscharleston boutique hotelwhite belt bagzero george charleston

photos by Christian Barnes at Zero George 

dress (on sale), also love this one and this one and how gorgeous is this one!? | belt bag | similar sandals, also love these | sunglasses | similar earrings here and here

What are your thoughts on pleated dresses – yay or nay?

Thank you so much for reading! XO –

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black midi dress

Over the holiday weekend, I visited Charleston for the first time to not only explore the city everyone can’t stop talking about, but to also catch up with some of our nearest and dearest college friends.

I was so thankful for Rent the Runway because I wasn’t as prepared for the trip as I would have liked to have been.  So thankfully I was able to rent four dresses before we left and it was the majority of what I wore on the trip!

Below I’m breaking down where we stayed, some of our favorite meals and the activities we took part in over the long weekend.  If you have Charleston favorites, I would love to hear in the comments for future reference!


Zero George | I had seen photos on social media of this luxury boutique hotel, but when we checked in, I knew we were going to get the full Charleston experience.

They offer a complimentary European breakfast every morning (ham & cheese biscuits, baby quiche, croissants, cappuccinos…), complimentary wine & cheese every night and bikes at no charge to cruise the town.  We took advantage of all of these, in addition to the charming converted carriage houses that are decorated so immaculately… major Southern inspiration!

charleston hotelluxury boutique hotelcharleston sczero george hotelcharleston sc porchrope beltsquare straw handbag

dress | similar heels here and here | bag, also love this one

red maxi dressstraw handbagcharleston style

dress, also love this one, this one and this one | bag, also love this one | sandals | sunglasses | earrings – Tuckernuck (old), also love these and these

palm frawnbalconiessnakeskin maxi dresslaura mercier red lipstickpython maxi dresszero george charlestonsnakeskin dress

dress, also love this one and this one | similar heels here and here | bag, also available here | lipstick in Control | earrings – Tuckernuck (old), also love these

charleston shuttershomes of charlestoncharleston yachtingblue bicyclewhite retro sunglasses

dress (runs at least 2x bigger), also love this one and this one | similar sandals here and here | love these sunglasses | similar earrings | bag, also love this one


Charleston Grille | We had a beautiful dinner here with a group of seven and the service and food were fantastic.  They had a band playing, and it had a great ambiance!

Basic Kitchen | Had a gals lunch here and it appears to be a popular healthy but seriously delicious spot.  I had the Rainbow Bowl and it was amazing.   I practically licked the bowl clean.

Wild Common |  We had a prix fixe dinner here for four and it was tomato-themed for the end of summer and so fun!  Great service, delicious food and the head chef Orlando Pagan comes from San Francisco.  He has led the kitchen at State Bird Provisions, which was just down the street from us and incredible.

Cru Cafe | Had the best salad here and got a side of mac & cheese that made my whole day.

Camellia’s | Located inside The Bennett Hotel, this is an all-pink champagne bar that could not be more adorable.  Bonus points that they have a killer mocktail list and the Jam Session was my favorite mocktail all weekend, hands down!  They also serve afternoon tea which I have no doubt is fab.

Other big recommendations were the coconut cake at The Peninsula, FIG, Husk, 167 Raw and The Obstinate Daughter.


Hampden Clothing + The Finicky Filly |  My two favorite boutiques we popped into!  So much to see and so, so fabulous.  I found the staff at both to be really friendly, which I loved.

Croghan’s Jewel Box |  Also found the staff here to be so incredibly nice and offered to clean everyone’s rings… I mean, so kind.  They had a Henri Daussi spread that was a seriously enviable and some gorgeous pieces of jewelry on major sale.  A really fun pop-in on King Street!

Bicycle Ride |  We used the complimentary bikes at Zero George to bike around on our last full day in some of the residential areas, including Rainbow Row.  It was such a great way to get off of our feet and see a lot of area in a shorter amount of time.  You might remember me talking about hopping on bikes in Geneva as well.  I love any reason to get off my feet a little!

Boat Ride |  Our group of seven took a sunset cruise and had a the best time!  The captain shared a lot of history on the city from the waterfront as well as Civil War history.  He showed us some of the forts built on islands in the harbor, and it was really fascinating.

Isaac Jenkins Mickell House |  You know I had to go see Patricia Altschul’s house from Southern Charm.  It basically took up the whole block.  Wowza!

I hope that gives a little insight into our weekend for any of you planning a visit anytime soon! We actually left town the same day of the mandatory Hurricane Dorian evacuation, so we ended up bringing our friend’s little sister with us so she could escape the bad weather for a couple of days.  My thoughts are with everyone affected and prayers it will calm down soon!

If you have any favorite spots in town, I would love to hear in the comments so we can all enjoy them.  Thank you so much for reading and sharing, and my final Europe post (Paris!) will be hitting the blog next week! XO –

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black bodycon dress

dress | similar heels here and here | Avera jewelry trays

I am so excited to share our first real “home reveal” since we’ve moved to Georgia.  And it’s totally fitting I would take you guys into my closet renovation… a project that has been planned for months but has all come together in the past two weeks!

When I first looked at this house, I knew this master closet had so much potential.  However, the space as formerly designed wasn’t really being utilized in the most functional way.  With help from The Container Store, we have now maximized this space to its fullest potential while still making it such a beautiful room that I truly look forward to walking into every day.

This exact design is a part of their Avera collection, and it comes in four finishes.  I was so torn between the Cloud and Stone finishes, but ultimately chose the Cloud finish. It really elongates the walls and works so well with the leopard carpet!

Outside of Avera, The Container Store offers different Custom Closet options for a variety of different budgets and styles so you can find something that suits exactly what you’re looking for.  We also revamped baby Barnes closet as well in a different style.  I’ll be revealing that in the upcoming months and you’ll really be able to see some of the key differences in the two closet styles.

My absolute favorite features of this closet are:

  • The warm-white LED lighting on each shelf.
  • The soft close drawers and exclusive jewelry trays + drawer organizers.
  • The customizable shoe shelving.

We were able to design the shoe shelves at different heights so I could have more shelves, as well as have different heights for heels vs. flats.

And most importantly, The Container Store Custom Closets are on sale through 10/13!  So it’s a great time to invest and maximize your own closet space to create the closet of your dreams.  Trust me, if they could make this before & after happen as quickly as they could, anything is possible!

closet before container store averablack and white silhouette7 months pregnantwhite jewelry boxwall of shoescontainer store closetblack bodycon dressled lit shoe shelvesblack chanel jumbocontainer store drawer organizerblue satin pumpsleopard shirt dressblack velvet hangersysl nano redcontainer store custom closet

photos by Christian Barnes

I still plan to update the light fixture and have ordered a fabulous little bench that will have a home in the closet.  I just wanted to share the reveal with you guys while the sale was still active through 10/13!

I’ll also be sharing a full video tour of this closet very soon, so stay tuned for that!

brought to you by The Container Store

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python skirt

I have shared my love of designer pieces here, here and here, as well as buying gently used.  But there’s also another way to avoid paying full-price on some of your favorite designer brands.

Jewel is a platform that provides cash back for numerous brands including Laura Mercier, Parker New York, Nordstrom, DVF, Everlane, Ray Ban, Saks, Sephora, Shopbop, Rebecca Taylor… the list goes on and on.  Even the SodaStream I was talking about Friday is available for cash back!  When you sign up you can search for the brand you’re looking for, click through to the retailer and shop.  Then you’re able to track your earnings and cash out up to six times per year just by shopping the brands you love as usual.

This skirt is Parker New York and the sandals are Stuart Weitzman, both available for cash back within Jewel.

black celine sunglassesparker saffron skirtsaffron skirtchanel filigree vanity bagwhite boyfriend blazerblack ankle strap sandalsparker saffron skirtstuart weitzman nudist7 months pregnantparker new york skirt

 photos by Christian Barnes

skirt | bodysuit | similar blazer here and love this linen version | heels, look for less here | sunglasses – Celine (old), similar style here and look for less here | bag, also love this one | hoop earrings | index finger ring

Do you use any cash back sites or check for deals before shopping online?  If not, you need to get on it, girl.  Why pay full price when you don’t have to?

Thanks so much for reading – XO –

brought to you by Jewel

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free people maxi dress

I love this dress so much I could marry it.

KIDDING.  But honestly, am I?  I saw it listed at Nordstrom online and knew it looked so comfortable and twirly (a winning combination).  Add a stretchy bodice, pockets and multiple colors?  Done.  I bought it twice!

I love wearing this dress during the week with flats and a low bun, and then elevating it for the weekend with some heels or heeled mules.  Two totally different vibes from the same dress.

A very cool thing Nordstrom is doing right now is highlighting sustainable styles in different pieces and brands that manufacture in factories that meet higher standards, use sustainably sourced ingredients and support the environment.  And that’s always cool.

Reformation is a brand that always falls into this category, and their pieces are darling.  Loving this and this LBD!

round ray ban sunglassesfree people ruffle maxipolene bucket bagnude open toe muleswhite off the shoulder sundressbasket bucket bagkendra scott maggie earringswhite sundress

photos by Christian Barnes

dress (runs big, I ordered my usual size at 7 months pregnant), also love this one and this one | similar mules here and here | hoop earrings | love this bag and this one | sunglasses

Do you have anything you love so much you needed it in multiple colors?  My mom used to do this and I thought she was crazy… but now I totally get it!

Shop some more of my favorite dress picks below.  Thanks so much for reading!  XO –

brought to you by Nordstrom

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ritz carlton geneva

I’ve shared our visit to Budapest and Vienna with you guys, and next up is… Geneva, Switzerland!

I have visited Geneva a few years ago and shared blog posts about the trip here and here, so I’ll share a few different things we did, as well as where we stayed and some of our favorite meals.  I have so much love for Switzerland – the views, the people, the lifestyle… it is such a beautiful country.


The Ritz-Carlton, Geneva | This hotel is on the lake and has the most amazing view of the city and landmark water jet, the Jet d’Eau.  We absolutely loved Vienna and our hotel there, so the bar certainly felt high arriving in Switzerland.  And boy was it met!

This hotel is so stunning and much more intimate, giving a more boutique experience (which Christian is always a big fan of).  The lobby is drop dead gorgeous, showing balconies of each floor (photographed below), art and fresh flowers.  The furniture alone in the lobby and restaurants is so interesting – it was a completely different vibe than our previous hotel but so stylish and unique!

The robes here must be mentioned.  There were different robe fabrics at each hotel location and this hotel had maybe the softest robe I’ve ever worn in my life.  I would put it on any chance I could – it felt like a giant baby blanket hug.  So much so that I was emailing with the concierge after the fact trying to find the manufacturer… like, that’s how good.

When we walked into the room, there were flowers and babymoon signs, I was floored.  You can see this on Instagram under the “Geneva” saved stories!  It was the sweetest welcome to stunning Switzerland.

striped linen summer set

set, love this one and this one | sandals | bag | clover necklace

ritz carlton genevablack and white checkered floorenglish factory colorblock dresscarouge genevawhite cateye sunglasses

dress – sold out, love this one, this one (40% off) and this one | sandals | similar sunglasses here and here | similar earrings here and here | bag

carougecocktail barfiskebar geneva switzerlandeuropean hotel balcony

top – sold out (old), similar style here, here (on sale) and here | skirt | similar earrings

courage geneva umbrellasclock of genevaswans of geneva switzerlandyumi kim wrap dressswiss fondue

dress | similar sunglasses here and here | similar earrings | similar sandals here and here

switzerland postcardscolorblock midi dressgeneva switzerland balconyold town genevajet d'eauview from geneva churchgeneva architecturehot pink hydrangeascarouge geneva switzerland


Living Room Bar & Kitchen | We definitely took more time to relax in Geneva than other cities along our stop because our sore feet had caught up with us… and the hotel was so cozy and comfortable!  We went to Living Room for an early, long dinner and it was fabulous.  Our best meal in Switzerland without question.

Fiskebar | My favorite mocktail from the entire trip to Europe and by far, the coolest bar we popped into (photographed above).  Loved the art, the bar setup, comfortable velvet chairs – a great stop along the lake!

Les Armures Restaurant |  So many of you recommended Cafe du Soleil and Les Armures for fondue, and this little spot is in Geneva’s Old Town, so it was so easy to pop into after a day of walking around!  It was so good.  So good that when it first came out I thought, “there’s no way we’ll eat all of this.”  And of course… we did.


Renting Electric Bikes | I rented an electric bike to bike through the countryside on my last visit to Geneva, so I knew it would be such a great opportunity to get off of our feet on this trip.  The Ritz-Carlton concierge was super helpful in assisting us with finding some bikes, and we set off for the day in the neighborhood of Carouge.  I would highly recommend this if you have the opportunity!

Watch Shopping | You can’t visit Geneva without doing a little watch shopping.  I wanted to buy Christian a watch to celebrate the finale of his training, and I thought it would be special to pass down to our son one day knowing we purchased it on our babymoon when I was pregnant with him!  We didn’t end up finding “the one” in this city… but stay tuned for more on that!

CERN | On our bike riding day, we rode out to CERN so Christian could geek out.  C majored in physics, so this was essentially his mecca, but I loved watching him in his element, just as I was in my fluffy robe at the hotel drinking coffee on the balcony.  Ha!

And that’s all she wrote for Geneva!  I have one more post coming on our last stop in Paris, so stay tuned for that!  Thanks so much for reading and you can see more travel guides and posts in the “travel” category of this site.  Big hugs, XO –

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